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Fragging Free for doom 3 (total conversion)





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Fragging Free is a Single-Player mod for Doom3: Resurrection of Evil, that aims to bring the classic gameplay of this great tale to the maximum. With this download, created by the talented and first time D3Files content submitter,Starfir3, promises lots of intense action, along with several other points of interest:

  • New monsters
  • New weapons
  • Advanced AI
  • Power-ups 
    The well-balanced gameplay that is ingrained into this mod will push your skills to their limit! Add the ability to drive a vehicle and to fight as a Demon in a 3rd-person perspective and you get a good idea of what is waiting for you! If you think you have what it takes to see Fragging Free to it's conclusion, then start your download now...better get a coffee while you're waiting, it'll take a few minutes for all 600+ megs to arrive!
      Some of the features included in this download are:
      • Frantic gameplay.
      • 10+ big maps filled with lots of secrets and many outdoor sections.
      • 18 weapons.
      • 15 powerups.
      • Demons Possession: fight as a demon in 3rd-person perspective!
      • Bullet Time.
      • New / reworked enemies with smarter AI and new attacks.
      • Friend marines with advanced AI: they can use different weapons, talk and cooperate.
      • Custom Sound Tracks.
      • Vehicles.
      • Medals for special kills and map statistics.

    A note from the Developer:
    "After a long development process that took more than 3 years, the journey has come to the end. It has been a really fun experience and we have no regrets: we added all we wanted to do and all turned out in the best possible way, better than we could imagine at the beginning."

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    i went into this with high expectations. First - it was recommended. Second, the stuff on the internet about it seemed really promising (stuff from  players who had actually played it).  While i believe that some of those personal reviews were a little overblown, it probably wasn't by much.


    So, before i get to the good stuff, let me get the negative stuff out of the way.


    the beginning was booooring! too much sequencing and scripting and pretty much no gameplay. once i was finally deposited into the first section of the total conversion i had no weapon - not even a fist. in fact, i had to find a helpful marine to kill the badasses for me so i could move on. as i said - heavily scripted. i was like, oh damn. this is going to suck if it keeps up like this. well, it didn't....... thankfully.


    so - on to the good stuff. new weapons - yay!!!! - actually really well done. quite impressive! i suggest you go through the training module to get a feel for them. it will help you in the game - i promise! there were a slew of them and many of them had multiple attack modes. i'm not going to give away any spoilers on the weapons, but suffice to say that as you get used to them, you will be thankful that they were designed the way they were. one downside to the weapons, however (and i hate to be nitpicky) and that was the fact that when you switched weapons, there was no, like, intermediate animation from one weapon to the next - it just was. sort of disconcerting but not a major take away from the game itself.


    the mapping was beautiful - seriously well done. the people who put this together obviously put alot of time into not only map design but also into graphics - gorgeous.


    now, for the difficulty - it was hard, but not ridiculous hard and once i got a handle on the weapons, that made it alot easier but i still spent a good portion of my time going through the map  with minimal health and generally low on ammo but i never ran out.


    needless to say, i highly recommend this download. i still haven't completed all of it (and I expect that to take some time) but the best thing i can say about any map  is that it is addictive and makes me want to go back for more and that is my  thought on this map. i wanted to share this with all of you so i took the time to put up a quick review and some screenshots but honestly, get this total conversion, set aside some time and kick some ass. you're going to love it!

























































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