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Name: Bob Larkin (aka Sematary, aka Brad_tilf
Live: Connecticut
Year born: 1961
Age: 52 (as of February 2014)
Interests: My website (of course), Politics (I'm a Libertarian), Game consoles (especially the vintage ones like Atari, etc...), Computer repair. My family.
Hair: Brown
Facial hair: no
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 163 pounds
Gf: Married to a woman named Storme

School: Dual degrees at Community College


Gaming experience:

I've been playing Doom pretty much since it's shareware release. I've played through all the Doom games including Doom3 and I just finished Quake IV. I've been reviewing maps for Doom Wad Station for about 15 years as of this writing. My current favorite games that I'm into are Killzone, Need for Speed series and Resistance. Really enjoyed RAGE and am looking forward to Doom 4

I have designed many maps for Doom and Doom2. My personal favorite and probably my best map is Bloodworks with Mitnal being a close second.


Those pics are circa 2005


Here's a more recent one - May 2013 on Mount Monadnock

SOMEHOW, I just keep getting more handsome! :-)



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