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Classic Doom3






Anthony 'Bean' Nichols

SP Doom3

Reviewed by: Sematary


The Final Version (download)


Download version 1.0 here!


Linux version 0.56!


New Patch (4/02/2007)


This is the patch a lot of you have been waiting for! Classic Doom 3 v1.2 will update your installation of Classic Doom 3 for Windows so that it is compatible with the 1.3.1 Patch for Doom3. This download does not offer any additional changes or features, and at this time, only the Windows version is available.







This zip contains the 1.0 code builds for both linux and mac. Windows, Linux, and Mac users need to download this and put both .pk4's into your "cdoom" directory otherwise you will not be able to play Deathmatch due to receiving a "server not in sync" error. If you are a Linux and Mac user also make sure you keep the "cdoom_dll.pk4" in your directory as well for the same reason.


Download update patch for Linux/Mac here!


Classic Doom3  website


Sadly, I was unable to find

a current iteration of the classic doom3 website. if you know where it is, pease let me know!
















This may well be the coolest doom 3 project on the planet right at this moment. this group is converting all of the original maps from Kneedeep in the dead into doom3 maps. a few of the maps are done and playable and let me tell you, this project kicks ass.

Going into this was like revisiting an old friend who just had a face lift and a nose job. Check out the screenies I took from maps e1m1, e1m3 and e1m4 (so to speak). Seriously, you are going to love this!

A Quick Review: This plays pretty much like the original. The people putting this together really stuck to the original not only as far as the level designs but also as far as monster placement. One thing you count on though is that the Doom 3 monsters are faster (for the most part) than their doom brethren and will give you a better fight. the old levels look really fabulous in their new skins and I can't wait for this conversion to be finished. The maps played like their original counterparts, fast and furious. The maps seemed a little less detailed than the maps in the original doom3 game but that was good because my older video card didn't lag as much. I really liked that. This is a definite must download, so don't miss it!






























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