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Make it till Morning for

Doom3, Resurrection of Evil






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SP Doom3 (maps 1 & 2)

requires: ROE - patch 1.3

Reviewer: Sematary


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Episode 5 - Alcatraz



Video in game (hi res)!


Ep 5 video!


New info: 12/22/06

the author of the mod tells me that he has instituted difficulty levels (something I HAVE to check out).


My thoughts:
   Make no mistake about it - this is a tough map - but (if you have the skillz and some time), it is doable. The author sent me a wmv of him fighting through this thing and it gave me hope that it was actually beatable - because it is. But (like me) if you are used to kill, move, get surprised, kill, move on - forget it! This isn't anything like that. Here's a word of advice. First, collect all the weapons. You have about 2 or 3 minutes max to get them all (while killing the occasional spider) before all HELL breaks loose! I've included the wmv but I suggest you give it a go before you play. This will give you a good idea of where your skillz lie. I can tell you right now that mine are not up to par, but if you want to improve them - this is the map to do it on! With a day/night cycle that lasts about 8 minutes or so, it is your mission to make it to daylight and destroy all the creatures coming at you. I can tell you right now that cowering in a corner isn't going to help so get your ass in gear, don't stop moving and KEEP FIRING for god's sake. Now get to it Marine!









About Make it till Morning (by the author)

NEWS: The download (updated December 22, 2006) now contains a fourth episode. HAVE AT IT! Be sure to check the authors website for screenshots!

    The Story:

Episode 1

Your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere in a storm. You walk to the nearest house to find that all is not well. It is getting dark - can you make it to morning?

Episode 2

You trace the infection to Castle Kalt. Purge this holy place of Evil and find out where the beasts are coming from.

Episode 3
Find a way into Monster Mountain.

Episode 4
Bombs have been pre-planted in the tower. Arm them and make it to the helicopter rendezvous.



Some advice from the author:

1. Avoid reloading in the middle of a fight. Instead, change to another gun. When there is a lull, reload all your weapons.
2. Be ruthless and efficient - kill beasts promptly and you will never have too many to handle.
3. If you find yourself in the slightest danger of being overrun, or are on low health, use the BFG!
4. In mitm1, don't let monsters accumulate outside the door. Smash a window and BFG them!
5. In mitm1, if a Vagary, Hellknight or Bruiser appears, its BFG time again!
6. In mitm2, if you need an FPS boost, shoot out some lights.


Some more notes!

     If you listen to the advice given to you on this page - you WILL enjoy this map. I didn't the first time I tried to play through it but that's because I really didn't have a clue and my fighting skillz simply aren't what they should be so I guarantee that I'll be going back into this one frequently to upgrade them skillz!

After getting the advice from the author and seeing how someone who DOES have skillz handled the map, it gave me confidence that I could not only survive till morning but could also beat this beast! I know you can too! It is a truly kick ass map in gameplay and appearance. Well worth the effort and the time! Enjoy!


Episode 5 - This appears (unless Jim tells me othewise) to be an addon for the previous game. This is NOT, from what I can tell, a complete collection of all the maps but is a standalone more or less. It looks interesting - give it a play!




















































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