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Phantasm mod for Doom 3 - YAAAASSSS!





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Update - patch version 4 dl


Update - patch version 5 dl


Older version 1.2





PHANTASM D3 Mod Collection Created by: Bladeghost Jon Ivan 2016



This installation includes all three of of my Phantasm mods I've created into one package
Re-worked,and re-mastered.
for everone to enjoy without all the useless bullshit.

*Instructions are as follows:

download PB2 (obviously), Place the NeverDead_D3_mod folder in your DOOM 3 folder and launch from the mods menu PHANTASM BEYOND 2

Be sure your DOOM 3 game is patched to 1.3.1

Later on I've made it so that an expansion can be added by replacing one .pk4 for a posible ravager mod. for later.
Custom tunes have also been implimented to have your own music tracks play while in game with the PDA.
check the readme in the custom tunes folder for use
as with my other projects, Prometheus D3, and Blade Yautja.

Some added features include:
Nightvision: "x key", thirdPerson toggle "b key", sunglasses "j key",and slo-mo "home key" and stop time "ins key"
and give_all (cheat) all weapons and full health "p key" (don't cheat)(panic button) :) PDA =custom tunes (TAB key)
if the scenes are too bright you can adjust that in the autoexec.cfg in notepad and reduce the lightscale from 2.3 to something less.
because it can sometimes be too dark, so adjust accordingly (if) needed.
just some advice...take your journey carefully and don't try and rush through the levels, you may survive longer if you take your time.
otherwise run like hell if you have to...turn the lights down and the sound up and have great fun and enjoy! boyyyy!

be sure directX is installed on your system as well and have an open gl compliant video card.



Developed and tested on windows 7 and tested on windows 10
I do also recommend a good game computer to run this as there are many resource intensive models and graphics.
but on average if you can run doom 3 this should work ok.

Thanks Everyone!

not too much ranting I hope, and anything I may have repeated is because it's important, just some info. ;)

all the best always! and Super Thanks!

I've put alot of work into this and I hope you can enjoy it for what it is and maybe leave a comment or rating or vote at moddb.


I'd really appreciate that.
should you need to write me- Im at... mail to: scythewraith -at- Subject: TheNeverDeadGame2
to let me know how it all works out and your suggestions,opinions or thoughts, Much appreciated!

Bladeghost Jon Ivan - D3 ID Tech 4 Mod Artist.
Happiest Cheers!

Thanks all!.


//Remember to save your progress often.... (F5) to save, and (F9) to Load.

Special Thanks goes out to CED2011 and BloodRayne Bastian, also HEX



IdTech4 is open source and the Author(s) have no affilitation with Silver Sphere Corporation, IdSoftware, or Universal Studios.
This is an independant project, for Phantasm Phans with no charge whatsoever. No gaurentees or warrenties, this project
is provided as is.
all rights reserved by their respectful owners, no charge may be incoured in any form
by any parties at anytime from this game mod. this mod is free of any charge. no exceptions.
this mod is for promotional and educational purposes only of its author(s)
for demonstration in artistic expression in a digital interactive format.

however private donatations would be welcomed and appreciated
as an artistic incentive for further education and developments.

Other than all the above, Thank you for your interest.


Bladeghost_J 2016

End of Readme......................Thanks Everyone!









Not gonna lie - HAD - I mean absolute HAD to play this. The Phantasm series of movies are some of my favorite B flicks of all time and when I saw this, I absolutely knew without a doubt that I would play it and review it. So far, as of this writing, I'm only through the first section - not gonna lie - it was tough. If you're a fan of the movies (or even if you're not but it will make more sense if you've at least seen the first one) you are going to LOVE this mod. To the review baby!

Difficulty: 8

This started off pretty damn tough - of course, WHERE you begin has alot to do with it. I started in the first episode, as Reggie - with a shotgun, but no just ANY ole shotgun - this was two double barrels strapped together. At first, with the little fuckers from the other side biting at my ankles, I was having a bit of difficulty but once I got used to them I was golden. Then there were the zombies AND, the BALLS. HELL YA BABY!!! Those Balls kick ass. No lie.  It's a hard mod. Save often. Enjoy. repeat. :-)

Design: 10

As I may have stated, I am a HUGE fan of the Phantasm movies and this looks fucking PHENOMENAL. If you are a fan, you WILL recognize where you are. You will know what you are looking at when you see that damn ball and from what I've seen so far, the author(s) of this mod went to GREAT lengths to make sure that they stayed as true to some of the sets in the movies as humanly possible. I am VERY impressed and I think you will be too.

Playability: 10

Holy CRAP, I plan on keeping on keeping on in this one. This has a lot of staying power with me - one, because, you know, It's  Phantasm but TWO  - and more importantly, it was REALLY well done. Great job my friend, great job.

Overall (Not An Average): 9

Mods for Doom 3 are honestly, few and far between and GOOD mods are even fewer and further between but this one offers fans of the movies, and those who haven't even seen the movies, a truly memorable experience.  I admit, my experience with the movies gives me a little bit of bias but the fact that this mod was so well done and is so true to the experience of the movie is truly inspiring. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am. :-)


















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