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Doom3 Closed Captioned







Anthony 'Bean' Nichols

SP Doom3

Reviewed by: Sematary

Requires: patch 1.1


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Overview  (by the authors)

Have you ever been confused about your objectives because you couldn't hear what an NPC said to you? How about being surprised and instantly killed because you missed the audio clues that danger was rapidly approaching? These are a couple of the countless examples of sounds directly impacting a player's enjoyment of the game. If a gamer has trouble hearing audio feedback they lack the necessary information to be able to play and understand the game environment. This is why closed captions are needed in video games. With the use of closed captions players will be able to enjoy the writers' efforts to create an engaging or humorous story line. They will also be able to enjoy the game more because of the added information that is normally not heard.
































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