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Phantasm total conversion!

For Doom3









A complete TC now.

Check it out - updated

Click on that link above an no lie - you won't regret it.



Download v 1.2



As soon as I saw that this was available, I SPRINTED to the download. If you have never seen the movie - I suggest you check it out. It's a cult favorite and one of the best classic B horror flicks EVER! I was ecstatic to see that the author of this total conversion for Doom3 has been very good about the settings and all of that being the same as the movie as well. I recognized the mausoleum immediately and when I transported to the alternate universe, even THAT looked similar. You are going to LOVE this TC. Be sure to check it out.




My review (so far)

I got version 1.2 from the author today and I played through the first map (Mausoleum). All I can say is - OH MY GOD!

This is absolutely awesome. Not only is the detail incredible, as well as the authors devotion to replicating the environment of the movie but the gameplay is excellent. The balls pop up and you better be ready to shoot. The Tall Man even makes an appearance in the first level. MAN, did it feel good shooting THAT bastard! I have JUST gotten to map2 (Home) and there is my ride, waiting and ready for action!

More to come....



From the Author:

This is a early build of my PHANTASM mod for Doom 3.
To install just unzip to your Doom3 folder and select from
the mods menu to play it.

new textures yes
new sounds yes
new models yes

This mod is based on the classic movie of the same name
and all rights are reserved by their respectful owners.
everything in this mod has been created and recreated soley by me.

Hope you like it.


scythewraith - at - hotmail.com



























































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