Janitor VS. Zombies for Doom 4







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How to get it.

Go into Steam and type Janitor vs zombies


use map code KJSPNDRB



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Before We Begin


     I am using screenshots from the authors thread over on Doomworld because for whatever reason, F12 isn't taking screenshots any more for me while I'm in the game. Sucks, but I'll figure it out.  Secondly, this is my first review of a map for doom 4 so I'm only just beginning how much scripting can be done in this game. I guess we'll see where that takes us. Anyway - on to the review




What can I say about this map?


     I haven't used scales - you know the 1-10 scale or whatever (1-5 in some cases) on a review in a while so I'm not going to do that now. What I am going to say is that if I were to use any sort of scale, it would be something like Completely sucks, sucks, ok, etc....

So, I'm going to give this map a "meh". It wasn't bad. I wanted to finish but it wasn't good enough that I would bother playing it again.

     First, you are a janitor in this facility but for some reason you are fully ready for the zombie apocalypse so in order to get started you have to pick up a mop to open the door in the first room but come on - a janitor, with a shotgun? What? Anyway, the author uses alot of scripting in here to guide you through the map, which, personally, I didn't like. I don't need to be led by the nose honestly.

    Secondly, I thought the use of the fire/smoke effect was overdone. Looks nice but you know - overdone.

    Thirdly, It was WAY too empty to be as enjoyable as it could have been - like entirely empty rooms, or one zombie. There were a few sequences where you were challenged by the zombies but really, unless you got too close to one of the exploding ones, eh. They're zombies. Use your ammo sparingly - although that is difficult when a zombie can take 4 gunshot rounds at point blank range before you can use your glorykill. Some zombies were even tougher - require either more than 4 rounds or in one case, it took me 14 shots with the assault rifle to put one down - and I was aiming for the head. So I assume the damage was increased on the zombies to up the difficulty level.

    One last thing about this map - aside from being mostly empty - it was HUGE and empty. Like REALLY big rooms that you're walking through and they're so empty that you're footsteps are echoing off the walls around you and THAT is how quiet it was in this map. No music (at least I never got any), the sound of flames in various places and the sounds of zombies - which, by the way - it was really difficult to pin down how many because sound literally did echo off the walls and one zombie could have been a dozen. No way to know.


    I saw also, that the author has created a "sequel" if you will to this map. I'm assuming that his mapping skills are going to improve as will his sense of gameplay. While I wouldn't call this an "easy" map - it really wasn't that difficult and the only thing that gave it any challenge at all was on occasion running low on ammo or stupidly getting too close to either a regular zombie where he could do damage or getting too close to an exploding zombie where they could do ALOT of damage and considering that health is spread sparingly throughout this map and it's easy to make a mistake - just stay away from the zombies, ok? lol



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