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About the file:


This download was sent to me by a Doom and Star Wars fan who wishes to remain anonymonous but wanted to see this beauty updated. Here it is in his own words:

This is a recompilation of StarWars doom2.

The original package was build up and merged, in a way that made it non operational on some ports, buildt up on the well known Doom1-2.wad, and contained, Starlvls.wad, Enemy.wad starsnds.wad in addition.

All graph and sounds are now merged in to enemy.wad, with deutex 4.4.0 and cleaned.

The maps Starlvls.wad have been recompiled in, partially, XWE, zennode 1.1.0, and finally, glbsp 2.0 and shall be..... (not tested all) compatible with all ports that can use Gl nodes, or ignore them, using the bsp nodes instead.

Started up Zdoom 1.22 and warp'd up to all maps without any problems.

Runs without any problems in Edge, missing the dehacked features though.

Playing them with PrBoom 2.2.3, that can use the gl nodes, + dehacked.

If you're a StarWars fan,,, ENJOY !!

An nonymous DooM fan.

I personally ran this in Doom2 using Zdoom, Legacy, Edge32 and Jdoom - It looks FANTASTIC! A MUST DOWNLOAD! Download the UPDATED VERSION

Here's another Starwars TC for Zdoom this time called "The Darkest Hour" by REX CLAUSSEN Download it here!

Just released (4/29/03), also by Rex Claussen - The prequel to "The Darkest Hour" - "Dawn-A Prelude" Get it here!

Get more info, etc.. on this exciting project, and others, on the authors site

Rex's site - The Gate

Check out the screenshot!

Here's another Starwars TC for Edge this time called "Planet127" by The Purge Team. This version requires EDGE version 1.27 which I've bundled with the zip file. Also - when you unzip this, to simplify for you, I've included a batch file called planet.bat which you can just type at the command line to run the game. When you unzip the actual files for the game, put them into a directory called planet (from their own text file). If your winzip is set to use the default folders option - turn it off because it drops everything down like 3 directories unnecessarily in my opinion and makes it more difficult to set up the game. So - just put everything in \doom2\planet and run the batch file from your doom2 directory and it will start right up for you. I've included some pics from level 1. It has 4 levels I believe. I've also included a link to the main site because there are other versions of the same game for linux, DosDoom and Vanilla Doom2 as well as more info on the project, etc...

Download it here!

Purge Home Page!














































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