this week in doom - week ending April 24, 2016 (doom date 22.8181)



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If this is your first time visiting this weekly chronicle, welcome. If not - I hope you like (and enjoy) some of the changes I've made to the page to make it easier to find the content you're looking for as well as the aesthetic changes to make the page more palatable. There have been changes to the look and feel, navigation, etc.... If you have any feedback on it or would like to suggest any further changes - you can use the email ink above.



As I have been doing for the majority of the history of Doom's existence, I will continue to bring you new doom wads, new reviews, updated news and much more. This particular page is my modest attempt to keep you abreast of all the current goings on in the Doom community - new Doom wads, new Doom 3 maps, updates on projects, Doom engines and more. And, don't forget - pretty soon, we'll be able to celebrate the release of Doom (2016). Enjoy and Keep on Dooming!



It's funny how a game like Doom can bring so many different types of people together from all over the world. People of many age groups all congregate on Doom forums, logging in from all corners of the globe. The diversity of the Doom community is a nice thing and it's awesome that we have so many talented members from so many different countries.

Let's go ahead and check out what
/idgames has to offer for the week!







Up first is a map called "Mario Kart 64's Block Fort REMADE" by TheSoldiersShadow; find it here:

This map runs in zDoom under the Doom 2 iWad.

The author states that this was a first map, and it looks like it, but for nostalgia reasons I kinda enjoyed it. Would have been nice if the author took the time to learn slopes (not even going to mention the fake 3D floors here-- oh wait ;p ). Still, kinda fun to pacifist through.


Our second wad this week is forcefully titled "MildDM" and was made by Born to be Mild, which can be found here:

The text file says this runs in any port, though tested only with zDoom and up, and it runs with the Doom 2 iWad. Personally, I thought it looked okay, though I do question how it would play in a DM, being that you can basically see everywhere at all times. Anyway, grab a friend and get to fragging :)


The last wad uploaded to /idgames this week is titled "'Fallen HQ' & 'The Terminal'" by Mario Augusto Puga Valera and can be found here:

These two maps run in zDoom with Doom 2 as the iWad.

These maps were okay; not great but not too bad. The gameplay was rediculously easy, though. But if you're looking for a nice, casual run through something new, this wouldn't be too bad a choice.

That's three more for the archives!  Enjoy!





Speedrunning news and videos


4shockblast has released the full Perdition's Gate demo pack! With over 334 demos totalling over 20 hours of gameplay, there is enough here to keep any Doomer entertained for weeks! From what I've watched so far, these demos are just fantastic and some are pretty mind-blowing. I highly recommend that everyone watch these things! BINGE ON DOOM

Check out these awesome demos here:

Great job on these demos to all involved!


This is a LONG one but hey, it's your dime:

Doom 2: Hell on Earth UV Max Speed Run World Record in 1:34:50







NEWS from around the Web


This wasn't in the original file sent to me by Vinny but I saw it today and had to add it to the news. John Romero released yet another map - this time for E1M4b. His Dropbox download for this is here:


Also available on DWS with THIS link.


In a related Note - Here is a Brutal Doom playthrough of E1M4b on youtube. Enjoy!




A quick check of the DoomWorld forums gives us a few gems this week!

Sergeant Mark IV released a new demo; mkivvehicledemoqfix.pk3 is a pk3 containing a short city-scape level and, more importantly, four vehicles... and they're all ours to play with! *commence evil laugh*

Click on the thumbnails to view the full size screenies.


Yes, now we can all live our Doom power-fantasies with heavy- and light-tanks, a helicopter, and even a mech! Rejoice as you crush the competition... literally! Cheer as your helicopter reaches the proverbial and literal glass ceiling that encompasses our very existence! Bellow from the highest buildingtops as you try to see how high you can get your mech to go! Laugh as you destroy the enemies pathetic shootable missiles! Yep, it's all here; give this one a go as soon as you can! I'd love to see some of these make it into wads in the near future! Find it here:


Death Egg released a short, Super Mario Land themed map called "Birabuto;" find it here:

This short map makes use of impassible lines, which some may not enjoy, but it's certainly worth a go, even if just for nostalgia reasons. Not a particularly hard map, but I just liked it anyway. Give it a go when you can! Run it in PrBoom+ -complevel 9 with the Doom 2 iWad.


Jimmy, author of "The Adventures of Square" iWad and maker of many musical midis, released a "collection of 32 random maps made... over the last 3 years or so" titled "Jiffy Bag."

Most of these maps should be familiar to fans of the Abyssal Speedmapping sessions, as 21 of them were made for just that. Some others include birthday maps, as well as a few other notable projects.

For those of you who are familiar with Jimmy's mapping style, you know what to expect. For those of you who aren't, you can expect some pretty sights and some absolutely beautiful contrasts while not being overly detailed. In addition all of these maps are fun to play and with each fitting differing themes, all bound solely by the mapper's style who made them, each will give you an interesting area to explore that feels different from others, while strangely still fitting together nicely. This is the type of thing I totally dig.

Gameplay on these beauties is consistently fun and the maps were arranged well to suit the gameplay of each map. I liked the different setups used throughout these maps and the occasional trap kept things interesting.

I highly recommend taking this grabbag-megawad for a spin, as it's a lot of fun to play! Jimmy is a great mapper and it's cool to see him put out a collection of some of his works all in one place. Give these a go right away and find them here:


Author Pedro VC released a beta of a new GzDoom map titled "Tenebrae."

This map requires the newest dev version of GzDoom to run and goes with the Doom 2 iWad.

This dark, dark, map was very atmospheric and beautifly detailed. I loved the changes to the weapons and the enemies. This wad definitely had the horror element down-pat as there were a few times that I was cowering in a corner, crying, just from a bull. One bull. That's not to say it was overly difficult or not fun, but I think that the feeling that any enemy could be the end for you was a really cool thing to have and made this very interesting to play. I highly recommend this wad to all Doomers! Download it and try it out asap! Find it here


Wildweasel's "'(File)Size Matters' 64K Competition" thread on the zDoom forums continues to heat up. There is still a little under a week to go for you to get your submissions in; so let's see what you can do!

Check the thread out here:


One Man Doom has 2 new reviews up! Continuing from last week's articles about Christian Hansen, this week's articles cover his next two maps.

The first review this week is of a map called "Star Trek Voyager: A Time to Face Your Fears." This map takes place in the MAP08 slot and is not connected to his last 3 (first 3) and next maps. Check out KMX E XII's sweet review here:

The second review of the week is of a map strangely titled, "Quail," an E1M9 remake. This map is connected to Christian's first 3 maps, as part of his Doom 3: Ad Infernos series and the mapslot is MAP25. Read KMX's awesome, detailed review here:






Doom 3/4 news


Doom Wad Station got it's website ramped up this week with the addition of the Doom 4 page as well as some nice changes to the look and feel of the website. Enjoy and rejoice in the coming of Doom 4


In case you were wondering about System Requirements for Doom 4

Doom video game system requirements ( minimum )

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 or better / AMD FX-8320 or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (2GB or better / AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2GB or better
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 22 GB available space
Additional Notes: Open GL 4.5. Latest Graphics Drivers. 


I found this little tidbit on Moddb that makes it seem that we might have a new update to Doom Reborn next week.

Check it out here.


I also found this tidy little bit that made me happy because I'm a huge fan of the Phantasm series of movies so I definitely have to give this one a go.

Phantasm Mod for Doom 3

Naturally, that will be available on Doom Wad Station as soon as I get the file uploaded. You'll be able to find it here. I have no doubt it will be available by the time you read this.


One more thing - if you would like to replay Doom 3 but with all the graphical stuff updated, there is a mod you can download here.

Redux is a large-scale modification that attempts to modernize Doom 3 with a massive overhaul of the graphical, sound and UI aspects of the game along with bug fixes, restored content and new features while keeping the gameplay and visual style intact. Here's a temporay list of the mod's features as it was highly requested:

No gameplay changes.
600+ High Resolution textures with proper normal and specular maps.
Complete lighting overhaul trought a custom version of Sikkmod.
Improved sound design for weapons, audio logs, cutscenes and monsters.
Native support of all common Widescreen resolutions up to 4K.
High resolution UI, fonts and loading screens. Uses a modified version of 6th venom's mainmenu.
Restored cut content. (Dialogs and textures along with hundred of sounds from the E3 2002 alpha)
Adds a bunch of graphical options which you couldn't configure in the vanilla options menu like textures resolution, FXAA, anisotropic filtering, motion blur, Field of View, screen blood and an improved version of the Sikkmod's frost effect.






That about wraps it up for this week. Once again, Vinny and I would like to thank YOU, the people who keep the community alive, for visiting this tiny corner of the internet and getting your news from Doom Wad Station. Mucho appreciado!

See you next week, same Doom time, Same Doom channel. If you have news - a wad, a new site, a youtube video you want to share, just email me and we'll get it into TWID.



 This site needs your help. In order for this site to survive, it depends on the generosity of it's users to help by contributing to assist in offsetting the cost of hosting, time, etc... help doom wad station to keep bringing you high quality reviews and downloads please consider a donation today.





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