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A Strange Awakening







Author: Xenon

SP Doom3

Reviewed by: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 7

I think this is a good effort for a user created map. I think it might keep NOOBS on the edge of their seats and might even catch out moderately skilled players here and there. While I didn't think it was the best map ever built, it certainly wasn't the worst and it DID keep my interest.

One final note... The text file that comes with tells the user to hit ctrl+alt+\ to open the console then to type in "map usr". Ignore that. Doom3 maps are never that easy anyway. The only way to do that is unzip the .pk4 file with winrar or winzip and extract the files to the /base/map directory. That is what I recommend. Have fun....











Apparently, you've woken up and SOMETHING IS AMISS...Not much to go with there but it is what it is....



There aren't alot of creatures in this one. I did run into the majority of them at one point or another, however. You begin in what appears to be your sleeping quarters. A tip (in Italian) pops up and you move into the next room. Not much going on there so you move into the next room where your receive another useless tip in Italian (useless BECAUSE it is in Italian). You are able to gather the word pistol, however, so that helps a little. The pistol is laying on the table in front of you. Grab it. It is the only weapon you have to begin with and you have no flashlight which is unfortunate because the level is very dark. That accounts for a good portion of the difficulty by the way. Also, when you find a new weapon, expect to be attacked. A little obvious there but sometimes you don't find the weapon until AFTER you've been attacked... Anyway, there is a certain amount of suspense in knowing that the monsters are spread out and you don't know where they will come from when they DO show up. Unfortunately, all of them use the transporter so you always have a few seconds warning and a chance to prepare. Hmmm So..... Not too difficult but fun to play nonetheless...


Playability -  rating: 7

This is very linear map. It is extremely dark in places and mostly dark in the rest of it. I found myself using the "testlight" cheat in a couple of areas just so I could see what the hell I was doing but some of that could simply be my settings because my settings are kind of dark on this computer. Either way, be prepared for a dark trek. Expect to crouch a few times and keep that cheat in mind, just in case. I think once through was enough but it was fun doing it that one time...


Level Design -  rating: 6

I thought for what it was, it was fairly well designed. It was too linear for my taste and too dark in some areas but I did find myself enjoying getting through it. I also found the last couple of areas of the map to be alot of fun. You will need to put the environment to work for you as you scramble over rocks and such to reach the final battle. I wish the entire map had been done more in that style as it was quite interesting.


























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