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Doom2 wads by Virgil (The DOOM Poet)








(the DOOM poet)

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 7.5

I'm going to go back into Ash2Ash under a lower difficulty level and play it that way to see what happens. I'm usually an ultra-violence kinda player but not on these levels. You will enjoy the design and IF you can fight your way through every demon and creature that doom and doom2 have to offer then you will certainly reap the benefits of a job well done.










     I actually attempted 2 of Virgils wads, Seraph and Ash2Ash. I say attempted because I was playing both on Ultra-Violence and couldn't get through them. I also tried Seraph on the Hurt Me Plenty difficulty level but didn't have any more luck than I did on Ultra-Violence. I have to admit, I'm not very good with the strafe buttons however so someone with better skills than me might (I use that word with trepidation), might have a chance. Virgil thought these weren't that bad and he actually told me that the ones (other than Seraph) were easier. Well, that might be, but they were still too difficult for me. If you want to challenge yourself, Then you will probably enjoy these wads. If you are a beginner I wouldn't go near them except to admire the handiwork before you get wiped out. If you are an intermediate (such as myself) then you might want to go into these in the attempt to hone your skills. I got lots working on my strafing skills (I think I have a long way to go). Unfortunately, I have to take a few points away for making the wads TOO difficult but that doesn't mean I don't recommend trying them.


Playability -  rating: 7    

     Well, If you like getting your ass kicked then you're going to love these wads. If you like a more mellow experience that allows you to solve the puzzles while beating some demon butt then you're not going to be so excited. Plan on saving (alot) and I would save under multiple spots just in case you accidentally save in a really bad spot (guilty). Again - I think these are levels better suited to the best players out there. For the rest of us, you might want to get your cheat code list handy to finish them.


Level Design -  rating: 10

     Unquestionably, for me at least, the highlight of the wads. Virgil has a real knack and Ash2Ash had me on the edge of my seat constantly. The music and the background sound of the Archangel who actually did make an appearance early on in the level and didn't just serve as sound effects set a really good mood and the tight hallways and low ceilings just compounded my claustrophobia. Seraph is more of a wide-open type of level with VERY high ceilings and lots of large rooms but excellent detail. Don't get the idea that they are just big rooms without any elegance or design incorporated. The architectural design in both the wads I played was excellent. This earns my highest mark.





































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