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The Bitchin Series (map06)

10 levelsrevised on June 12 1997,releasedhere on Oct 12 2003
Bob (Bitchin)Symonds (Bob is a bassist &1/2 of leadvocals for a semi-pro rock cover band)
2983 Kb 
(Zip = 1358 Kb)
Map01-Map10 :
TheBitchin Series (Summer 97 Version)
Findhidden transporters &weapons caches!
Primarily designed for coop play but works well in single play mode.

The Cult Pit

1level, created on Feb 20, 2001, releasedhere on Apr 01, 2001
145 Kb 
(Zip = 77Kb)
Map01 :
TheCult Pit
"Acult is in the ghetto of the city.
Time to findout what they are hiding under them
." (Templar

Jive's Epi Best (aka JEB)
32levels, createdbetween May-Jun 1994, collectedon Feb 05 2001
AuthorsCollection (32selected authors)
5067Kb (Zip =2649 Kb)
Map01 - Map32 :
It'smy 10th compilationto makecomplete megawad !
Levels for DOOM1 converted to Doom2 by me.
Cleimos II
28levels + 4 deathmatch levels,created on Nov 15, 1995,released here on Jan 25 2001
Rand and StevenPhares
6597 Kb 
(Zip =2994 Kb)
Map01 - Map26 + 2 secrets :
Megawad ; Map27 - Map30 : deathmatch.
"Year2112 : "Nuts" Kelton had plowed his waythrough the holographic images of Cleimos Island.He reached what appeared to be the maincommunications tower..." . (Phares) This megawad isthe sequel of Cleimos (btsaCleimos).

6levels created in 1996, released here on Jan14, 2001
584 Kb 
(Zip = 343Kb)
Map01 - Map06
: miningcolonies
It wasactually part 1 ofa 3 part series but I lost interest when Quake came out. (;-D)
"Yourecall your sentence to work remote miningcolonies for the rest of eternity." (Wesley)


5levels created on Jul 04 1996,released here on Jan 05 2001
T.Elliot Cannon aka MYSCHA (aka thesleg dog) : (btsaIditarod)
1591 Kb 
(Zip = 716Kb)
Map01 - Map05 : compilation of 5levels of the
"Youare travelling thru time to stop the influx ofthose friendly neighborhood beasties."(Myscha)

Jägermörder - 01 : Chemical Lab (aka Dmdjm01)
1level created on Jun 201999, released here on Jan 052001
DerekMac Donaldaka Afterglow
562 Kb 
(Zip =214 Kb)
Map01 : Jägermörder- 01 : Chemical lab

This wad must be run with a  Boomcompatible port
"Thehellspawn have invaded earth again, this time inthe Colorado Rockies." (Afterglow)

3levelscreatedon Nov 281995, released here on Jan 052001
GlenPayne,MarshalBostwick (btsaOsiris)
4194 Kb 
(Zip =1935 Kb)
Map01 - Map03 :
Containsnew monsters, textures, graphics, and sounds.
*Loosely*based on the movie "STARGATE". (Glen)

Steps V2

1level created on Sept122000, released here on Jan 052001
HarryDaalmeijer (btsaLibrary)
Site: harryplanet 1
373 Kb 
(Zip =185 Kb)
: just alevel, but what a level! (379 monsters to eat...)
40 minutes of pleasure
. "You haven'tlived if youhaven't died in stepsv2 wad".(Harry)

Jive's Pack
32levelscreatedin Apr1995, Jun 1997 & May 1996, releasedhere on Dec 14 2000
Collectedauthors (T.Willits (btsaCobra2_2)& T.Chasar, T. & A. Dunne (btsaOnemore),T.E.Cannon (btsaOdyssey)
8076 Kb 
(Zip =3608 Kb)
: Jive'sPack. (complete "RavenSeries", "T_Dunn02" & "Iditarod")
3 complete
connectedepisodes, so that it's a complete megawad.
Thisis my sixth attemptto bringthe best I have played
Phouse: "The house of portals"
9 levels created on Aug 312000, releasedhere on Nov16 2000
WimVanrie (13 yearsold...!)
4518 Kb 
(Zip =1567 Kb)
Map01-Map09 :
Phouse:"Thehouse of portals" .
Fabulous levels with great architecture. You canfind originals maps
Thisis my authorizedmodifications of original Phthp (corrections, UVplayability).
Sector 666

11levelscreatedon Oct 251998, released here on Nov 042000
3962 Kb 
(Zip =1568 Kb)
Map01-Map11 :
I am
(Jive)theauthor of little level 6 (a room), seen on thisthumbnail, missing in the original archive.
AuthorInfo : "Hey!Noneof your damn business!" Constructed throughover 1 year of painful editing =)" (Paul)

Asdoom2 - The Final Countdown

8levels created on Mar 12 1995,released here on Nov 01 2000
AndySheppard (btsaAsdoom)
1117 Kb 
(Zip =556 Kb)
Map01-Map08 :
"Asdoom][assumes that you're a veteran of both Doom andDoom][ "

Phobos - Relive The Nightmare

9levelscreated on Feb 10 1996, releasedhere on Oct 29 2000
ShamsYoung (btsaTorment).
1385 Kb 
(Zip =631 Kb)
Map01-Map09 :
Phobos- ReliveThe Nightmare
This is a nine-level WAD file with new graphics, music, and sound FX.
"Thiswad hasre-makes ofall of the Knee Deep in the Dead levels". (Shams)

The Talosian Incident - A Requiem For Doom

20levels created on Jun 19 1997,released here on Oct 15 2000
TheBlack Star Coven(JohnBye)(btsaCygnusIV)
4572Kb (Zip= 1659 Kb)
Map01-Map18 + 2 secrets :
TheTalosian Incident -A Requiem For Doom
The Black Star Coven is a group of some of the finest level designersin the world, founded by John Bye (aka Gestalt666).
"A fond farewellto Doom...,new music, some new sprites..." (B.S.C)

Jive's Collection
32levelscreatedbetween Oct 28 1994 & Apr 1996,released here on Oct 08 2000
: Made byselected authors ( Bogog, Claude Phillips,WarrenMarshall, Kurt Maples, Dr. Sleep, ...)
6326 Kb
  (Zip =2877 Kb)
Map01-32 : Complete megawad
named Jive's Collection
I worked hardly to solve all the bugs (missing textures, forgottenpossibility so that an action was impossible, etc...)
Thisismy fith attempt to bring the best Ihave played and I hope you will enjoy!
19levels createdon Nov 13 1999, released here on Sept 232000
ChrisHarbin, JohnBishop & PaulCorfiatis  (btsa Pe4m_all,2001-e1,TwZone2)
5774 Kb
 (Zip= 2202 Kb)
Map01 - Map18 + Secret
: Adoom2 partial megawad (the first 2 Doom2 episodes)
Inthe spirit ofICARUS and others.
Some new textures, new graphics...
Brazilian UAC jungle base
7 levelscreated on Apr 16 1998, releasedhere on Sept23 2000
Joe Zona
2965Kb (Zip=1973 Kb)updated on June08, 2004
Map01- Map07 : BrazilianUAC junglebase
Youmust searchfor a brazilian UAC junglebase.
New graphics and sounds immerseyou in a jungle environment.
32 levelscreated on Aug 22 1996, releasedhere on Sept 23 2000
BillParker and Co (C.Maucere, D. Lacher, TheDoomKid...)
5431 Kb 
(Zip =2099 Kb)
Map01 - Map32 :
Fromsixtremendous authors
"Theidea of building these monstrosities, is to havefun." (
-=[ ChrisK WAD for Doom ][ ]=- aka Thud
29levelscreatedon Nov 02 1994, releasedhere on Sept22 2000
ChristenDavid Klie (btsaChrisE1 ,Jptr_v40)
3210Kb (Zip =1333 Kb)
Map01 - Map29
(nosecrets levels) : ChrisKWAD
C.D.Kliepresents: -=[ ChrisKWAD for Doom ][ ]=- (aka "Thud")
Episodes for DOOM1 converted by the author himself.
Newdoom II (Newdoom I conversion for Doom2)
32levelscreated between Apr & Jun 1994,collected & converted on Sept 22 2000
Compilationmade by me (24 authors)(btsa Newdoom1)
5330Kb (Zip=1761 Kb)
NewdoomII All levels created by their respective authors.
Levels are unchanged besides their episode and level designations.

It's Newdoom1 converted toDoom2+ 5 new levels (Io14 & NoFear1).
Knee Deep in the DEU
 9levelscreatedon May 271994, released here on Sept 222000
DEU5.1 testers
685 Kb
 (Zip=311 Kb)
Map13 - Map20 + Secret : '
KneeDeep in the DEU '
«This episode is intended asa tutorial forDEU users, aswell as a quick little piece of work to show off the DEU tester'slevel-making skills.» (
Jeremy Blackman)
DCK-built levels for DOOM1 & DOOM2
10 levels createdbetween Oct & Dec 1994,released here on Sept 22 2000
DCK team  (JamesAtchison aka Professor Doom)
2062 Kb
 (Zip= 934 Kb)
Map01 - Map10 : '
DCK-builtlevels forDOOM1 & DOOM2'
10 WAD collection includes *2* greatsingle/multi/deathmatch wadsfor DOOM2 and *8* DOOM1 levels by the team who brought you the DOOMCONSTRUCTION KIT (DCK).
Doom "Sacrifice" Episode
7 levels created on May 051994, releasedhere on Sept22 2000
TyHalderman and RobertTaylor (btsaSacrifice2)
1261 Kb
 (Zip=512 Kb)
Map01 - Map06 :
«Attempttouse mature levels of sophistication and puzzle solving
Definite considerations were given to consistency, theme andfairness».
Return to Phobos
9 levels created on Aug 111994, converted on Sept22 2000...6 years later !
1795Kb (Zip =596 Kb)
Map13 - Map20 + Secret :
-=[Returnto Phobos ]=-
"Levelsdesigned  in a frame ofmind where detail and design surpassedplayability.
I have noclue how all(if any) of my levels will perform for deathmatch play" (MK)

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