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KS12,  for Doom2






Cory Banket


SP Doom2 (map 1)

New graphics: - YES
New Sounds: - YES
New Music: - YES
Difficulty Settings: - YES

requires: Zdoom, Gzdoom



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What do you get when you combine, arguably, one of the best texture and sprite replacements (from Neodoom) with one of the best mappers in the business? You get KS12 - a large, well thought out map with tons of tricks and traps, a seemingly endless supply of bad guys and a whole new environment with new creatures and new weapons to play with. If you played Neodoom then you know what I'm talking about as far as the visuals go. If you've played Cory's work before then you know that he is a master at not only mapping but gameplay as well. And, in this combination, we have what I consider one of the best maps of the year to come my way. Join me in my reverance of this work and start fragging something!



My Review:

Right from the beginning, you can see that this is not the work of some amateur who is just learning his craft. This is a well thought out map with well hidden secrets that provide the player with some assistance along his journey as well as some simply cool looking architecture and gameplay.


First, I have to give kudos to the author Neodoom. The graphics from this project are what Cory used to build this beautiful map and full credit should be given to him for such an awesome work.


So, you enter the level, open up a couple of cabinets to reveal ammo and a weapon then you jump into the transporter in the center of the room and descend into KS12. The first thing that struck me, besides the excellent architecture and such was the statue of the naked woman. If you have kids, you might want to consider shielding their sensitive little eyes here. There are also some wall textures that are reminiscent of Duke Nukem. Now that I think about it - don't let your younger children play this map. Anyway, the action starts of somewhat slow but picks up speed quickly and you must solve a series of well thought out (but simple) puzzles to reveal switches and such that move you through the level. If you can find the secret - there is an item which gives you 500 health and armor - well worth searching for, you might need it. Once you've retrieved the blue key and entered the blue door, you are going to see all hell break loose. Use your wits, move fast, and choose your weapons wisely and you should survive the next hour of your life intact - yes, plan on spending some time in this beautifully rendered environment!


I don't think I really need to say any more, do I? The dl is a little large as virtually every resource for Doom2 has been replaced (about 8 megs zipped I think). This map is WELL WORTH your time. So download it and stop looking at me gab on....















































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