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NeoDoom for Doom2











SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: Legacy Doom

Reviewer:Blue Paladin



Put aside a lot of time to play this one...

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About NeoDoom for Doom2  (by author)

This is a 32 map wad with various changes in the looking of the Doom 2. Most of
the graphics were changed, as well as the weapons and some enemies. It has new enemies
and weapons for ZDoom, increasing the gameplay. It also brings some new enemies for
Doomsday Engine.

   The History

    After the Earth invasion a couple of years ago, you still work as a soldier.
Suddenly, you received a message about an small invasion occurred on some Earth
industries. You, as an experienced marine, were called to finish this invasion. But
you realize that this small invasion isn't that small...


    After three years working on this mod, it finally got finished, but it looks much more different than its initial version. The ZDoom addons were made on the last year, with a lot of new weapons. Only a few were kept on the original project, and
the other weapons were releases as a weapon mod called "Arsenal".
    In these three years, a lot of people joined the project, but in the end no one did a considerable quantity of work. However, the people that helped in this project certainly is remembered on the Credits section of this file.
    This mod tries to bring some levels with new atmospheres for the Doom engine.
    Only a few textures come from the original Doom 2, and the textures are divided into sets, very organizated for the mapper. Industries, forests, castles, cities, ancient temples, beaches and some hellish-imaginated places are some of the places you will
    The gameplay was revised a lot of times, with various tests. The new monsters are hard to fight against, but they appear occasionally. Watch out for the difficulty:
if you start playing thinking it's already hard, start it in another skill level. The difficulty increases as long as you pass each level, and the latest levels are
insanely hard.
    The soundtrack were made during my graduation. Since I'm a musician, I hope this would be the best point of this wad. The first levels have Techno-like musics,
the cities have hard rock tracks and the latest levels have atmospheric musics that reflects the tension made by the hellish style of the maps. There are also musics designed especially for a level, such as MAP 32. I'm really looking forward to work
as a soundtrack composer.
    Finishing, I make Doom mods for about ten years. This mod brings everything I learned during my life, and I did the best I could. I hope to be remembered someday
as a person that contributed for making the great game Doom, showing that this game has infinitely possibilites to bring us new worlds to exploit with our imagination.


My Review:

     This is a full-blown conversion for Doom 2 complete with all new weapons and enemies, music, and textures.  The action is heavy on any setting (I played UV) and there are tons a little secrets to discover.  The wepons were pretty cool, the best one I like is the Quad Shotgun.  The downside to it is it loads slowly and eats four rounds per shot.  But, It packs one hell of a wallop!  The graphics and overall design was nice but not revolutionary.  There were a few textures that needed unpegging and a few monsters stuck in spots that were too small for them, but this conversion smokes overall.  The foibles in the maps are minute at best and will not distract you.  In fact, in critical times, a stuck monster will save your keyster, be grateful for it!

    There are a LOT of traps and tricks, a LOT of beasties to conquer... I spent most of the time running away to conserve ammo and strength for the bigger, nastier baddiers that were ahead.  This is good work and well worth the download and time to play.

Overall Composite Score: 9.5  









































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