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this week in doom - week ending September 28, 2014 (doom date 20.7581)




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Doom Wad Station IS Doom! This site is dedicated to Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3 and focuses on the reviews and downloads that you are looking for. It's main focus is and always will be the Doom franchise. Now in it's 16th year, the site has seen many changes from it's humble, original beginnings, as Bob's Doom and Doom 2 site. It will continue to evolve with the ID Software community but it's main focus will remain - the DOOM franchise! Here, you will find Doom map reviews, Doom 2 map reviews, Doom 3 map reviews, total conversions and wads and maps for Doom, Doom II and Doom3. You will also find tons of maps for Wolfenstein 3d,  Castle Wolfenstein, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 and Quake 4 as well as Hexen, Hexen2, Heretic, Duke Nukem 3d, Strife and so much more! Enjoy perusing the site and discovering the hidden treasures within.  Doom Wad Station IS the most complete site of it's kind. Enjoy!










this week in doom is my attempt at keeping you abreast of all the goings  on in the DOOM community and, as you will notice, a busy community it is. It's difficult to believe that after 20 years this game's community is still as active as it is but, of course, ID Software has helped by releasing Doom 3 10 years ago (or thereabouts) and is now in the process of the new DOOM game (sometime in 2015?). Can't wait  to see the beta shareware, or whatever it's  going to be.....



     So, this week was a complete bust on the archives. there were no new Doom maps uploaded and only one Doom 2 map and that was a complete waste of time and effort. It is a map called 64.wad and is (apparently) 32 pointless maps only 64x64 which means you get a room big enough to move around in and hit a switch. That's it. So, beyond that, there will be no other mention of it but if you feel this need to completely waste your time - you can find it in doom2/megawads


P.S. All of the maps are direct linked in my personal back up of the archives along with GOD KNOWS how many others for Doom, Doom2, Doom3, ROE, Wolfenstein 3D, Castle Wolfenstein, Duke 3d, Strife, Hexen, Heretic and more here



Over on the Doomworld forums I came across this little tidbit - The release of a public beta of a map called Impure Offering. This particular wad uses the Community Chest 4 texture wad as well as needing to be launched with -complevel9 - you can find out more about how to do that here.


Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and that you may run into stuff that isn't quite finished yet.

Here's a screenie that the author posted.



Looking pretty sweet, there. Keep up the good work!  P.S. - in case you didn't get it - this is a PRBOOM+ map



     over at One Man Blogspot I found this single review for this week for a mapset called

Back to Saturn X E2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks.



From the review:


It's been a little more than a year and a half, so it's about time that we saw the Back to Saturn X Episode II beta. BTSXstarted out as a single megaWAD, but an abundance of contributors caused an internal split into what eventually became three "episode" megaWADs. Get Out of My Stations, the "shareware" episode, made its public debut at the tail end of 2012. It got a lot of flak for its techbase stylings, but it's one of my favorite releases of the 2013 season for its impeccable visuals and light speed gameplay. Tower in the Fountain of Sparks looks to be one of the top releases of 2014, and for good reason.


So head on over there and check  it out!


Over at the Doomsday Engine
Build 1357 was released this week. "unstable"

There are downloads for:


OSX 10.8

Ubuntu 14.04 (32 and 64 bit)

Also, you can get the source code



Ending a VERY disappointing week in the community, we have ONE playthrough

by Brutal Video Vault



By: Brutal Video Vault
By: Brutal Video VaultDoom WAD Playthrough - Cinnamon Cherry Base, MAP03


Maybe next week will be better. As you can see - not a whole lot going on in the Community this week.





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