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Men in Black for Wolf3D sw







Dr. Von Loon

SP Wolf3D SW  (maps 1 - 10)

Download the file for Wolf3d shareware version 1.4















   Men in Black for wolfenstein is a total conversion created by the author of  Spaceloons for Wolf3d. There are new graphics, new characters, weapons, etc... What you have on this page is the version created for the shareware version of Wolfenstein 3d



New textures

New Sounds

New Sprites

New weapons

New Creatures (Worm guy, MIB, Mauraders, Boss guy)

New maps edited by Dr. Von Loon based on the 10 levels addon


So first, the author thanks:

The creator of "10 Levels" addon

The author of skins wad created for Doom2 (that's where the mib model came from)

Special thanks to the creator of Chexquest for the worm guy.


ID software
Bob Larkin's Doom Wad Station


The Story:

Begin transmission

Deep inside MiB headquaters, an unknown
alien race is attempting a takeover of the MiB orginization.

Your mission: Stop them!
Beware of the "Men in Almost Black" (I guess the aliens didn't get the memo about BLACK suits) and other dangers.

Good luck and good hunting!
End transmission