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OpenGlmode needs, to be perfectly displayed, a program as« ZenNode.exe » (from MarcRousseau ).

Prettysoon "ZenGl"?Humm?...YES! When ?...Humm...soon !...he he...with RMB option?...YES!Whaou!
ZenNode + RMB + GlBsp = ... ?

Sometimes, we have a surprise...

I have foundTHE solution to use ZenNode very simply!

Follow me...
- Click on a wad; no matter what wad! It's just to selecta file with the extension ".wad" !
- Once selected, press "SHIFT" button and, WITHOUTunpressing it, right click on it.
- A menu ask you what program you want to use to workwith it... and the one you want is not in the list...
- Click on the case :" Open With..." menu option.
- Click the "Other" button and goto your Zennode.
- Click on the case "Always use it"
- Close the window and applaude !

Now, ladies and gentlemen, you just have to double click(with Win95) or just click (with Win98)
on a file with the extension ".wad" to makeZenNode at work, and to obtain very quickly, in place of
the ancient wad, the new one, proper, lovely retailed...

WHAT? What do you say?...
"Yep, man, fine your sulution, but, before, it was"Wintex", my launcher to work with wads!"
" Ouaip, man! For me, it was "DeaPsea"...Grrrr!"
Pfff ! No problemo ! Follow me...

Bande de bouffons! C'est pourtant pas compliqué !
Follow me...
- Now, go in your windows directory.
- Find the sub-directory "Send to"
- Right click on a blank place on the right window.
- Select "Create a shortcut"
- Go in your favorite directory, where your lovelyprogram is waiting for you... (Wintex, DeePsea",...)
- Select it and create the shortcut!
- Close the window!
- And now applaude!

What have you obtained?
- Double click on a wad, and ZenNode at work...
- Right click on a wad and choose "Send to..."the program you have choosen and it will be at work!

C'est pas beau tout ça ?
Et c'est pour qui tout ça?
Hummmm ?

It's for you... ^_^

Download all this text page and icones forZenNode

Here is an example of my batch file to make ZenNode at work on one map:

F:\Doom\Utils\ZenNode-1.1.0\win32\ZenNode.exe -niC:\Doom\KDX\pwad\Doom2\BestOfSoM\Polution\Polution.wad map10 -oC:\Doom\KDX\pwad\Doom2\BestOfSoM\Polution\Polution2.wad

When I need to treat the totality of a multi-map pwad, I justdouble-click on its icon, because I have assigned ZenNode 1.1.0 to bethe one at work by default on wads:

If a texture is again missing after using it, it's because, INMOSTCASES , vertices are put out of the grid lines, or tooclose to each other). So, when I have found a missing textureafter having used ZenNode, I just had to put the concernedvertices on the grid (or sometimes on other near vertexe) and...
« magic magic »...hello the texture! He he he...

ZenNode bug or Legacy one?

But...It's notall! Some othersbroken rules may give holes : cheats with the rules of an editorto obtain special effects are the most often reasons! And here,problems appear : don't forget the fact that, at the beginning,Doom was a software game ; and in software mode, you will neverfind a missing texture due to the port (for me, the best port toplay is "Doom LEGACY")!

So,with wadswriten for software mode, it is necessary to use an editor tomake some corrections and to translate it for OpenGl mode.
The perfect example of what I have said is the Wads "
DckWads2" and "KneeDeep": Doom mastershave made thewads contained in it ; and I have found missing textures...
How is it possible? Because, in software mode, those missingtextures are not missing ! I believe that it is because OpenGlmode give really a 3D effect ; no error possible, no cheat withthat mode...for the moment ! But in the future ? No life withoutdream !

Howcan you useZenNode ?

1)Neveruse the same name for the input and the output wad
2) Put the complete path for the wad:for example, in the following lines,
??? is for "f:\Jeux\Doom\Doom2\Nameof thewad"
ZenNode-bc-nq -r ???.wad MAPxx -o ???2.wad "
or "
ZenNode-bc -nq -r ???.wad MAPxx+MAPxx+MAPxx -o ???2.wad "
or "
ZenNode-bc -nq -r ???.wad -o ???2.wad "
3) Create a batch file with in it thisline
4) In some rare cases, you could try
-nqi instead of -nq :
this option is for invisible lines (action lines) ; BUT : Ihave verified on some wads the terrible effect of this option( in "Eternal.wad", Map02 and Map21, some pontoontotally disapeared and, instead of walking on those "roads",you fall down in the water...!
--> Legacy's bug ? ZenNode bug ?
It was a Legacy bug! Now, all is fine!
5) Try your "???2.wad". If problem hasdisappeared, delete "???.wad" and rename "???2.wad""???.wad"

ZenNodeVersion 1.1.0 (©) 1994-2002 Marc Rousseau

Usage: ZenNode {-options} filename[.wad] [level{+level}]{-o|x output[.wad]}

-x+ turn on option -x- turn off option * = default

-b[c] * - Rebuild BLOCKMAP
c * - Compress BLOCKMAP
-n[m=1,2,3|q|u|i] * - Rebuild NODES
m - Partition Selection Algorithm
* 1 = Minimize splits
2 = Minimize BSP depth
3 = Minimize time
q - Don't display progress bar
u * - Ensure all sub-sectors contain only 1 sector
i - Ignore non-visible lineDefs
-r[z] * - Rebuild REJECT resource
z - Insert empty REJECT resource
-t - Don't write output file (test mode)

level -
ExMy for DOOM / Heretic, MAPxx for DOOM II / HEXEN

6)Youthink it is too difficult, or you don't obtain the expectedresult?
sendme the exact URL to find the wad, try toexplainwhere is the problem.
I will try it, correct it and put the result on my downloadpages.