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Trite Breeding Facility








SP Doom3

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Master of Puppets

Filesize: 20 megs


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Overall - SCORE: 7

Being as this is the very first complete map for Doom3 realeased on the internet, we are still in the beginning stages of what promises to be another exciting 10 years of user created levels. You should enjoy this one. Instructions on loading are in the text file that comes with the map!















To keep it short and sweet, this level is fairly hard, but shouldnít give anybody too much trouble. Itís just perfect enough to keep you engaged, but it isnít frustrating


Playability -  rating: 6

If Doom 3 was mostly about getting you to fall back in your seat, then Trite Breeding Facility is all about gluing you to the screen. The enemyís come fast and hard, ambushing you from multiple directions often. The layout of the level is basically linear, except for some short back tracks to locked doors, etc. Other than that however there isnít anything too outstanding or worth mentioning. Itís a simple run and gun mission, but still fun.


Level Design -  rating: 8

Trite Breeding Facility is of great design. The architecture holds up to the theme and scale of Doom 3, and will probably remind you in a few points of classic Doom or Quake with its open areas and larger battles. The level has a nice amount of scripting as well, for example, Sargeís voice clips have been displaced to give the player some sense of mission, and there are some well done computer terminals. Darkness is put to good use, but over all, this map has a higher light level then Doom 3. Easily the most notable part of the mapís design is the broken glass across the floors, guaranteed to surprise you at first. However the map suffers from what some say Doom 3 itself did: repetition. Any given part of the level uses just about the same textures as the rest of it, but in my own opinion this is part of Doom 3ís style, so no huge points can be held against this flaw. In the end, TBF is quite presentable.
































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