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Jive's tutorial

There is a lot of tricks not well known to make someawesome creations, like a wire fence acting like a door, or a movablehemi fence. And I didn't see a lot of maps usingLegacy features, thus they are pretty nice. So, here is a tutorialexplaining how to obtain some of these effects.
You are free to reuse any part of itfor your own wads. I just ask to you to put a small comment in yourtext file to give back to Cesar what's belongs to Cesar...

Subjectsof this present tutorial:
- More than one line for the automap
- Wire fence for a door
- Up & down hemi fence
- The Editor grid line
moreto come, particulary about Fragglescript, dehacked tricks, andOpenGl lightings.

Letme begin with an unknown trick, published by me on the DoomLegacy forum some times ago, which lets you put
 More than one line for the automap

More than one line for the automapThe maximumnumber of characters for a line is 42 (for Legacy),
andyou canwrite only one line... Only one? Are you so sure?
Dohave alook at this screenshot: you have 3 lines!!!
Imade it inthe deh file for Stone Stratagems (by Zeratull):
Text 24 40
level 10: refueling baseStoneFortress *Final Doom - TNT: Map10*
Text 29 89
level 11: 'o' of destruction!11:TheBarrier
Stone Stratagems v1. Music: Doom2,Map28
Author: Zeratul 982. Dated 2001
Text 21 40
level 12: thefactoryMap 12: Marble Fortress *Requiem: Map05*

You have just to put as many lines as you want and to count the numberofcharacters, without taking account of the Break of line.

Wire fence for a door  Download theexample here: Click here to download

Moving fence

On the next picture (right click on it and "Saveit as..."), all iswell explained to let you build the fence, so that you'll be able tobuild a door like you can see it on the picture on the right...

 Up & down hemifence  Download the example here: Click here to download

 TheEditor grid line

Sometimes, we have a surprise...

I'm pretty sure that you think:"What's that bug?!?"
And... How to solve it?
Very simply!!!
In fact, it's the result of the unrespect of the Editor Grid Line(EGL): you must move, when this graphical bug appears, the vertices of the concerned sector on the intersections ofthe EGL, and, like you can see when you put the cursor of your mouse onthe picture, the room don't appear anymore like if it was seen throughthe sky.
Don't think that the faultive sector was the triangle: it was one ofthe vertices of the wall with the trigger picture which was out of theEGL!!!
You can use, pretty all the time, vertices distant of 1 pixel from thenext one, but, if such a bug appears, move it to the next pixel, andall will be fine.
More explanations, and everything you need to know about ZenNode andhow to build nodes to avoid holes in textures (and most of the usualgraphical bugs), here:

Youthink it is too hard, or you don't obtain the expectedresult?
sendme the wad, and try toexplainwhere is the problem.
I'll correct it and I'll send it back.

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