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1/29/02 - Well, things certainly have changed around here, haven't they? As I'm sure you noticed when you hit the home page, there's a lot more going on at this site than just Hacx and gaming. In fact, I've become so busy at having to persue other directions, that gaming - and the Hacx site - has become less of a priority.  But, perhaps, that's as it should be. Hacx is getting old (and so am I, for that matter) and there really isn't much more that can be done with it. However, even though this site may not be updated very often, it shall remain here for historical purposes and you'll still find the stories and links you're looking for. And I'll still be around as well so don't hesitate to drop me a note. I may not be actively involved in gaming anymore but that doesn't mean my passion for it has lessened any.  Happy gaming!!

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A full TC using the Doom2 engine and created by Banjo Software.  Here you'll find the story, credits, screenshots, add-ons, and everything else Hacx related.
And now, you can download the full registered version at no cost!!!


Find out the story behind the slow agonizing death of the greatest 3D shooter ever and why you'll never see it.  Screenshots, credits and a peek into the abyss of no return.

A fantasy role-player stategy game currently in development.

Could STRAIN be the greatest 32 level add-on for Doom2?  Some people think so.

The Nostromo's Run Project was my debut into the Doom community.  Go here to check out some of it's history and download the infamous Nostromo's Run wad.

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