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ThePwads are presented on a two cases line :
completelinefor Megawad
partiallinefor partialepisodes
Forest version 3.2
5 levelsupdated on March 20, 1995,updated here on May 15, 2004
Jean-SergeGagnon. Site: Jean-SergeGagnon's home on the web
1133 Kb  (Zip = 435 Ko)
E2M1-E2M4 & E2M9 :
Forest ver3.2(btsa OttawaU)
Forestis afive mission PWAD with new graphics.
Look at the sky and watch for'graphiti' on some walls.
1 levelcreated on Jun 22, 1994, releasedon DLW : Apr 01 2001
John C.Lyons.
640 Kb  (Zip = 250 Ko)
E1M1 :
9levels ofactioninto one Pwad(;-)
ThisPwad is brought to you by thefine folks at Rat's Ass Software, a subsidary ofSosumi Enterprises.

An Infernal Place
1 levelcreated on Mar 03, 2001, releasedon DLW : Apr 01 2001
PabloDictter (Dictter'ssite)
427 Kb  (Zip = 209 Ko)
E1M1 :
AnInfernalPlace.  btsaSubversion, EvPl,Polsdic,WarChemInfl
"Thiswad was supose to bepart of my project, Good V/S Evil.
Please use the.deh file!"
Yarmouth High School
1 levelcreated on Nov 10, 1995, releasedon DLW : Apr 01 2001
Scott Ashley .
592 Kb  (Zip = 157 Ko)
E3M8 :
ThisPWAD is based on the floorplan of the Yarmouth High School, Maine!

36levelscreated between Oct 09 1994 and Jul22 2000, released on DLW : Feb25 2001
8Collectedauthors (J.Kirk, S. Powers, (btsaJ.V.D.Veken), A. Soto,N. Baker, (btsaT. & A.Dunne) and B.Larkin
6142 Kb  (Zip = 3315 Ko)
E1M1-E4M9 :
Thefourepisodes.(Far side ofPhobos,Ultimate, The Classic Episode (btsaClass_Ep) &Deathwish)
It's  my9thcompilation  to make complete megawad ! I made 40graphic'sscreen to give a good feelling...
My work on it was hard, and you will not bedisappointed ! ENJOY !
9levelscreated on Jan 05 1999, releasedon DLW : Feb 24 2001
Paul Corfiatis.Site: DaUltimate Paul Corfiatis Resource (btsa2001-e1, Biowar, TwZone2,Pe4_dt2)
1231Kb (Zip = 560 Ko): Death Tormention I.
E4M1-E4M9 :
Thefourthepisode . "AllthePE4Mx levels in one episode.
There is new music all written by me andlevel names.
This episode is worth the download, all nine levels are id Softwarequality and are very playable".(Paul)
18levelscreated on Sept 24 1994, releasedon DLW : Feb 06 2001
JCMegaByte (JCM'94)
3814 Kb  (Zip = 1967 Ko)
E1M1-E2M9 :
Thefirst two episodes:JCM1.wad &JCM2-16.wad
New graphics, sounds, levels AND music!!Almost two megs and 200+ hours of new thingsyou've NEVER seen for DOOM.
Spectacular visual effects using new floor andwall images.
36levelscreated on Mar 12 1999, releasedon DLW : Jan 22 2001
PaulFleschute (btsaInvasion, invasion2, SiriusIV)
13000 Kb  (Zip = 4611 Ko)
E1M1-E4M9 :
A group of aliens that got stranded in anevil dimension by humans wants their vengeance.

9levelscreated on Jun 16 1997, releasedon DLW : Jan 20 2001
Jan Van derVeken, co-author of Class_Ep& Darken2(6 maps).(btsaClass_ep)
2115Kb (Zip = 837 Ko)
E1M1-E1M9 :
"Dawn of the Dead": Recently relics where found on the Jupiter moonEuropa surface that
give evidence of an ancient alien civilizationwith a technology far more advanced than ours.
36 levelscreated on Jul 1994, Nov 1994, Oct 1994& Sept 1999, released on DLW: Jan 14 2001
Joe Lawrence, B.Hermans (btsaArachna), H.Nathrath &RichardWiles
6592 Kb  (Zip = 3062 Ko)
E1M1-E4M9 :

9 levelscreated on Dec 19 2000, releasedon DLW : Jan 08 2001
Paul Corfiatis.Site: DaUltimate Paul Corfiatis Resource (btsaPe4m_all, Biowar,TwZone2, Pe4_dt2),&  KristianAro
1730 Kb  (Zip = 764 Ko)
E1M1-E1M9 :
2002A Doom Odyssey : Episode 1
All the levels are E1 base style to capturethe original Doom feel. "Next threeothers episodes soon."
27levelscreated between May & Sept 1994, releasedon DLW: Dec 07 2000
25Collectedauthors byGary Karnik, modifiedby Jive.
4251 Kb  (Zip = 2394 Ko)
E1M1-E3M9 :
Originaly named "WadPak2"
This is my fifthattempt  to bring the best of world wadsauthors.
Doom Revisited: E2M3
22 levelscreated on Mar 24 1999, releasedon DLW : Nov 01 2000
Updated on December29, 2003
Chris JohnPisarczyk Here is his Homesite (link updated on Sept 01,2002)
5081 Kb  (Zip = 2010 Ko). You can have thecoolmusics here:
DoomRevisited Musics
E1M1-E3M4 : 2 1/2 episodes withsecret levels on the first two episodes
Doom Revisited
 for Boom2.02 and DoomLegacy  (special effects, jumpneeded on someplaces, ...)
9levelscreated on Sept 15 1994, releasedon DLW : Oct 30 2000
AndySheppard (btsaAsdoom2)
1851 Kb (Zip = 442 Ko)
E1M1-E1M9 :
"Thistime, it's WAR!
These new levels willtest your DOOM skills to the limit."
Jive's Shore
9 levelscreated between Jun & Dec 1994, releasedon DLW: Oct 23 2000
Collectedauthors (Russell,Hill, Lewis, Tingley, Leong, Schuricht)
3732 Kb  (Zip = 1880 Ko)
E2M1-E2M9 : new episode for"The shores of hell"
Jive'sShore is a verypleasant compilation ("pleasant"doesn'tmean "easy"...)
It contains CSRE1M1, Nukerain, Tree3, Base12, and Purdue.
8levelscreated on Sept 15 1994, releasedon DLW : Oct 07 2000
1719 Kb
 (Zip= 737 Ko)
E2M1-E2M8 :
awholeepisode of  8new maps (no secret level)
No secrets, no secret level.
Violent (ofcourse), Dangerous (of course) ; doom essencecaptured !
-=[ Slaughter Until Death ]=- (aka SudTiC)
9 levelscreated on Jun 18 1994, releasedon DLW : Sept 22 2000
1982 Kb
  (Zip= 816 Ko)
E2M1-E2M9 : a new episode for DOOM 1

The InnocentCrewproudly presents : -=[ SlaughterUntilDeath ]=-
It is fully Multi-Player capable and contains additional things onlyfor Multi-Play.
9levelscreated on Aug 20 1994, releasedon DLW : Sept 22 2000
Rand andSteven Phares(btsaCleimos2)
1549 Kb (Zip = 669 Ko)
E2M1-E2M9 :
a whole episode
"Keltonpulled the raft from the foamingwater andcollapsed on the gray sand of Cleimos Island."
"There are a fewdead-ends.  We know some players don't like these, but we put'emin." (Rand)
2levelscreated on May 27 1994, releasedon DLW : Sept 22 2000
Spackle Ltd. (YakMan)
1549 Kb (Zip = 669 Ko)
and E1M9: asingle level with an acces to playsecret map.
It resembles a theme park or some sort of yak-infestedplanet !
"Lots of secrets I can'ttell you about. Go play that wad!"
8levelscreated on Jul 20 1994, releasedon DLW : Sept 22 2000
Christen DavidKlie (btsaThud , JPTR_V40)
1092 Kb
 (Zip= 500 Ko)
E1M1-E1M8 :
a whole episode of 8new maps (no secret level). Version 1.2
"This is the end of my Doom map-buildingcareer.  I'm proud to announce, I've been offered theopportunity
towork with ApogeeSoftware as acontributor to one of their upcoming 3-D games. :D" (Chris)
9levelscreated on Mar 19 1998, releasedon DLW : Sept 22 2000
ChristopherLutz akaEffigy
4948 Kb
 (Zip= 1741 Ko)
E3M1-E3M9 : a nine-level completereplacement
"I've been making levelssince 1996, but this is the first thing I have released."
Fullof special effects. « Iam a very visual person..., these levelsreflect that » (Christopher)
9levelscreated on May 02 1995, releasedon DLW : Sept 22 2000
Jail(Patrick LEBRET)
1510 Kb
 (Zip= 521 Ko)
E1M1-E1M9 : a new episode for DOOM1
(Jail_E1 Version 1A)
«Youmay do whatever you wantwith this file»(Patrick)
9levelscreated on Sept 05 1994, releasedon DLW : Sept 22 2000, updated on June 03, 2004
Mark Klem  & EricSargent
5682 Kb
 (Zip= 2880 Ko)
E2M1-E2M9 : Cringe! replacement for the entire 2ndepisode
Also named -=[
MK Doom]=-
By the author of ten or so doom musics, and of MKBIGWAD (deathmatch).
5levelscreated on Sept 15 1994, releasedon DLW : Sept 22 2000
BrettRussell, B EvanR (America OnLine), modified by Jive.
932 Kb  (Zip = 461 Ko)
E2M1-E2M5 : A serie of new andplayable (by both the novice and the expertplayer) levels.
Discover whatiswaiting in the bowels of
It was the good old time of America On Line!!!
27levelscreated between Apr & May 1994, releasedon DLW: Sept 22 2000
4002 Kb
  (Zip= 1341 Ko)
E1M1-E3M9 :
Megawad (thecomplete first three episodes!).
Original Doom1 version used for thecreation of
It's the first compilation made by Frank provo

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