Doom Reborn!

Christmas release - December 23, 2019








The Doom Reborn team

Website is now 404. :-(

I was very fortunate to find their new website when I updated this page in Feb of 2014. Glad to see they're still at it!


So, with that in mind, here are the most up to date downloads available from their site. I provide them so you don't have to deal with the crappy Filefactory downloads


New release Dec 23, 2016

Gamehacker wanted to get this release out in time for Christmas. Be sure to check it out!

Doom Reborn Pre Beta 1.6


New release Nov 13, 2016

So, I was contacted by Game Hacker about the new release, which (of course) is ONLY available on Doom Wad Station. There are TWO downloads here - the winrar which requires the most up to date Winrar program (or 7 zip or the new version of Winzip. I also extracted it and there is a link to just the executable. Check out their page for the changelog.


Doom Reborn Pre Beta 1.6 Early Release 2 (RAR)


Doom Reborn Pre Beta 1.6 Early Release 2 (EXE)



September 1, 2016

Prebata Version 1.6

(Early release - winrar)


unzipped executable


Updates as of Jan 9, 2016

I've been negligent in keeping up with current events as far as this TC goes - apparently the only active one out there right now. Here are links to updated downloads. Apparently he is up to level 8 now and has also worked on gameplay.

These ARE executables - self installers. Enjoy!+



May 2016


Prebataversion 1.5


Prebataversion 1.4


Prebataversion 1.3


Prebataversion 1.2


Preataversion 1.0


Uploaded 2/7/14


 Doom Reborn Alpha 0.82:


Alpha 0.815


Alpha 0.81



Uploaded sometime in the bronze age


Doom Reborn 0.35



Download Doom Reborn Alpha 0.1


Doom Reborn E1M4 Screenshot 3


Doom Reborn E1M4 Screenshot 4


Doom Reborn E1M4 Screenshot 5


Doom Reborn E1M8 Screenshot

Doom Reborn Toxin Refinery screenshot 6

Released in April 2020 - Standalone version of Doom Reborn.


Doom Reborn Standalone download


December 24, 2019 (Christmas update)

Gamehacker just sent me the newest update to this classic mod.

Doom Reborn Pre Beta 1.65


Change log:


fixed health vials not counting above 100, stat screen now displays again at the end of levels
Removed the wolfenstein death sounds.
And tweaked default launch settings
example now launches in 1920x1080 instead of 1366x768
removed the fps being on at default


Update Pre-Beta Version 1.65 will be a full lighting overhal to every level in currently in the game, This is the current state of this release


Doom 1

E1M1= Completed

E1M2= Completed

E1M3= Completed

E1M4= Completed

E1M4b= Not Started

E1M5= Completed

E1M6= Completed

E1M7= Completed

E1M8= 5% Complete

E1M8b= 5% Complete

E1M9= Completed

E2M1= Completed

E2M2= Completed

E2M3= Completed

E2M4= Completed

E2M5= Completed

Doom 2

Map01= Completed

Map02= Completed

Map03= Completed

Map04= Completed

Map05= Starting

Map06= Not Started

Map07= Not Started

Map08= Not Started

Map09= Not Started

Map31= Not Started





December 23, 2016 (Christmas update)

Gamehacker just sent this my way. Click the link.

Doom Reborn Pre Beta 1.6

Be sure to check the website for the update info and enjoy!


November 13, 2016 (update)

A new version is now available - download link in the left column. Be sure to nab it now.

The winrar is a rar5 (newer version of Winrar) so you might need to update that. You can do that here.

As this is an early prerelease Beta - there are some special notes:



This test is mainly to play test and find any missing textures that have been missed during development, ALOT of old unused\duplicate textures have been removed.
Alot of other changes have been made since Pre-Beta Version 1.5 and the earlier pre-release of Pre-Beta Version 1.6, Example texture updates, model scaling, performance improvements, quick saving, toggle-able renderer 3 new maps and more.

Quick note of a change made to this pre-release compared to the previous the toggle-able renderer key has changed from "G" to "R"

press F5 to quick save
press F9 to quick load




This total conversion has been in the works for quite some time now (years). You have to admire the team putting this together. They've stuck with it (which means they really believe in what they're doing) unlike pretty much every other total conversion to come down the pike. Also, like the famous Freedoom project, they are looking to take it to the next level and make it a standalone game! NICE! I've seen various projects end at the conceptual stage that looked like they had some real promise to we have some stuff done but then it never got completed to complete TC's that were very good works in their own right to this one - an ongoing conversion of the original maps into a Doom 3 universe. Probably one of the BEST, if not THE best total conversion to come down the pike (because it uses the D3 engine to bring new life to the maps we all know and love so well). As of today (Jan 9, 2015) there are (as you can see) several updated versions of this TC, and with the recent release of 1.4, I decided to take another look at this project and see how it's coming now that it has Doom and Doom 2 maps done as well as updated gameplay elements. With that in mind, here is a link to the project website (Now sadly 404) . Also, since (at the time of this writing) the download is only available here and on MODDB, you can view the MODDB info here. I have to tell you, it's really impressive. The map recreation is amazing!


New Screenshot from Map01 and Map02 in version 1.4



Changes in version 1.4

- What's New:


Many new textures for the new levels have been added

New Doom guy face in the hud and some improved remade textures donated by Reinchard from his mod for Doom using Doomsday and ZDoom

Small adjustments to damages from weapons\monsters,

Increased the flying speed slightly of the cacodemon,

Made monsters able to use the teleporters in all levels

Made the cyberdemon killable by weapons instead of the soulcube

Acid hurts more like the original

Increased reach of chainsaw

And a couple more little things :)


Additional screenshots from version 1.4





















Doom Reborn E1M1 Screenshot 2


Doom Reborn E1M1 Screenshot 3


Doom Reborn E1M1 Screenshot 4


Doom reborn E1M1 Screenshot 1


Doom Reborn E1M4 Screenshot 2



Doom Reborn Screenshot 2 Toxin Refinery


Completed (as of Jan 7, 2016)


Doom 1 - Episode 1 - Knee Deep In the Dead:
E1M1 = 100% Complete
E1M2 = 100% Complete
E1M3 = 100% Complete
E1M4 = 100% Complete
E1M5 = 100% Complete
E1M6 = 100% Complete
E1M7 = 100% Complete
E1M8 = 100% Complete
E1M9 = 100% Complete
E1M10 = 0% Complete //Not Intended to be started yet, Just a note that it'll be done in a future release

Doom 1 - Episode 2 - The Shores Of Hell:
E2M1 = 100% Complete
E2M2 = 100% Complete
E2M3 = 50% Complete (Updated 07/01/2016 | Layout Complete)

Doom 2 - Hell on Earth:
Map01 = 100% Complete
Map02 = 100% Complete
Map03 = 100% Complete
Map04 = 100% Complete
Map05 = 100% Complete
Map06 = 100% Complete
Map07 = 100% Complete
Map08 = 100% Complete (Updated 09/12/2015 Lights need redone)
Map31 = 100% Complete


































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