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If this is your first time visiting this weekly chronicle, welcome. If not - I hope you like (and enjoy) some of the changes I've made to the page to make it easier to find the content you're looking for as well as the aesthetic changes to make the page more palatable. There have been changes to the look and feel, navigation, etc.... If you have any feedback on it or would like to suggest any further changes - you can use the email ink above.



As I have been doing for the majority of the history of Doom's existence, I will continue to bring you new doom wads, new reviews, updated news and much more. This particular page is my modest attempt to keep you abreast of all the current goings on in the Doom community - new Doom wads, new Doom 3 maps, updates on projects, Doom engines and more. And, don't forget - pretty soon, we'll be able to celebrate the release of Doom (2016). Enjoy and Keep on Dooming!



DOOM 4 (AKA Doom 2016) (Finally)


Big news for all Doom fans as Doom 4 has finally hit the market! Personally, I haven't had the chance to play it, minus one death during the beta as I tried to see what it looked like, despite my graphics card being nowhere near the requirement, heh, but I've been doing some research and from what I hear, while it ain't perfect, it is a Hell of a lot of fun. There seems to be a lot of content, from a good collection of guns to some really awesome mods for them; from a nice roster of somewhat familiar enemies and the tactical situations they present to new, gory ways to rip your way through Hell and back!

With beautiful-looking levels and more gore than you can shake a stick at, then be subsequently beaten with said stick... at, Doom 4 looks to be a Hell of a lot of fun to explore. I hear there are some random, untelegraphed times when you'll get locked out of previous areas, and later levels involve less exploration and get more linear, but that's no reason to give up the ghost on something made so well as there are still many nice, secret little areas to explore.

The gameplay of the new Doom seems to be very fast-paced, with not only the player able to move fast, but with the monsters able to keep up with the player! I have seen a couple funny videos of players trying to run from the monsters, only to turn around and see them still right on their ass! Looks like fun! The glory kills seem to be somewhat tactically useful, in addition to nasty, and the guns look like a pleasure to shoot!


Note from Bob.


I HAVE had an opportunity to play - on both the PC and PS4. My PC isn't really ready yet. I just ordered a a 2 gb PCIe gpu and am getting a more powerful power supply as well to keep it happy. :-)

The game is pretty damn good. Very fast paced. The AI is awesome. Nice levels - lots to do. Lots of secrets. I'm not a fan of hunting through empty levels for secrets though so that kind of turns me off but it's not enough to stop me from playing. :-)

I also don't like the infinite ammo or the fact that killing things gives you health (Glory kills give you more health). My son, however, does like that, so it's all very much what you enjoy.

The environments are rich and gorgeous - hands down. One of the nicer looking games you're going to come across and if you can unlock the "classic" maps - AWESOME SAUCE! lol



One last thought from me - a bitch really and I hope Bethesda and ID Software are paying attention. The MAIN thing that has kept Doom alive for all these years is the modding community. Without it,  Doom would have been deader than a zombie in the Walking Dead a LONG time ago. So what did you go an do, Bethesda/IDsoftware? You ruined it. Snapmap is nice and all but limited and the maps can ONLY be accessed through STEAM. What kind of bullshit is that? How come people can't save these wherever the hell they want and make them available for download? I'm going to enjoy playing this but you guys have GOT to fix this, otherwise, Doom 2016 or whatever you want to call it will be forgotten in like, 6 months.




Anyway - enough of my rambling. Lots to get to this week and Vinny had lots to say so here we go.........




There are many reviews popping up online, but one review I really liked was on DoomWorld by member dubu gabu maru:

"Finished the second level on Ultra-Violence. Playing on PC. I'll write my thoughts out down below.

Doom 2016 knows what made classic Doom fun.

This is probably the highest praise I can heap upon the game. Like everyone else, I was extremely skeptical of the game since the reveal trailer, mainly because old franchises have immense difficulty jumping generational gaps. I enjoyed Doom 3 for what it was, but it tackled the Doom formula from the horror perspective, slowing gameplay down and drastically reducing monster quantity. Since the start of the new Doom's unveiling, it felt like id looked at brutal Doom and concluded "so [u]this[/u] is what people want!" While it's true to an extent (namely in the finishers), the new Doom captures and emphasizes something that Brutal Doom (IMO) forgot about:


The opening cutscene lasts for like 20 seconds, and then you're onto shooting guys. Twenty seconds! That's an insanely brief time for modern shooters nowadays, especially considering that the opening logo parade goes on for about as long (or longer). A few minutes later you're thrust into an arena, circle strafing imps that are clambering up walls and whipping fireballs a hair's breadth from your face. Both the pace of the game and the combat itself is astoundingly fast for a modern shooter, which is a phenomenal blessing since it keeps the new Doom from feeling like other FPSs and more like... regular ol' Doom.

"Or maybe Valiant would be a more apt comparison. While you'll routinely engage enemies in hallways and small rooms, most of the big battles take place in spacious arenas that emphasize player mobility. Thus far the game hasn't asked me to apply any tactical prowess (your best option is always "shoot demons 'til they're dead"), but it demands a speedy reflex and a retention of enemy type and number. I cannot describe how satisfying the combat is, as its frenetic pace means you have little time to appreciate impromptu genius (like shooting an explosive barrel to decimate a nearby imp) before more enemies are breathing down your neck. The alternate fire modules to each weapon also seem promising, as they change how you approach groups of enemies (though I will never stop enjoying blowing myself up with the shotgun alt fire). There's no cover camping or relaxing encounters present thus far; you move or you die.

"Speaking of dying, a good way
not to die is to use the melee finisher, which is a mechanic I've been learning to appreciate. On the surface it seems like a pointless and tawdry appeal to an adolescent's macabre fantasies, and while I certainly can't defend against that accusation, it works well as a gameplay mechanic, always keeping you on the offensive. Like in old Doom you can scrounge around an unexplored area for stray health packs, or you can hop right along to the next encounter if you so wish, keeping the flow of combat at a brisk pace. The melee mechanic allows enemies to do high damage to the player since there's always a constant chance to replenish, and most of the animations last like, what, 0.5 seconds? At worst it disorients you for a bit, but it usually grants you a brief reprieve so you can think about changing weapons or lobbing a grenade as soon as you're back in control. Honestly the only time they feel unnecessary is during the Berserk power-up, since it stops me from ripping & tearing as much as I'd like to.

"Levels have been good so far too. There's no escaping the "sameyness" that plagued Doom 3 unfortunately, as most of the interiors look like generic interiors, and the dusty surface of Mars looks exactly like you'd imagine, but at least everything looks sharp. There's a lot of verticality in each area with plenty of goodies scattered about. No significantly robust branching paths or anything, but [i]man[/i] did this game make sure to throw in plenty of secret areas. For reference, here is the map to level 2.




I never reached the area at the very bottom, nor the top layer of the top section (you can see the map has 8 secret areas, denoted by the question marks). Also, I actually found a hidden weapon in one of the secrets, which was a pleasant surprise. Of course secret hunting is [b]vastly[/b] different in 3D than it is in 2D (it's mostly about spotting a vent or cranny rather than any kind of puzzle), but it's nevertheless an appreciated addition to the game.

"Last thing I'll mention is that I suppose the aesthetic will be a mixed bag for some people. The original Doom [i]is[/i] a cartoony and wild place compared to this one, but it's not like this game is trying its damnedest to be "cool" or "edgy" either. At one point someone says to you "we exploited Hell's resources because it was in our best interest to do so." That is a dumb, [b]dumb[/b] line, and the developers had to have know this. The gore doesn't come across as torture porn but rather something profusely silly—like cutting men in half and stealing their spines in Metal Gear Rising—and the frequent use of bright greens and reds at least keeps the game from getting as dark and dismal as Doom 3 became. Doom 2016 is kinda like the wet dream of what a 13 year old imagined Doom would become in 20 years, stupidity and all.

"From what I've played, this is honestly the best case scenario for a modern Doom. Rather than try and cobble together different aspects from different FPSs in a hamfisted way (*coughDukeNukemForevercough*), Doom 2016 seems to buck the trend by getting rid of reloading, sprinting, regenerating shields, aim down sights, and cover-based gameplay—all it wants is the player to be agile and quick on the draw. It won't appeal to everyone, but I'm certainly looking forward to playing more."

That's a pretty high praise and very well put; certainly much better than I could do!

The multiplayer seems to be a mixed bag to some, while SnapMap offers little to accomodate the SP experience, which is a shame, but give it time and it'll get better!

All-in-all, Doom 4 sounds like it's a blast to play! Perhaps it won't be enough for some of us to spring to the stores, upgrade our computers and buy the game at full price, but it sounds like if you did, you didn't make a bad call. I really look forward to my chance to play this game!




Doom Wad Station Contest 1: Doom Funnies

The contest has begun!

Doom Wad Station will begin hosting contests from time to time starting with this one.

Note that all entries will be considered for a place in the "This Week in Doom" article each week. Our goal is to have one featured each week for as long as we can keep it up.

Contest 1: Doom Funnies

Submit drawings of your own work that is Doom-related and funny. Entries can be anything from a sketch to a portrait, one panel to a strip. Computer-art is okay. Can have captions drawn into the picture.

The Rules

[1]Submissions must be of your own work! Submitting anything found to not be your own will disqualify you from any future tournaments we hold. The one exception is if you submit something for another and explicitly state that it is that person's work, in which case the prize would be theirs to claim.

[2]All submissions made are under the expressed agreement that they can be featured in an article at my discretion. Credit will of course be given. For this reason, we ask that you obtain an author's permission to post their work here before doing so.

[3]Limit of two (2) entries per person, though you can feel free to post others in this thread if you are okay with them possibly being featured in an article, once again at my discretion.

[4]The theme for this is Doom; drawings must relate to it, though the drawings can involve other things.

[5]Submissions should be drawn, though I will accept other forms of art.

[6]Submissions can be new or old pieces of work; age is no issue..

[7]Submissions can have a small caption drawn into the picture.

[8]Submissions will be graded in multiple categories, which will be weighted and averaged together to form a final score. The scoring system is as follows: 50% comedy (how funny it is), 20% art(the quality of the art), 15% simplicity (how easily it gets the point across using the least amount of panels/text/etc. Detail will not be punished, being instead rewarded in the "art" category), and 15% how much it relates to Doom.

[9]Winners will be chosen through two means: Bob/myself and votes. The results of these two categories will be meshed together to give us our winners.
[10]The authors of the top two ranking entries will receive prizes: (US dollars) $50 value for 1st and $50 for 2nd.
[11]Prizes will be an online commodity agreed upon by the winner and myself.
[12]Contest will run from May 14 12:00 AM to May 28 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time)

Prizes will be given in the form of Steam/GOG/iTunes/etc. gifts, a donation it to your favorite charity, or a commission for a free MIDI from Jimmy*! Forming a special partnership with Jimmy, I will be offering an increased prize value if the winner goes with Jimmy's services, totaling $60 instead of $50. *[I]Note that this covers only up to that point; if you order an $80 MIDI you will be expected to pay the remaining $20.[/I] The winner will be PM'd and will choose how he/she wants to receive his/her prize. If the winner is in the US, a universal gift card is also an option.

Thanks in advance to everyone and Good Luck!


Submission thread:



Let's jump on over to /idgames!







First on the list of an astounding 20 wads uploaded to /idgames the last two weeks is a mod called "AI Enhancements: A Decorate Experiment" by Chaosvolt; find it here:
This mod is made for zDoom 2.8.1 and runs with Doom 2. It makes tons of slight gameplay tweaks that winds up being pretty fun; give it a shot!


Second up is a totally serious wad called "Cute Demon Butt Collection" by Zalewa, which can be found here:

This wad was made for Vanilla Doom 2.
This was actually a lot less bad than I thought it would be. A jokewad, for sure, and the first couple rooms really don't create a feeling of anticipation for a nice-looking level up ahead, but it had a couple fun encounters and the joke of it was decently funny after the second or third monster on "display." Scattered around the map were pictures of the backsides of several demons and for once in my life I can legitimately say that there was a point where I was seeking more pixelated ass-goodness. Also, the music was good. Give it a shot.


Our third wad this article is called "Rumble in the Office" by Carlos Lastra and can be found here:

This wad runs in zDoom under the Ultimate Doom iWad.

I liked this wad. Now, granted, the starting room looked like a cheap ripoff of do-it, but when you load it up, ignore that room. Give it a few rooms and you'll start to see some decent-looking architecture and rooms... for vanilla. To be honest, as I played the wad I forgot it was zDoom-compatible and looked at it as a somewhat impressive vanilla map, but after remembering it was a zDoom map I just gotta call this another one of those "should've been made for a different port" wads. As a zDoom map I just lack the ability to look at it as impressive, as I did when considering it to be made under stricter limitations. Still, don't let my failings turn you away from this map, it was pretty fun and did have some good aesthetics to it; I really liked the lighting in a few parts as well. Give it a go when you can.


Next up is a mod called "Doom 3 Player Sounds" by Mr. Chris; found here:

This mod replaces player sounds, the chainsaw spark sound (which seems a bad idea to me, but hey, to each their own), and the keyed door use attempt sound. Cool stuff; give it a download.


Sixth is "Somewhere in Time" by Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori;" find it here:

This 16-map megawad runs in Chocolate Doom under the Doom 2 iWad.

Now this was an impressive map set! Very reminescent of FranckFRAG's work mixed with "Vispire" from valkiriforce. Each map was fairly small and quick, which was cool. They also had a fairly logical progression in terms of both gameplay and aesthetics as the megawad progressed. I highly recommend this one!


After that is a wad called "Operation UAC - Chapter 1" by Chezza, which can be found

This 9-level wad runs with Brutal Doom v20b in Zandronum, under the Doom 2 iWad.

This was a very fun wad! Chezza did an excellent job with everything, from the realistic-looking visuals to even some scripted events, such as walking by and seeing a fellow marine torn apart in front of you, or some turret revs appearing with dead body ready-to-throw in-hand. This wad was meant to run with Brutal Doom and it shows! I really didn't feel like remapping my controls to suit the Modern class, so I tried this with the Classic one and it still felt pretty good. There were more than a few custom enemies in here, some of which felt out of place, being unable to gib quite the same way as the normal enemies under the Brutal mod, but I really liked the use of the StarWars-esk sewer monster (and friend), as well as the tribute to Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire with the first mini-boss fight and Heretic with the final boss. This is one of those few "advanced source port wads done right." Download it right away!



Next is a two-map set called "Tyson's Delight" by Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri and can be found here:

These two maps run in any limit-removing port with the Doom 2 iWad.

While the name suggests a Tyson map set, only the first map really is one. To be honest, I found the first to be a little boring and was a little upset when the second starts you off with a berserk pack, only to walk out and see shotgunners and a RL up top. But those are about my only two gripes; Walter has a minimalist style that turns out well. Give this map set a shot when you can.



Next up on the list is a utility called "DMTXLS: DooM TeXtures LiSter v2.0" by Frans P. de Vries. Find it here:

This cool little utility is a command-line utility on Unix and Windows that creates cross-reference lists of all textures and flats used in a level and displays them in a couple different ways, to aide with mappers' needs. It works with the Doom and Heretic iWads and was derived from DMPSMU/DMPSMAP, which in turn was derived from DEU. This is a cool and useful utility, especially when skimming off extra resources in resource packs with over a thousand textures/flats at the end of map development. Download this today!



Tenth is "Baal Hadad" by Gran-D-Knight; found here:

This 4-map wad runs in Boom-compatible ports under the Doom 2 iWad.

These maps were fairly short and quick. They weren't too hard, but in my rush I ran into a couple tricky spots, though perhaps I could have simply handled things better. The maps were fairly nice looking and a couple of them left me wishing they were a bit longer, which is a good thing. Give this 4-map set a try.


Following that is another utility by by Frans P. de Vries; "DMPSMU: DooM PostScript Maps Utility v3.0" can be found here:

This interactive utility on Unix and Windows allows mappers to create postscript maps of levels in the Dooms and Heretics. It seems to boil down to printer-friendly versions of maps with complete control over what things get printed, multiple pages and how they are laid out, display of secret sectors, and faint lines to link teleports with their exits. This is a cool utility! Get it now!


Next is a DM map who's primary purpose is "Single Play," heh. "Chaos," by Adam Goldman, can be found here:

This map was tested in Doom Builder 2 for the Doom game. Thankfully the author has everything ironed out for us so we don't need to figure anything out...

Meh; it's fairly bland and I'm really not sure how fun a DM would be on it, but if you're a whimsical DM'er like me, you might as well grab a frag on it :)


Up next is a wad called "Retribution" Part I" by Fenes Octavian - Romulus (DooM_RO), which can be found here:

This Boom-compatible map runs un the E2M8 mapslot of the Ultimate Doom iWad.

This was a big map; cool map, too. Weighing in at over 700 monsters this thing is intimidating just upon load-up. Speaking of the beginning, I really, really liked the way this map began, minus the one bull that really should've been anything else; I skipped him without a second thought. But the map begins with the player exploring many rooms that are totally empty; devoid of monsters. It made for a very creepy beginning, which I really appreciated. Unfortunately I do not have the time for maps this size, so I had to start running through everything, skipping as many enemies as possible in an attempt to finish. The map itself was pretty darn big and fairly confusing at first, though that just made it more of a pleasure to explore, though a few areas were large and bare. I highly recommend this to any Ultimate Doom fan!


Next is "UAC computer centre." by John Cartwright; find it here:

To my knowledge, this is a picture of the author ;p

This Boom-compatible map runs in the E4M1 mapslot of the Ultimate Doom iWad.

While not the purdiest map out there, it was pretty atmospheric; this was a cool wad. Cartwright has been around a long time and his experience shows with this map, done in "the old style." Fairly big at over 500 monsters, but there were a lot of shotgunners/imps and more than a few were packed closely together or at least in mobs, so a lot of it went fairly quickly. I liked this wad; you will too. Download it today.


Next is "The Vile Keep (version 1.2)" by Chaosvolt and can be found here:

This map runs in zDoom 2.8.1 under the Doom 2 iWad.

This was a pretty cool map, centering around many towers scattered across the map, each containing an Arch-Vile, unable to be killed through any means other than what I can only describe as an "off" switch, as the towers all are initially inactive, activating when you reach a certain point. While the first couple are a bit surprising, once you get that this is the theme of the map, it becomes a fun run through the complex, constantly killing your way forward while evading and shutting down these Vile towers. I liked the look of the map as well, though for zDoom it prolly could have looked better. This is definitely worth a download.


Sixteenth is a "COD ray Gun" resource wad by Sgt Ender, aka Enderkevin13; found here:

This thing uses TrueColor so the author recommends ports that support it, like GzDoom. It functions as a fairly weak rail gun. Not a bad gun, but not really my cup of tea.


After that is a wad descriptively called "Courtyard" by HUGEkidsY2K; find it here:

This wad was tested in Doom Builder 2 under the Doom 2 iWad. Make of that what you will.

This wad wasn't bad; had a few decent traps thrown in, but the detailing was kinda meh. Still, made for a fun run :)


Eighteenth is a map called "Azurexia" by Serge Haikin, which can be found here:

This wad runs in zDoom under the E1M2 mapslot of the Ultimate Doom iWad.

This was a pretty fun map; no need for it to be zDoom, but fun nonetheless. I liked the layout of it; give it a shot.


Our second-to-last wad this article is called "CyberShield (PWAD Version)" by XCVG and can be found here:

This TC come packaged with GzDoom and runs in any Doom iWad.

Wow; what a fun game! This TC is basically all about you defending your tower in the center of what is basically an arena from waves of incoming baddies. It strikes me as an early release, more like a beta than a full-fledged game, but for an hour's worth of diversion, it was pretty fun. Well made, too. Definitely give this one a download!


The twentieth and final wad on the list is "IGTH" by yaqxsw; found here:

This wad rus in zDoom under the Doom 2 iWad.

If I had to characterize this wad, I'd say rooms made up of massively-monotextured walls, filled with so many enemies, the word "bonkers" cannot fully convey its depth. Play this if you like wads that look like someone made them in 10 minutes, yet cost hours of your time to beat. Still, the shear volume of enemies is always a fun sight to see.
An absolutely astounding 20 wads over the last two weeks






Speedrunning news and videos


DoomWorld member Revved put out a small collection of demos for "Rebirth" and they're pretty cool! Included is a D2ALL UV Max in 1:52:45, as well as an E1 UV Max at 23:47 and a MAP30 UV Max at 1:03. Really great times and really cool demos to watch! Congrats on making these things, Revved, and great job!

Find the demos on the Rebirth demos thread here:


I'd like to again mention the awesome collection of Perdition's Gate demos released by 4shockblast because there is so much material there and so many are just fantastic runs! With over 334 demos totalling over 20 hours of gameplay, there is enough here to keep any Doomer entertained for weeks! From what I've watched so far, these demos are just fantastic and some are pretty mind-blowing. I highly recommend that everyone watch these things! BINGE MORE!

Check out these awesome demos here:

Awesome job on these demos to all involved!





NEWS from around the Web


New Skillsaw Megawad: Ancient Aliens


Skillsaw and a team of many talented people, including AD_79, esselfortium, Joshy, lupinx-Kassman, Pinchy, stewboy, Tarnsman, Altazimuth and dew, have been working on a megawad called "Ancient Aliens" that is a thing of beauty!

"Ancient Aliens" is a Boom-compatible 32-map megawad for the Doom 2 iWad.

This megawad is a thing of shear beauty; truly Cacowad material and I guarentee this will be a top contender this year! I could go on for days about every little thing in this megawad that I liked, but the best thing for you to do is simply download it right now and play it yourself.

I loved how everything was done on such a grand scale; the detailing was just phenominal. Thematically, this wad revolved around the TV show, "Ancient Aliens" and started and ended in a little building with a peace pipe, heh. Though the twist at the end was pretty darn funny. For the levels themselves, many looked like ancient cities that were surprisingly well-maintained and inhabited by both Doom enemies, some resprited to look like demonic aliens, and a couple new guys, too. The levels were varried in their settings though, one map looked like a city in the sky, another like ancient ruins covered in snow, and many more settings that can only be described as "abstract works of beauty." As I said, the detailing was mind-blowingly awesome; definitely one of the most beautiful map sets I've ever played.

The gameplay of this megawad was just as interesting as both the concept and the detailing, with plenty of varried and well-built scenarios. You can tell the quality testing that was done to ensure this wads fun factor was at least a solid 9, if not a 10. I loved the fact that most maps presented the player with a berserk pack early on, too. This awesome wad is also receiving many Streams and demos; I highly recommend looking them up! But first, head on over to the thread and download this Cacoward-material right NOW!

Great job to all involved in this awesome project!


Note from Bob.

I want to thank Vinny for forgetting to include a link to anything having to do with this and forcing me to go find it. I guess he wanted to test my detective skills. lol j/k

Here's a link to the Doomworld forum thread


AD_79 has put out a new wad called "AD_2048."

This map runs in PRBoom+ -complevel 9 under the Doom 2 iWad and uses the retres texture pack.

Given that it uses the retres resources, you can safely guess it looks a lot like Eternal, except with AD at the helm. Given AD's experience and skill at making maps, this is a beautifullu crafted map that will bring memories back of playing Eternal: all the switch-hunting and almost b/s puzzles, with curse words included. This was of course exacerbated by an imposing (but great) use of a cyber fairly eary in the map. This is one of those maps that is simply a must-play! Download it today!

Check the thread here:


"Transfiguration" is a limit-removing map released by DoomWorld member vdgg.

This wad runs in PrBoom+ as well as Crispy Doom under the Doom 2 iWad.

This was a really cool, open-feeling wad. Very few cramped spaces; indeed, some areas felt a little big, which was a good thing as that gives the player plenty of room to move. A lot of monsters in the beginning could be skipped as a result, but this map does have you revisit a central hub a couple times, giving monsters you've skipped a chance to get back at you. The central hub underwent a change a little over halfway through the map, which was pretty cool as well and towards the end there was a really cool faux-3D tower. The monster opposition became progressively tougher as the map went on and there were a few tricky spots, though the map was pretty easy as a whole; some cool traps scattered throughout as well. Detailing was very nicely done. I applaud vdgg on his work with this map, it was very cool and very fun to play.

Find its thread here:


"Toilet of the Gods" has received a second map! Author Benjogami just couldn't leave the project alone and now we all have to pay the price in demon's blood, measured in cubic meters.

"Toilet of the Gods" is a Boom-compatible mapset that runs under the Doom 2 iWad.

For those who remember the first level: this is similar, but with less platforming. For those that don't, these two maps are slaughtermaps which pit you against typically hundreds of monsters per encounter. These two maps look awesome, too, with their very surreal and grand scenes. I loved the first and adored the second; you will too. Give these two sweet maps a run today!

Go to it's thread here to download it:


"The Id's RPG series" is several RPG's that are being made for "Doom 2," "Wolfenstein," and "Orcs and Elves DS version" by Erick194 and brother Gerardo194. They have TONS of screenshots posted on their DoomWorld thread page and each is more impressive than the last! I highly recommend clicking this link for some intense visual candy, just be warned that there are over 60 pictures on the other side of that link... ;D

The massively beautiful collage of pictures thread:


DoomWorld member rdwpa released a map titled "Blank Space" that looks nice and has been getting some good reviews!

This map runs in PrBoom+ -complevel 9 under the Doom 2 iWad.

This is a fun, medium-sized map which reminds me faintly of a level in Sunlust. The detailing looks great and the layout gives the player plenty of space to roam, while also providing little cover. Being from rdwpa, the encounters are tough, but fun. Give this fun map a try right away!

Find its thread here:


And finally, DoomWorld member Memfis released a new map titled "Lebanon Connection," which can only mean that the Doomguy is the Lebanese version of Bruce Lee... I think.

This map runs in -complevel 2 under the Doom 2 iWad.

Memfis termed this as a quirkly little map and I'd have to agree with him, lol. While starting off fairly normal, this map takes a turn for the funny with its key situation. I liked the gameplay of this map and Memfis's style of detailing. Give this map a go!

Head on over to its thread here:


Wildweasel's "'(File)Size Matters' 64K Competition" thread on the zDoom forums has finally wrapped up and judging is now underway as wildweasel puts out reviews for each of the 31 entries. With all the great entries to this contest, I wonder who the winner will be. All I know is it's some stiff competition and regardless of who wins, all participants did a great job! Good luck to all who submitted entries!

Check the thread out here:


Normally I wouldn't pimp (wording change by Bob) the same wad two weeks in a row, but "Journey Into Fear" on the Zand forums has received another new update, this time buffing the barbarian, finishing some NPCs, and adding two new quests, in addition to adding a new map! Snowy and foggy; looks pretty damned cool! Head on over to the Zand forums and check it out right away!

See the progress here:


One Man Doom has 4 new reviews posted up! As the pattern continues to unfold, Chris Hansen is the author of 3 of the 4 featured wads.

Up first is "UAC Nukage Processing Area" by Christian Hansen. This map is a MAP18 replacement for the Plutonia iWad. Read KMX's great review here:

Next is Chris Hansen's "Star Trek: Voyager: Antithesis," which is a MAP13 replacement for the TNT iWad. Check out KMX's sweet review here:

The topic of the third review is "InstaDoom" by Linguica, which was a hilarious mod which won a Mockaward in 2015. Head on over to One Man Doom and read KMX's thoughs here:

Lastly, KMX put up a review for Chris Hansen's "Fait Accompli," which is a MAP19 replacement for the Plutonia iWad. Read the full review here:


Wads in Progress has some progress to show for "Journey to Despair" by DoomLover234; check it out here:


A new version of the Doomlauncher (2.3.0) has been released! Tormentor667 details it in his front-page news feed on Realm667, check it out!


Great job on this hobomaster22!



DoomWorld member 38_ViTa_38 put out a TAS UV-Speed demo of TNT: Evilution in 22:59. It's good entertainment for any Doomer and a must-watch for any fan of that iWad! I really enjoyed watching this thing; great job here ViTa!

Check out the thread here:


ADDENDUM - Added May 22, 2016

Vinny hit me up with a little surprise to be added to this week's release of TWID.



Next, we have this n00b wad called "Nazi Attack" by Fever (Oldcpv3) and can be found here:

This three-map wad was made for Doom 2 and was tested with GzDoom and was horrible, but keep trying man!


Next is a wad called "Skeune" by Olroda, which can be found here:

This wad was made for the Doom 2 iWad and runs in Vanilla. I don't know if I should call this a joke wad or a puzzle wad; the puzzle aspect of it was cool, but the new enemy sounds were annoying clips reminescent of a bad jokewad. Still, that aside, this maps difficulty was in its puzzles, with a bit of whittling down from hitscanners as you go. It was actually pretty fun; tricky in a couple spots, but fun. Give it a shot.


Also added this week is "Nex Credo" by Jay X Townsend (Jayextee); find it here:

This 11-map wad was made for Vanilla under the Doom 2 iWad.

This was a really cool wad. Good amount of puzzles with a good amount of action. The second-to-last map involved some imposing cyber use combined with a couple puzzles, kinda like a small homage to "Cyberdreams," though there were other enemies around and more weaponry; just not enough for the cybers, lol. This wad involves frequent pistol use, particularly in the first few maps, but it was very well done and the maps progressed with the weaponry as well, so even if you absolutely hate the pistol, still definitely give this great vanilla wad a shot. I found it to be a lot of fun! These great 11 maps are defintely worth a download right now!

Now is a wad called "Zanko Miron!" by mafyoos, which can be found here:

This three-map wad was made for the Doom 2 iWad and says it requires no advanced port to run.
Another cool Vanilla wad! This wad wasn't that difficult and was basically just a down-and-dirty good Doom experience. Vanilla fans give this one a go.


The next wad is an awesome one; part four of a series revolving around maps without health. Yup, you guessed it, "Ammoniu--" I mean, "NH4" by TimeOfDeath has hit /idgames. Get it here:

This two-map wad runs in Vanilla under the Doom 2 iWad.

TimeOfDeath's "NHx" series has had some cool maps in the past and these two new ones do not disappoint! The concepts for these were based off of a remark from DoomWorld member Olroda, "Consider this: A hundred screaming revenants in an open, bright space against a player with the BFG9000 is less of a challenge than two revenants in a dark maze against a player with six shells left in his shotgun." Luckily the maps do not end there. Personally, I died more to the hundred than the two, but once you break out of the crowd the hundred becomes pretty easy. It's the cybers and AV's that follow that really get you, though ;D These two maps looked great and were a lot of fun to play; I highly recommend downloading and playing these two short maps right away!


And finally, our  final wad this week is called "Fort Tiamat" by Gran-D-Knight. Find it here:

This wad runs in any Boom-compatible port with the Doom 2 iWad. This short map wasn't all that great looking for the most part, but I did really like the room I took a screenshot of; that one was very well-done. The encounters were kinda meh, though, with stuff like barons appearing as turrets. Apparently this level wasn't made to be 100%'d by most, sane people. Still, fun for a quick diversion and at least there was one AV thrown in there; give it a shot.
An absolutely astounding 26 wads over the last three weeks; that's fantastic! Let's get over to the forums and see what we can turn up...







Doom 3/4 news


Doom 2016 got released. Duh!


In case you were wondering about System Requirements for Doom 4

Doom video game system requirements ( minimum )

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 or better / AMD FX-8320 or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (2GB or better / AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2GB or better
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 22 GB available space
Additional Notes: Open GL 4.5. Latest Graphics Drivers. 


Doom Reborn has received an update! Pre-Beta Version 1.5 is now out, which has added in a lot of new textures from Reinchard, new levels including E1M8b, and some other stuff! That sounds awesome! Download the newest version right away and start playing Doom 3 as it should have been: true to the original. Also keep in mind that the team is looking for good people to help set it free. Check out their site here:






That about wraps it up for this week. Once again, Vinny and I would like to thank YOU, the people who keep the community alive, for visiting this tiny corner of the internet and getting your news from Doom Wad Station. Mucho appreciado!

See you next week, same Doom time, Same Doom channel. If you have news - a wad, a new site, a youtube video you want to share, just email me and we'll get it into TWID.



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