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I came across a recently released update to Hallowed Mod (released May 21, 2016) HallowedModBeta2.3

From the author:

A game modification using the Doom 3 game. The mod contains 3 levels in a range of hellish environments. Gameplay is combat focused and should provide challenge to experienced shooter players. Download the mod at (sadly gone)



Download HallowedModBeta2.3     Text File (from the author)


Also released on May 21, 2016 is an update to a mod called d3cha0s21k. From the author:

Here is a scary remixed versi0n of an alternate 13~base episode 0f cha0s through d00m3 still in development after many fall outs in life... . . . Starting with the hangar all the way through a trashed knee-deep in the dead and bey0nd military base into unkn0wn darkness that may not end so easily... . . . This is a cha0tic story tribute without multiplayer supp0rted... . . . I'm n0w working further beyond version21k+, g00d luck*





Text file

Previous version

version 1.39x


This mod (Like Hell V3) was released on May 8, 2016. From the author:

Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil mod. This mod will be a collection of all the mods I made for Doom 3 plus some new stuff. Basic gameplay will be monsters spawning onto deathmatch maps with player weapon mods and monster mods. Third version out now.


Download Like Hell V3   Text file





April 29, 2016

Yes, It's been awhile but it was worth the wait!


May 22, 2014


This looks like it might be worth your time but according to Zorah, the difficulty may not be there for all comers. See what you think for yourself.

Click on the pic!


May 9, 2014


Zorah reviewed a map called "Demon Genes" for doom 3.

Apparently, with the exception of a bug he found near the end, he was very impressed! check it out! Click on the pic!



March 2, 2013

Here we go - dws is doing reviews again and I picked a winner!



Come get some!

Last Hope


June 8, 2007

Come get some!

Hell Over Here



January 8, 2007

You ARE Commander Doom.

Now kick some ass soldier!

A 3D real-time strategy game for Doom3



November 3, 2006

The Event Horizon awaits you!

Are you ready for Hell?



September 5, 2006

Welcome to Hell Island!

Book your flight plans here!


January 30, 2006

Find out why they need an evacuation protocol!

Man, you're in for it now!


January 25, 2006

Can you make it till morning?

Good luck, soldier!


January 17, 2006

Traverse - The_Maze

This was a fun map


December 23, 2005

Welcome - to ULTIMATE HELL

A must play. Get it here!


December 15, 2005

A Strange Awakening - indeed!

Simple, yet fun. Go figure!


April 20, 2005

Doom II for Doom 3

Jump into the wayback machine and ROCK & ROLL!


March 14, 2005


More fun than a marine should be allowed to have!


March 13, 2005

Deep Caves of Mars

Worth checking out!


March 13, 2005

UAC Phobos Facility

This kicks ASS!


February 20, 2005

Doom 3 Closed Caption Project!

Take a look!!


February 11, 2005

Classic Doom 3 - A MUST PLAY!!

Don't miss this!!


November 8, 2004

The Doom Wad Station review of Mancer!

Brilliant design!


November 8, 2004

The Doom Wad Station review of Church of Ruins!

Get ready to pray!


June 28, 2004

The Doom Wad Station review of the first Doom 3 map to hit the internet! - Trite Breeding Facility!

The enemy’s come fast and hard!








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