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Author: Chris (that's all I have)

SP doom2



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Overall - SCORE: 10

What can I say, I've been fortunate to explore some really well designed maps the last week or so and this is definitely in the cream of the crop. There are no special 3d effects, or anything else that could be considered fancy but the map has solid design and gameplay and that is all you can ask for from a Doom2 map. Don't forget to get skulltag version 096f from the link above. I have a feeling it might also play well with Zdoom as the same effects are available in that port. But, the author recommends Skulltag - so get it.






The author didn't state a storyline, although he did give a well detailed text file of what to expect and some hints on some necessary secrets. Basically, kill alot of badasses and get to the exit. Good luck!


DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating:  10

As promised in the text file, there was ammo aplenty but a severe shortage of health. Overall, it balanced out quite well. Even then, I suggest using the chainsaw frequently to preserve your ammo as you will DEFINITELY need it. There is not shortage of mayhem in this map, as you will quickly discover. The author uses alot of well planned traps to catch the player off guard and even when you absolutely KNOW they are coming, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. Just try to figure out which direction you are getting fragged from, return to your save slot and finish them off in your next incarnation. Basically, if you see ANYTHING that will gain you something or move the game forward, expect to get ambushed. None of it is cheap though. Chris uses the Skulltag engine (based off zdoom apparently) to lay some traps with monsters that disappear and reappear. He also uses well hidden walls, etc... to get you. Basically, you should use up some save slots because otherwise you'll spend all day in this particular version of Hell. Overall, difficult to make for an interesting play but not so difficult that you will get frustrated and quit. As you can see from the pics below, I spent a goodly amount of my time low on health. Get used to it.


Playability -  rating: 10

I really enjoyed the way Chris put this map together. Everything flows together well and none of the traps are unfair. You are often in tight quarters but the map has a fair amount of open space to move around in as well. You should really put your strafing skillz to the test in this map as well as your running skillz. The map has replayability written all over it as it should be a challenge the second and even third times around to see if you can improve on your first attempts.


Level Design -  rating: 10

The author doesn't give himself enough credit in his text file for the level design. The atmosphere is claustrophobic with tons of dark, small areas as well as some EXCELLENT shadowing work. I know from experience that creating shadows can be tedious but well worth the effort as they help to maintain a certain feel about the map that you otherwise would be missing. In fact, I would go as far as to say that lighting may be THE most important factor in the atmosphere of a map. The map is structurally sound with some very nicely designed areas. Give yourself a pat on the back, Chris, you've earned it.























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