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Well, faithful followers of "This week in Doom", here we are in the year 2016. As I have been doing for the majority of the history of Doom's existence, I will continue to bring you new doom wads, new reviews, updated news and much more. This particular page is my modest attempt to keep you abreast of all the current goings on in the Doom community - new Doom wads, new Doom 3 maps, updates on projects, Doom engines and more. Enjoy and Keep on Dooming!




Thanks to "Fonze" for taking up the mantle of responsibility for TWID and doing the research and writing up TWID for us. Also, Thanks to you, the reader(s), and Community, which have kept Doom alive and relevant for all these years. And, thanks to ID Software, without whom, all this could not be possible. Keep on Dooming!



       This Week in Doom: 02.21.16

The Doom community is alive and well this week, with 8 new wads coming into the archives! Let's jump right on in and see what turns up!

Up first we have "Secretdoom: Hell's Memento" by Cyberdemon531, which can be found here:

This wad features 12 levels and was made for the GzDoom port with Doom 2 as its iWad. These levels were not highly detailed masterpieces, but they were good fun to play! The use of custom assets felt good to me and I liked the layout and flow of some of these maps, like MAP10, for example, which featured an interesting take on an IoS fight. I'd recommend giving these maps a good shot.


Next is a wad called "Bloody Rust" by FireFish, nxGangrel, Flesh420, AD_79, Jaws In Space, Du Mhan Yhu, and vectomon; find it here:

Run this series of 6 levels in any limit-removing format under the Doom 2 iWad.

These levels were a ton of fun; but then again with such a skilled team of mappers it's not surprising that this thing turned out so well! Give this one a go for sure!


Third is a wad tastefully called "Kill-A-Hoe" by Fveitsi and can be found here:

This is what this map looks like. So if the idea of attacking an outpost of Hell where all of the monsters are in marching formation sounds appealing to you, then this might be your thing. No idea what this runs in, but the text file says tested in GzDoom, so whatever, run it in that with the Doom 2 iWad. Slaughtermap.


The fourth wad this week is one I happily discovered after finishing last week's article; it's called "Payback Time" by antares031 and can be found here:

This fun map runs in any limit-removing port with the Doom 2 iWad. This map was just a ton of fun to play and was pretty darn funny to boot! It also looked very nice, as is typical of antares. Apparently this one was a reject from "Ludicrium" which is surprising in an of itself, but I'm glad he released it eventually because I had fun with it. I'm sure you will too, so give it a download right away and plug it in when you get bored. I beat it on my first run in 3:07; make it a goal to best that time ;p

The next wad this week is called "Infuscomus" by D.Scratch; find it here:

This wad requires GzDoom (for the dynamic lights) and the Doom 2 iWad to run.

This map right here... what a fun, atmospheric map! Very well done; I loved it! Custom asset heavy, this map almost reminded me of the way a Zelda Dungeon is laid-out. There were several spots that introduced the enemies well and even a couple mini-boss fights (and a boss fight) to boot! Give this one a go right away!


The sixth submission to the archives this week is a demonstration called "Wear Negative Armor!" by cybermind aka Mistranger and can be found here:

This mod apparently runs in Doom v1.1 and makes use of a glitch in the code that allows for negative armor. It is in the E1M9 mapslot. Unfortunately I no longer own 1.0 or 1.1 Doom, so I cannot try it, but it sounds cool, so give it a shot!


In the seventh slot is a wad titled "Get Paid" by Fveitsi, which can be found here:

This wad was tested with GzDoom and uses Doom 2 as its iWad. This wad was kinda "meh" for me. Didn't look that great and enemy placement was done mostly in large squares. Slaughtermap, though.


The final wad we have coming into the archives this week is called "Medievel Duel" by D.Scratch; find it here:

This DM map runs in zDoom, which totally makes sense for a DM map, under the Heretic iWad. I love Heretic, so this map is already a hit for me. Aesthetically it is a quite pleasing map. Good little detailing in there makes it look nice and polished; I wouldn't mind a DM in this thing some time! Grab a buddy and give this Heretic Duel map a shot!

What a great week for /idgames! Now let's


Over on the DoomWorld forums "DOOMED IN SPACE!" is a community project headed by Doomkid that is shaping up to look pretty darn interesting. Check it out here:

These maps are being done in a futuristic theme with a little B-movie cheese on the side. So far they look great and feature some great mappers, such as AD_79, Angry Saint and AnonimVio. Keep an eye on this one for sure!


Wildweasel put up a cool new contest thread on the zDoom forums; it's called "'(File)Size Matters' 64K Competition" and can be found here:

Basically the rules are that the file can be just about anything targeted for zDoom-based ports and the total download size must be at 64K or below. There's already been some cool submissions to this thing thus far; I can't wait to see what else is submitted! There is still plenty of time to get into the action on this, though, as the contest will run 'til April. So get going and make something small and sweet and try to win the contest!


"Journey Into Fear" by [Sun] madcat has been getting regular updates. It's been a while since I covered it here but I'm looking forward to this thing and I'm excited to hear that it's about 50% complete! Head on over to the Zandronum forums and check it out today!

Good stuff on the forums; let's see what other gems we can turn up around the web.


A quick check at One Man Doom reveals 2 new articles up for our viewing pleasure:

The first is of a wad called "Put Up Your Dukes!" by Sgt. Shivers; find it here:

The second is about a wad called "The Heart of Stone," by evil spicy tomato, found here:

Both of these reviews were a nice respite during a busy day; I'd highly recommend checking them out, as well as any of the other 500 reviews KMX E XII has done over the years! Congrats once again, dude, on 500 reviews!


Wads In Progress has a mod for Hexen by The Architect called "a Morte" which you can find here:

Looks pretty cool!


Doomsday's got another blog up; it's called "Prototype stage" and you can guess what it's about. Read it here:


There's some sweet demos for Hellbound up on DoomWorld, check 'em out here:

Cheers, Vienen!


Doom 3 is about as dead as a former human right now; so head on over to Doom Reborn and check it out if you haven't already!

Another week in the books for the Doom community; take care and God Bless!



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