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Escape! - for Doom2 using the Legacy port.




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Chris Antoni


SP Doom2

requires: Legacy

Reviewer: Sematary




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The Story
Well if the title isn't enough for ya' the idea is that you and your squad have been captured by an attack group from Hell. They secretly have been waiting on Earth in an abandoned research center since the portal to their homeworld was destroyed. Your squad stumbled upon these monsters during a routine exercise and were easily captured by the enemy. Taken to the research center's basement-turned-turture-room, you and your buddies are beaten and bloodied for information. Your squad commander, before he dies, is able to secure a pistol for you from one of the guards and you quickly slip it into your boot. Suddenly one of the monsters grabs you and drags you into another room where one of your buds has been hung upsidedown. The monster begins getting some rope ready for you when you suddenly whip out your pistol and point it at the guards shocked face. As you pull the trigger you realize that you must escape and get the word out that Hell is still on Earth!













My Review:

Hmmm, where to begin? I guess I'll begin with this. As noted in the text file, the shadowing is quite excellent in this map. It's one of the first things that jumps out at you. Also, the author used Legacy's ability to create depth through multiple floors to good effect. Very nice actually. Although, I think it makes it far too easy to snipe at the bad guys while you hide on a platform above them. Beyond that, well, I wouldn't both with this if I were a moderate or better player. The battles are easy and predictable. Normally, when you enter a room with four Barons you would pretty much expect to get your ass handed to you on a plate but because of the level design it didn't even pose a challenge. Also, as noted in the text file, the author spent about two weeks on this map. Unfortunately, it shows. While there are some very cool 3d effects and excellent lighting, it has very little in the way of cool architecture and for the most part is somewhat bland to look at. Nothing but the shadowing and the 3d floors really stand out. Everything else is just sort of there.

I also noted some structural stuff - like in first underground room where there is some excellent shadowing going on with the torches, there are a fair amount of small and barely noticeable HOM's. They are not much more than an annoyance that is easily dismissed but would be even moreso if the battle that took place there had some measure of difficulty to it.

Well, really, that's about it. It is an unremarkable map except for some cool 3d architecture. The gameplay might be challenging for a n00b. Anyone else will be pretty much bored and quit the level.

I like the authors work, in fact, you can find more here: Infiltration

Infiltration is the anithesis of this map. Everything this map wasn't, that map was. If you want a good feel for what this author is capable of, I suggest downloading that one.























































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