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Church of Ruins







SP Doom3

Reviewed by:

Master of Puppets


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Overall - SCORE: 7

While there are bound to be better maps available. This one should be fun. Have at it!
















Despite the poor design of the map, it does earn merit for its balance here. The monster count is irresponsible sometimes, but overall it was just enough of a kick in the pants to keep things interesting. If you’ve beaten Doom 3, you should not have much trouble with this map, but you should keep your trigger finger twitching if you expect to get through this in one piece.


Playability -  rating: 6

Church of Ruins is a once-through, but fun while it lasts.


Level Design -  rating: 6

Church of Ruins is somewhat lacking in this department. I would equate the layout and amount of detail in this map to that of the first Quake game. Rooms are cubic with little detail and the way forward is often hard to identify. The light sources appear to have been placed with little thought. Texturing also looks to have been slapped on quickly. Worse still, the map is prone to slow downs, as you will often have multiple enemies on screen along with a more than healthy number of torches and other FPS draining special effects.










Sorry, no screenpics for this file.


























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