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Title : Breach
Filename : breach.wad
Release date : 2015-1228
Author : Viggles
Email Address :


Description : Sprawling techbase medley with surreal interludes
in hell. Assume the usual twaddle about
teleportation research gone awry.


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In 2015, Alun "Viggles" Bestor released his first level since the mid-90s, Breach. It won a Cacoward on Doomworld in 2015. Moreover, it comes bundled with Doom Retro, the classic, refined source port. Breach requires a "strong limit-removing" port (> 32K segs), so I'm sorry, Vanilla purists, you won't see this beauty of a level.


I played this level using Doom Retro 2.3.2, on HMP difficulty. So what do I think about it? Shortly, it absolutely kicks ass.

But that's not much of a review, is it? Soooo...

The level is set in some sort of invaded base. You can already guess the plot, right? The starting area looks kind of just abandoned, but later all Hell breaks loose, literally. The level takes you through entire abandoned, broken, destroyed facilities, some rocky caves covered in nukage and a couple of hellish areas. The selling point of Breach is its truly beautiful detailing. Every single little thing is beautifully detailed, with nukage flowing out of pipes, cracks in the floor and on the walls (one particular crack appears on the ceiling as you move toward it!), brick stones hovering above the void, lights in the walls, snakes coming out of a gargoyle's mouth (I can't really describe that accurately), all sorts of fancy techy thingies, and, everyone's favourite, crates. Viggles even manages to create such works of art without using any custom textures (except all-black ones)! However, it might slow down your FPS quite noticeably. Not all the time, only sometimes.


The difficulty (on HMP) is quite fair, with classic gameplay elements, like chaingunner and revenant ambushes, fights on toxic waste, but doesn't overdo the slaughter moments, and its 205 monsters will provide a fun challenge. The dominant gameplay element is: you enter a weakly defended area, start exploring things, then you're suddenly teleported to short areas in Hell, then you return to that area, but it's significantly expanded, with, you got it, monsters all over the place. The author does it really well, so I'm sure you'll enjoy, even if your Doom skills suck, like mine.
Also, there is a really weird telefragging section, but don't worry about it, you'll see what I'm talking about.


I don't have much to say now, so, do yourself a favour and go play Breach. You won't regret it. At all. It'll take you around 40 minutes if you don't spend too much time looking for secrets.


One thing to conclude the review with: Viggles says that this is just ONE HALF of the level and that he might release the other half one day. Hell, even another 20 years would be worth waiting if it turns as good as the first one!




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