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Title  : Traveling to the Moon

Filename                 : travmoon.wad

Release date            : 10/23/16

Author                     : The Trigger AKA Yugiboy85

Email Address         :

levels                        : map01 of Doom II

Source Engine          : I used ZDoom (latest)


Description              :. A map that requires an hour of your life, a few pints of blood







Eric's Review:





            Damn, this map was INSANE! I was stupid enough to fire this up on UV and couldn’t last till the end of the map, so I stepped it down to HMP and it was STILL brutal! Gawd, that was frustratingly fun! You are in deep kimchee from the start and it doesn’t let up AT ALL. You get no break, no breather, unless you hide somewhere like a little bitch…




            Not a whole lot of switches to look for, you just have to battle hard thru legions of baddies. One room was so brutal that I died ten times. TEN FREAKIN’ TIMES! All I could do is squeeze off a shot and RUN. Best thing I ever did in this map is to cause crossfire and get out of the way. That move saved my ass a few times when Arch Viles stepped onto the stage.






            All new textures, a mod for the undead soldier sprite, new music, and very cool lighting effects grace this map.



 It’s a huge map with all sorts of nasty, little spots that turn you into spicy Spam if you’re not mindful. You get tons of health, which is very fair considering what you’re up against. The ammo and powerups are aplenty and I advise you to use all of it. Cut loose, fire at anything, and enjoy. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of ammo for you to get the job done. There are secret areas with even more health and ammo. Believe me, the cornucopia of items in this map will NOT be overkill; you will need ALL OF IT.





            This is mostly an open air map with wide open spaces that are made treacherous by Spideys, Revies,  and Imps that snipe at you from a distance. Add Chaingunners and you’ve got a shooting galley designed to turn you into swiss cheese in no time flat. There’s even telephone poles with connecting wires, for cryin’ out loud! The mapper did an excellent job using fence textures and choice tech-like textures to give this map a Duke Nukem 3D kind of feel.








            I know that I missed some stuff. It was impossible to catch every little nuance and nook when all of hell is lobbing burning shit at me. So going back into this would be well worth it; even if just to prove that I could live longer than six minutes in this madhouse.







By the author


"Travelling to the moon is a boom compatible map that was designed in about 5 months (maybe a bit more) and it is a rather large map
(it was intended to be short/medium at first though). It is a map I made as a breather from my "fortress of misery" map and
well, let's just say that it took the forground rather quickly.

In terms of difficulty, I'd say it is rather hard yet manageable."






























































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