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Title : Maihama
Filename : maihama.wad
Release date : 01/31/17
Author : Memfis
Email Address :
levels : map01 of Doom II
Source Engine : I used ZDoom (latest)








My Review:




I played this on UV and it was a bitch; I got pasted just about every five minutes or so. Primarily because when I grabbed this key, stepped into those sectors, or flipped that switch, I released all new mobs that proceeded to plaster my liquid remains onto the nearest BROWN1 texture. The switch hunt is the same here; flip a switch here, open a new zone waaaaaayyyyyyyy over there……> .



But, there was no down time in between skirmishes; they kept coming, from all angles, which I loved. So, no boredom in this map. And, you HAVE to jump into the acid pools to progress; no avoiding it. I’ll discuss that in the design aspect.



This is a traditional looking Doom II map and uses the default sprites, but it has new music that I really enjoyed. You will have just enough, and I mean…JUST ENOUGH ammo…to get you through the heavy barrel action. I need not advise you to save ammo and start crossfire battles whenever possible.



There are Archies (plural) lurking in crucial parts of the map that will rain hellfire on your parade when unleashed, so… consider yourself duly and dutifully warned.


Every baddie, save for the Cybie, has a cameo in the gameplay. The area is half open air and half enclosed with a preponderance of mostly acid pits with paths that connect you to target areas.



There are tight entryways and recesses that you have to battle your way out of, crosswalks with sniping baddies, and a few deathtraps. At UV, you are in line for a very nice sized shit sandwich. HMP is a bit easier, but not as fun (to me), and NM is…well…a bigger shit sandwich with a side of ‘fuck you’. Choose your poison and enjoy.



I had a freakin’ ball running this map and getting my ass handed to me in quick fashion. I was never bored, frustrated, or confused (even without liquor) as to how to finish. This map is well designed and leads the Doomer right into what he loves most; fraggin’ dead things. So, let’s get to it, kiddies!!








“One exploratory map made using exactly 1500 lines.
I started it over 18 months ago for that Mayhem
2015 project but back then the process stalled
after 500 lines. A few days ago I stumbled upon it
in my TEMP folder (what, files can survive in there
for so long?) and decided to complete it since I
liked what I saw.”






























































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