Somewhere in Time(a megawad) by Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori for Doom2






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Advanced engine needed : None? Some source port is definitely needed, but
even Chocolate Doom is enough
Primary purpose : Single play
Title : Somewhere in Time
Filename : INTIME.WAD
Release date : May 7th, 2016
Author : Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"
Email Address :
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several maps too shitty or insignificant to list

Misc. Author Info : 22yr old guy from Hungary. Have made lotsa
different things, from Youtube LPs through game-
and webdev to writing. Loves heavy metal, science,
worldbuilding and anime.

Description : "Somewhere in Time" is a set of 15+1 pure vanilla
Doom 2 maps, inspired by the greatest of this
category, most importantly Reverie, Revolution! and

My primary aim was to create extraordinary maps,
reaching the boundaries of gameplay, design - and
Chocolate Doom!

Sadly, this was not done perfectly, as I lost
motivation after losing some maps, but in the end,
I'm satisfied anyway.

Moreover, the significance of this project for me
is that it followed through not only my "career" as
an improving Doom map designer but a huge portion
of my life as well, which full of changes and
improvements, so whenever I check out these maps, I
can clearly remember, when and why did I do them.

This may not mean so much for you, but in the end,
the only thing that matters is that I hope you
enjoy this humble (and hopefully unique) set I
created - dedicated to the Doom community!

The name comes from the legendary 1986 album of
Iron Maiden; I thought it's fitting because of the
varying themes of the WAD, and the time difference
between the creation of the maps!











I don't know what I would do without my long time friend, Eric Buck, who takes the time out of HIS life to play these maps and do these reviews, so that I can focus on things like This Week in Doom, which is faithfully put together every week (for the most part) by one of my newer Doom friends, Vinny. He does a great job and doesn't miss much in the world of Doom on a weekly basis. So, I wanted to thank Eric for taking nearly a full day out of his life for playing through what looks like a terrific set of maps. It is THAT kind of dedication that makes Eric an awesome Doomer and allows me to focus on other duties pertaining to maintaining the website - updates, changes, etc... It's a hard job but someone has to do it. lol

Title : Somewhere in Time
Filename : INTIME.wad
Release date : may 2016
Author : Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"
Email Address :

DIFFICULTY: 8.1 (9.6 on Nitemare)
TIME WASTED: 3hours, 12 mins (yes, I actually timed this)
ENGINE USED: ZDoom 2.7.1
LEVELS: fifteen levels (map01-15) for Doom II



Aside from a few HOMs that I noticed in some of the tunnels/accessways in one map which took away from the scores, overall, this is pretty well made. There are lots of huge areas, and some maps were very short and simple…Dead Simple (pun intended).

The action was very hot; you will come against the gambit of adversaries and run low on both health and ammo, guaranteed. I found myself smashed into a very fine paste quite a few times, and mostly by flanking fire from some baddie who’s situated up high where I couldn’t see him right away. I didn’t enable free looking in ZDoom to tweak the gameplay, so…meh, whatever.

The areas have tons of what you need to make it; you just have to stay alive long enough to find them. But, here’s a spoiler; be ready to rumble when you score a big find because those finds won’t come easy!

As for design, as I’ve said before, there are some HOMs in a few levels, but not in such a blatant, blaring kind of way; an experienced mapper will spot them just from habit; the average gamer may not as they will be too busy staying alive to notice. The mapper did a great job in providing lots of ammo, power-ups, and cover for survival, while balancing them with well placed enemies, teleport traps, and sniper posts. The wide open areas are treacherous; you will get pelted from odd angles, swarmed, and outgunned as well. There will be a lot of pain doled out in this wad!

There are some new MIDIs for the background on most of the levels and were pretty intense, adding to the heated action. It reminds me of those days, in the 80s, when I would spend hours at the arcade, earning those Blisters of Glory (those old enough will know what I mean). No new sprites or anything like that, though. This is a traditional, full on, slugfest through the levels of demon crammed, offal loaded, green shit flying in your face, Doom II awesomeness.
There is a lot of hard work in this wad, don’t let the minor errors detract from the action. Just get in there, and wear out your trigger finger as this has plenty to enjoy!












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