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Doom Wad Station IS Doom! This site is dedicated to Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3 and focuses on the reviews and downloads that you are looking for. It's main focus is and always will be the Doom franchise. Now in it's 16th year, the site has seen many changes from it's humble, original beginnings, as Bob's Doom and Doom 2 site. It will continue to evolve with the ID Software community but it's main focus will remain - the DOOM franchise! Here, you will find Doom map reviews, Doom 2 map reviews, Doom 3 map reviews, total conversions and wads and maps for Doom, Doom II and Doom3. You will also find tons of maps for Wolfenstein 3d,  Castle Wolfenstein, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 and Quake 4 as well as Hexen, Hexen2, Heretic, Duke Nukem 3d, Strife and so much more! Enjoy perusing the site and discovering the hidden treasures within.  Doom Wad Station IS the most complete site of it's kind. Enjoy!










this week in doom is my attempt at keeping you abreast of all the goings  on in the DOOM community and, as you will notice, a busy community it is. It's difficult to believe that after 20 years this game's community is still as active as it is but, of course, ID Software has helped by releasing Doom 3 10 years ago (or thereabouts) and is now in the process of the new DOOM game (sometime in 2015?). Can't wait  to see the beta shareware, or whatever it's  going to be.....



     Originally, I had intended to not have any TWID Chronicles this week but then I thought about attempting to do two weeks worth of work in one night to get these out on time NEXT week, so I changed my mind. Ultimately, what you get is the Labor Day Weekend, Early edition of the TWID Chronicles because I'm gone till Monday Some time and won't have the ability to be near my computer to get this done. So, with that in mind, take a gander at the Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3 Goodness that the community has given us this week (so far).


P.S. All of these maps are direct linked in my personal back up of the archives along with GOD KNOWS how many others for Doom, Doom2, Doom3, ROE, Wolfenstein 3D, Castle Wolfenstein, Duke 3d, Strife, Hexen, Heretic and more here

     There were only three new maps on the arc hives in this abbreviated week, but there was plenty of other stuff going on as well..... So we begin  with - a couple new WIP updates on the Zdoom  forums.

If you want to play some of these maps - you're going to need Skulltag, Zandronum and PRBOOM Plus.



I found this by accident over on Sourceforge: The Doomsday Engine updated a couple of days ago with a new version. If your interested - go check it out.



A portable game engine for classic first person shooters such as DOOM, Heretic and Hexen. Lets you enjoy the original games using modern technology, including high-resolution OpenGL graphics, 3D models, and dynamic lighting effects.





     Over on the Zdoom forums,  I came across this WIP.


TGRDM3 - A Deathmatch Project


Description :

 Last note from author:
Here is a testing build that contains the entire TGRDM3 build as-is. The only maps that are
playable is only 'map04' (Abandoned Misery). With this build, Abandoned Misery now contains weapon
placements, which now users are now able to play the map. Feel free to play around and send


download link  


Just drag and drop onto the port and off you go!


Also, over on the zdoom forums, I found this updated WIP


Alkylation Episode 3: Negenthropy


I'll be damned if I can remember where I found this - maybe the Doomworld forums, but definitely looks like it might be worth checking out.....


Download Link:

Note from author:
This is my last project: Alkylation Episode 3: Negenthropy

5 new levels for Zdoom, with new monsters and textures.

It just needs some beta-testing.


So - you know - download it, hit up the author and provide some feedback. :-)




Over on One Man Doom, I saw that he reviewed a new map:


Chaos, Uprising (RSLCHAOS.PK3)

It's time to settle down, and where would any weary inter-dimensional traveler rest his or her laurels but at Parthoris? Once Corvus slew the serpent rider and fixed that business with the insane Seraph, trouble was all but forgotten, and technology and magic was free to advance with the inexorable march of time. That's why "The Newcomer" picked the Sidhe homeworld, anyway. Pity that all good things must come to an end. After only a couple years of retirement, a horrible plague engineered by the rejuvenated Serpent Cult grips Parthoris, and your happy ass is the only
one that can stop them.



Over at Mod Database I came across a Doom 3 map WIP......
It's called Chaos Doom III mod and you can get all the info on it here

Preface >>> This is in direct replacement of the eldar d3hell & d3chaos modules that had ultimately ended as a failure where the last version was then d3chaosV0.4test . . . Thisis a totally new & yet related effort in its place now up to this test version 0.2 +

There is a download which you can get from the link. Be sure to check it out. Good to see that the Doom 3 modding community is alive and kicking!

Here's a screeny to whet your appetite!




Over at Strategy Informer I found this little tidbit - a Doom3 map called

Primzone 2 (remake) - which is really weird since I can't find one by that name anywhere - but here's a link to this one on my site: Download


Which, of course can be found in the idgames section under Doom3/p-r


You can get more info on this map here





I only discovered one new playthrough on youtube (through reddit /r/doom


It was done by Cyberdemon531 and is called

Doom 2: Flashback to Hell MAP13: "Where Sinners Burn" UV Speed in 3:40


And - last but certainly not least - the 3 maps released this week.

Title : Bloody Steel
Filename : BLDSTLP1.wad
Release date : 30.12.2013
Author : Big Memka
Email Address :
Other Files By Authors : Temple of speder, My litle monster, 64grid map, maps fo Whitemar2

Description :

10 level's wad for boom.The action takes place in the modern world of alternative

Large multinational corporation, known as UAC, conducts secret research in the field
of moving through space and time, in the industrial area of a huge steel plant. One fine
sunny morning, an emergency situation occurs, causing the whole area to be infected with a
deadly virus, the entire staff dies, and demonic hordes appeared from nowhere. Fortunately,
our hero has been away on some business with his work, and he hasn't been exposed to that

At this point, he just came back, and he was covered with echoes of that cataclysm
that happened so untimely. He lost his consciousness and when he awoke, he realized that
he was on a small island in the middle of acid puddles, in a garbage pit. It is necessary
to enter the territory of metallurgical factory "Red Cacodemon " before sunset, and to
find out, what exactly happened there.

To play Bloody Steel, use this command line
(in prboom-plus):
-iwad doom2.wad -file BLDSTLP1.wad -complevel 9

link to Doom2/ports/a-c

link to file



Title : The Icon Of Sin's Lair


Advanced engine needed : Skulltag and Zandronum (Skulltag_Actors And
Primary purpose : Single play
Filename : SinEnhan.Zip
Release date : August 24th, 2014
Author : Omegalore
Email Address :
Other Files By Author : SRFINAL, SRREDO, SinHFix, Pinky, And Cortech
Misc. Author Info : Doing my very best to make great wads. So far I

Description : This is basically a enhanced remake of the
successful Icon Of Sin's Hideout. It may have
been successful, but it still had some problems.
mainly the exit door. One of the pegs was not
sticking out. I tried to make this ZDoom
compatible, but for some odd reason when I got to
the map, it crashes. I don't know why. Bugger.

Same story and plot from previous. I also
included my (Real) first wad I made. I know there
was a wad that said my first wad. It's not. I
forgot to edit that part on the readme :P Fair
warning, first wad maybe a recipe for disaster.
Most first timer wads are like that. Also, look
for a hidden easter egg I couldn't resist putting

Link to Doom2/ports/s-u


Oddly enough, I was completely unable to start this up in Zanondrum - I kept receiving a decorate error. However, it started and ran just fine in skulltage - go figure. Anyway, check out the screenie.


Title :
Filename : village.wad
Release date : 24/08/2014
Author : jameson2_fr
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : french

Description : two old level for zdoom gzdoom

* What is included *

New levels : map01 map02
Sounds : no
Music : No
Graphics : No
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No
Demos : No
Other : No
Other files required : None

link to section Doom2/ports/v-z





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