A game of fantasy, adventure, strategy and opportunity


My main goal in "To Be King" is to develop an Internet based multi-player fantasy role playing game using a hex grid simulation board game format.  This is not a 3D shooter nor will it require a lot of animation and artwork.  This is a strategy game with up to 8 players at one time attempting to become ruler of the Kingdom in a random ever changing environment.

My first goal is to develop a fully working board game version.  This version can then be presented as a model to prospective financial supporters to gain funds and personnel to develop a computerized version.


The latest version of "To Be King" is a culmination of over 10 years of work and development.  I've been playing / designing games for about 35 years and I've always enjoyed the fantasy role-playing format.  In fact, I was a Dungeon Master for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for well over 10 years.  There were also a lot of board games dealing with the role-playing format and a few had some excellent ideas but I was never satisfied with any of them.  What I wanted to see was a game that was as much like Dungeons & Dragons as possible but not requiring a Dungeon Master or a pre-game setup, i.e., people could just sit down and play an adventure to it's conclusion.  Adding competition between players creates an element where players are faced with the dangers of each other as well as an environment that never sits still and is always throwing new dangers at them.

The game has gone through about 5 revisions with each one becoming more complex and interesting.  With the advent of computer technology and desktop publishing software, I've finally been able to develop a professional looking board game.  This latest revision is, by far, the most advanced requiring a complete redesign from scratch.  I'm very proud of what I've accomplished and, hopefully, someone out there with a little money in their pocket will support the creation of an Internet based multi-player version so that I may share my creation with you.


Completing the board game version is a 8 stage process:

The Game board

Here's a shot of the game board.  The board is roughly 4' x 5' and is made up of 25 individual sections.  Each section was printed on full sheet hi-gloss label paper and mounted on black illustrator board.  Each section was then sprayed with a polyurethane coating for protection.  All sections in each row are taped together with crystal clear strapping tape in an accordion fashion so the board can be folded and stored easily.

The board was designed and created by myself.  All art used on the board is downloaded material and is being used only to make the board more visually appealing.  This artwork will, of course, be replaced by an internal team in the final versions of the game.  Actual cost to create this game board in material and supplies - roughly $400.  Pardon the poor lighting and angle.

Game Features

The Premise - 2 to 8 players take on the persona of a character of a specific race and a few very special skills and try to compete against each other to become ruler of the land.  This is done while trying to survive and become stronger in an increasingly hostile environment and other hostile players.

The reigning king has died and a new king must be established before chaos takes over the land.  Zerox, the mighty wizard, is the one who decides who will become the next king.  The people would like Zerox to be king but he's much too busy in his personal goals to deal with trivialities like ruling a kingdom.  Since he is a truly neutral character, he cares nothing about whether the ruler is good or evil ...only that they prove themselves via a test.

The first order of business is to build up one's character so they may meet with Zerox.  The player is told to go to Lazar's Palace on Breene Island and retrieve an item that has been hidden there and bring it back.  Now the player has his test.  Once the player gets back to Zerox with the item, he imparts the "Knowledge of the Mystic Realm" to the player.  This allows the player to climb Karson's Mountain and assume the throne.  The last surviving player wins.

Sounds like a simple game and rather plain but that's only the premise and it's the only thing about the game that's constant.  My friends and I have been playing this game for over 10 years now (previous versions, of course) and we've never played any two games remotely alike.  This is because of the constantly changing environment.


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