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Dr. Von Loon

SP Doom2



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"The evil SpaceLoons have planned to attack Earth agin. This time by allowing
their "pets" (ie. Fireball spitting dragons" to run amok.
Your mission.....is to tell them "Sorry, No Pets Allowed!!

My Take:

Obviously, this isn't going to be a typical review. The reason for this is quite simple. There are not user created maps for this conversion. The author, Dr. Von Loon, used SLIGE to create his levels. His real work is in the new creatures and weapons and other sprites. This is wicked cool stuff. He has added that and a whole lot more including sounds, etc... to his creation. Basically, you could add ANY map or maps to his creation and play with HIS creatures. I tried it with Bloodworks and it worked fine. So, basically, you can choose your favorite map at whatever difficulty you like and have a go at it with new weapons and monsters.
































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