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September 1, 2016 

Updated by the developer and released on December 26, 2019


Doom Reborn! (updated)

This is a total conversion born of the original Doom and Doom2 games. The team is attempting to the best of their ability to remain faithful to the original games as far as the music, sounds, textures, etc... The team is now on Pre-release Beta (EARLY) 1.6 and is still going strong - perhaps the only active Doom 3 Total Conversion still going at it! Go Team! Click on the pic!


Screenshot from Doom Reborn mod for Doom3




May 24, 2016

I was doing some searching and came across several new releases that I thought you would all be interested in.

The first is Arx-End of sun. It is a Doom 3 total conversion but does not require Doom 3 to run as they have essentially created an entirely new game out of the original source code and changed everything else as well. As they explain...

"Arx - End Of Sun is a new free and fan made game that is based on the first person dungeon RPG : Arx Fatalis developed by Arkane Studios. In our game world you will play out the events ( with a liberal dose of poetic licence ) that precede the original story of Arx Fatalis. You will no longer require a copy of Doom3 to play Arx - End Of Sun. We are now running on a custom version of the engine code and we use no assets from any commercial titles in our game."





The ARX Website is sadly gone. :-( Download the current version




August 3, 2014 (doom date 20.7541)

     I ran across this total conversion during one of my many attempts to scour the internet for all that is doom. It's called "perfected doom 3". from the description:

it attempts to completely overhaul the entire game with new monsters, rebalanced weapons, rebalanced monster stats, better graphics, new gameplay features such as “Deadly Attacks,” blood and gore tweaks, ragdoll tweaks, map tweaks, and more. Every weapon and enemy looks, acts, and feels better.

This mod does increase the overall difficulty of the game, which makes it great for Doom 3 veterans looking for a challenge.

You can download the file here: Doom Wad Station idgames doom 3 section


Mar 6, 2014

                                                    Welcome to the Doom Wad Station Doom 3 total conversions page. I update this page on occasion as I get the chance. Many of the mods developers keep me up to date with their progress and I attempt to keep track of new stuff as it occurs. Hopefully, this resource will help you find some nice conversions to play and will get some of these groups some needed notoriety. Please enjoy.


Have a doom 3 total conversion  you're working on? Email me HERE and let's get it noticed!


May 10, 2014

    This total conversion was brought to my attention thanks to some  attentive folks over at doomworld and i couldn't be happier that they did. the total conversion is called fragging free and is a single  player adventure that incorporates some awesome new weapons (and more) along with some truly well designed maps to bring you a super addictive experience. enjoy! Click on the pic to check out more pics and get the download!


Mar 6, 2014 -

    I was super excited to find this total conversion for doom3. based on the movie prometheus, the author obviously spent a large amount of time attempting to pay tribute to that film. And, considering it is one of my favorites, i was really hoping for a good experience. I was not disappointed. check it out.

Prometheus Doom 3 total conversion!


Feb 22, 2014 - My first new add to the Doom 3 total conversions page since getting dws back online! it's called doom3: phobos and takes place between doom3 and roe. the creators state it has been in development for 8 years and rumor has it that it might actually get released (finally) this year. You can get the full low down on moddb


 Living Quarters


This mod is attempting to get all the creatures and weapons and such from Quake and place them into the Doom3 environment. I gotta tell ya - they're off to a great start. The first map for the project is called Shamblers Castle. Have fun!



I can't even begin to explain how excited I was when I came across this project. This total conversion for Doom3 is absolutely incredible and deserves all the attention I can draw to it. It's called Phantasm for Doom3 and is based off one of the great cult horror flicks of all time. If you've never seen it, I suggest googling it and finding what it's all about. Click on the pic to get the download and learn more!




The author of this mod sent me a link to the file, etc... so I got around to checking it out. It is called Doo3 to Doom2 and sets out to make Doom3 playable on older machines. You'll have to check it out for yourself to see what I mean.





 In Memorium of "Lynch". It's just a symbol, really, of many failed projects. I thought I would leave this picture here, however, to memorialize the loss of this promising looking total conversion

Find out more at their website!



     Here's one of the first COMPLETE mods for Doom3. It's called Doom3 - In Hell, be certain to give it a shot. It's a big download however - 340 megs.


In Hell Download 


Last Man Standing coop!  

Last Man Standing Coop Mod is a Doom 3 Single Player and Multiplayer modification that aims to bring back the classic Doom experience. Our LMS Mod gametype is survival in nature where you face swarms of attacking monsters to the adrenaline pumping energy of heavy metal soundtracks. We also fully support Single Player Cooperative play through the SP Coop gametype.  Click on the pic below for ALL the downloads!


Screenshot from Last Man Standing Coop for Doom3



Into Cerberon! (updated Feb 8, 2014)

Into Cerberon is a mod for Doom 3 that will bring the six-degrees-of-freedom action of the classic FPS game series Descent into the high-powered graphics engine of Doom 3.

Click the link above to go to the below (validated on Feb 8, 2014)

This mod is called Green Tech! It looks pretty interesting. Click on the pic to find out more!

I validated this link on Feb 8, 2013. The author states, however, that he will be removing the project from the internet. with that in mind, I am placing downloads here for your enjoyment. enjoy his site while it's still there! Click the downloads link below to get the project files



This one is called Chex Trek. Unlike many who are porting to

Quake 4, these guys say they are dedicated to completing the project  

Apparently, this project isn't quite as, er, dead, as it appeared. After more than a year where the project completely disappeared and I thought it was dead. I was premature apparently. Here is the new website:


The Chex Trek Beta 

The Chex Quest Beta has been downloaded times.

The Chex Trek Beta for Macintosh Computers 

The Chex Trex Beta for Mac has been downloaded times.

Download the Chex Trek Alpha!

You will also need this patch!

Finally, check out this trailer teaser!


Ages ago, i posted that this tc was in development. as of today (Feb 8, 2014) i am unable to find any downloads for this prommising looking mod. if anyone has any info on it, could you please let me know? 


2021.An insignificant number in the great expanse of time.Except for this number represented the year 2021 anno domini;the year man left his infancy.No longer would he sleep quietly though the night,rather to be awakened by the stirrings of an unquenchable thirst.And it was that thirst,that drew a stumbling child from the comfort and saftey of where he had been,into the long dark hallway of the unknown.!  

update - Feb 8, 214. This mod is still in production and the link still works. the trailer and the demo are both very much out of date - datingback to like 2006 or something but you can get all the new stuff on their website!

Frankenstein Doom 3 mod TRAILER!

Frankenstein Doom3 mod Playable Demo!

Here is the first Doom 3 TC I came across in my searches. It is called "The Evil - The Dead Shall Rise" It looks pretty cool. Click on the pic to check it out! 

Apparently, another casualty in the TC mods community. It is a shame. It's too bad it never got past the promotional video stage.

Again, if anyone is aware of this being active, please let me know!

Promotional video (no mod downloads at this time!


Here's another one I ran across called  "Aftermath". The guy developing this Doom 3 conversion doesn't have his own website but posts his pics and links to downloads on Planetdoom.

 I thought this was dead in the water but the author emailed me the other day to let me know that the project is still very much alive but is going to take awhile. So - keep an eye on this for updates. :-)   3/21/07

update - 2/8/14 - unable to locate any info on this. if anyone knows if this is still alive or if anything of any consequence can be downloaded to add to this, let me know!


Here's another Doom 3 mod I found called Doom3 Fortress. The concept art looks interesting. Something to keep an eye on!   Another mod destined to die an early death? This is getting redundant - yet another casualty that will never see the light of day! What a shame.As always, if you are aware of a download/or website, please let me know!



Doom Dude was kind enough to bring this Doom 3 total conversion called "The Dark Mod" to my attention. Check it out!

updated 2/8/14 - glad to see that this mod is still in production and the link works! Enjoy!

Hi Res Trailer! YAY!

Darkmod Website


face="bloodthirsty" size="4">This, also, doesn't surprise me. There is a group working on a Hexen style remake of the entire game! Be sure to check these guys out!

Update - 2/8/14 - found the new link to the project. Check it out! Also - mirroring their downloads!

In Game video

Hexen - Edge of Chaos MOD download

Hexen - edge of chaos patch for osx


Dungeon Doom! Comes HIGHLY recommended. Require patch 1.3

Update 2/8/14 - apparently this was hosted on DWS many moons ago. I have downloaded and included the final version of the map in those pages.





This mod - called Sapphire Scar has some beautiful looking screenshots as you can see below. They say on their site "We're a hybrid FPS/RPG creating a total conversion for the Doom 3 engine." It looks to be interesting.  I can't wait to see more.  Well, so much for that - they're gone. Another one bites the dust. More is the pity.








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