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Ultimate Hell







Author: Raheel Shahid

SP Doom3


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Overall - SCORE: 9.5

With the exception of my problems with the Knightmare level, I found these maps to be extremely enjoyable. The blood was flowing pretty good (from myself AND the bad guys) and even more importantly, I was never bored. I highly recommend this mod for download - even at 108 megs. Enjoy!












You are going back into HELL! What more needs to be said? Have a great time getting fragged!



Needless to say (or maybe it does), these are a VERY DIFFICULT set of maps, especially the final battle type maps. In the fourth map you are deposited into a room full of Hell Knights. Appropriately enough the map is called "Knightmare". I hate to admit it but I ended up using the "God" cheat to get out of it. I finally tired of getting my ass kicked consistently and constantly. I could have handled three or maybe even four of the bastards but to have something like a dozen in a circular room with me running around like a chicken with my head cut off is just NOT a fair fight. Perhaps I lack the skillz, I don't know. Anyway, I am currently (as of this review) battling a pair of Cyberdemons in another level and in desperate need of a respite. I'm pretty sure I have enough to work with though and as you will see below - a TON of screenies. I'm actually deducting a point because of the unbelievable (and to me, unbeatable) fourth level.


Playability -  rating: 10

This mod is keeping me ENTHRALLED! I've been playing through level after level after level without a break and finally had to stop from shear exhaustion. This set of maps earns top marks!


Level Design -  rating: 10

Again, I am really impressed. From the first few maps which are very small to the larger maps which come later, the author exhibits creativity and deft map building skillz. Along with the excellent design, the author has a keen grasp of weapon and monster balance, which is exhibited throughout the set of maps presented here. More skilled players than I may find themselves with additional ammo to play with and even for me, I found there to be more than enough shotgun ammo to keep me satiated. Enjoy this mod. It is very well done in every respect.























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