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I felt it was time to dive back into the world of doom with a new mod. This time around I wanted to
review something that was reletively a bit more modern. So I decided on "The Darkening," by Jan Van der Veken.
The mod was published on the Doomworld.com site January 07, 1999. The mod almost acts as a custome retelling of Doom II. I personally enjoyed it even though there were a few things that annoyed me, but we will cover that in the next few sections.


Level Design
Running through the first map I found myself wanting to explore everything and figure out where all
the secrets where. The design choices were refreshing and definitely keeped me interest enough to keep playing. In fact, the levels where all very uniquely designed that I could not wait to reach the next area of map. Being a Doom modder myself I definely took note of some design choices that I could use as inspiration for when I finish my mod.

The middle maps however, seem kind of simple and very very open. Some other maps the puzzles were a bit confusing.On one of the Maps there are eyes on the wall that act as switches and I did not realize that. I mean, I would destroyed every single enemy on the map and still could not figure out how to end the level (by the way, not all exits are Exit Doors). On these maps it roughly took me an extra 10 minutes to figure out.
But if you stick with it, the level design picks back up toward the end!
Other issues I had with the game was trying not to use the 'Jump' key. Since the mod was developed back in 1999 some maps you can just jump out the window toward the exit door.

Enemy placement is by far one of the best I have seen.I will discuss more about it in the gameplay section.

This is where the game shines!! So many enemies!! So many Allies to save and take out bosses with!!!
So many jump scares!!! So much blood!!! Lets just say this now, Brutal Doom makes everything better!! I found myself too many times in a cocoon of false security only to get hit by four Revenant at one time. Every time I felt I had a bit insight the developers I get hit by a half dozen Spectres.I was unloading missles, using lame throwers, and tossing grenades like crazy.

Cannot argue or say much here. Nothing custom. Just the awesome Doom II tracks we all know and love.

This Mod is not something I would see myself playing more than twice. Only because some of the levels
just annoyed me with their "find the impossible exit."

Overall, I loved this mod and I am definitely looking forward to the sequel. Some tips that I would
recommend is try not to jump ( I couldn't help it), not every puzzle is obvious, and definetly play with

Brutal Doom on!!




The Darkening homepage:

Finally, it's here.
After many months of hard work, The Darkening
team proudly presents Episode 1:
The Nameless Project, featuring ...

+ 11 single player levels
+ 11 deathmatch levels
+ tweaked for optimal gameplay
+ stunning new graphics































































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