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Ok, so maybe you are having trouble with your Doom 3 fps or you are looking for a launcher for Doom3 or you want to be able to play the game without having to put your cd into the cd bay every time you play. That was one I wanted because I want my cd's to remain pristine. That, and I hate loading stupid cd's. Anyway, you've come to the right place. I am scouring the internet looking for the best utilities and tweaks in the business. I am currently running a Gateway 2.2 ghz processor (celeron) with 256 megs of ram and a Geforce 4 64 meg video card. As you can imagine, with the lack of ram, I had some problems with lag in the game. I have a tweak here that will solve that problem for you if you have it. I also recommend clicking on the tweaks link above for a autoexec.cfg for your game that will help you get the most out of the game from your video card.

If you're like me, you HATE waiting for a queue on Fileplanet or or any of the other public servers and on top of that, they make you sign up to download their files. What a bunch of crap! At Doom Wad Station you don't have to wait for queues (you do have to share bandwidth) and you never have to sign up or look at an endless supply of stupId ads for shit you're not interested in. I put up with the hassle so you don't have to. Get all the latest files right here, right now and do it without all the hassles. Screw those public servers. They're just a pain in the ass. Here are some more important downloads for your Doom 3 pleasure!

Want to play Doom 3 on a Windows 98 machine or on Windows ME? You've come to the right file. This file will allow you to play Doom 3 on Windows 98/ME. Please use your head before changing anything in your Doom 3 and make sure you back up anything that might need to be changed.

The Win98/ME Doom 3 patch!

ATI Catalyst 4.9 Beta - DOOM 3 Drivers!

Straight from ATI! Should give you a performance boost.


Looking for the Doom 3 upgrade patchES? Look no further, here they are!

The Doom 3 version 1.1 upgrade patch!

Doom 3 1.3 upgrade patch!

Doom 3 1.3.1 upgrade patch!

For more information on what these patches do and warnings you may need to know before updating. Be sure to back up your Doom3 directory just in case!

Click here!

Use THIS to speed up game play!

                                                                            =================================== | Killer Doom 3 Performance Tweak | | ------------------------------- | | by Zarren | =================================== I have been experimenting with Doom 3 for a while now. The tweak that most people know is changing the line in the config file to get D3 to use more system ram as a buffer. As the Doom 3 files team you should know what I am talking about. Anyways that is all and good. What my SIMPLE tweak does is make Doom 3 levels load 10x faster than before. Forget trying to use utilities to recompress the pk4 files in the Doom 3/base folder. Just simply uncompress all pk4 files, here is a walkthrough on how I did it.

1/. make a new folder on your desktop called backup

2/. in the Doom 3 directory, move the base folder to that backup folder

3/. make a new folder in the Doom 3 directory called base

4/. now copy all files Except pk4 files to that directory 5/. now using Winrar, open the pk4 files and drag the contents to the new base folder in your Doom 3 directory. There is a lot there so be patient, but be sure to do all pk4 files

6/. restart pc and run Doom 3

If you have any files trying to copy over files or folders, do it. This will happen if you have extra stuff in your Doom 3 directoy.

For best results, do a defrag afterwards and Doom 3 should load all levels MUCH faster than before. My Doom 3 is 3.68gigs with the mod Mind-Killer 1.2 installed.(I did not decompress Mind-Killer).

Hope it works for yeah, Strider

P.S. Now for modders, all Doom files are ready to play with without having to compress them!

Ok, so why would you want a launcher? Well, from the pic, as you can see, there are several options available to you. The ease of access to the editor would be one good reason. Another would be the ability to play and save under several profiles. This is good if more than one person plays on the same computer. The non-lite version is also here for download. From the authors text file:

Features include Level selection, User defined level launcher (for mappers), a button to directly launch the map editor, and 4 seperate profiles to launch the game with; This can be handy if you have multiple people playing this game on the same PC, since the 4 profiles come with their own saves, key configurations, and game settings.

D3launcher lite

Download d3launcher_lite  

Download d3launcher  

Here's another download you may want to have. This is an exe that will allow you to play the game without benefit of the cd being in the system. I personally like this because I don't have to keep breaking out my Doom3 cd's. Don't forget to back up your original exe.


Having performance problems on your ATI card? Try this: (from the txt file).

Doom 3 performance tweak by Humus. Extract directly under your "Doom 3\base" directory. The final path of the shader should be "Doom 3\base\glprogs\interaction.vfp"


I hope some of this helps you in your Doom 3 journey! Enjoy the game!