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Aug 3, 2014

July 27, 2014











this week in doom



     welp, there was only ONE map uploaded to the archives this week apparently, so I took the time to do a quick mini-review of the map. it's definitely a keeper and for you high level doomers looking for something to  do, I thinkyou'll find this map challenging, to say the least. For the rest of us, what I've played of this so far, looks to be damn good. so, since it is the only map to get uploaded to idgames this week. let's get on with it.




     So, first, let me provide you with a direct link to the download:


So, to the down and dirty. You NEVER  really know what you're going to get when you just up and play a wad. It could really suck or it could be phenomenal or pretty much anything in between. In this case, this wad is REALLY good. I played on UV (Of course) and was able to start by taking a breath because all the badasses weren't aware of my presence as of yet. That was about to change and quickly. And so the battle began. Quick take on the difficulty - We'll give it an 8 or 9 I guess. I think I'm going to finish this one because it  IS alot of fun AND really well done design wise. Speaking of which, the map has a very classic feel to it but is very detailed in places with a truly "Hellish" appearance, if you know what I mean. I think we'll give it an 8 or a 9  on the design scale too.

As for playability - it's a keeper. I'm going to go back in, give it a full round and maybe do a proper review of it, because not only do I think it deserves it but I want to complete it so why not do the review, too? - Playability 10

Told you - quick review!


From the text file:

Title : Hell 77 N01
Filename : H77N01.WAD
Author : Gillibert Raymond ak (Ramon_Demestre)
Email Address :
Other Files By Author : MRBLOOD.WAD
Release Date : 2014-08-03
Description : A short Doom2 hellish map!

The author states as well, that it may not play with Zdoom.

Ignore that - played fine with Zdoom. :-)



  Screenie from the opening scene!






Moving on to other news in the community, I came across several things that caught my interest. I have an extensive list of sites that I visit on a weekly basis to see if anything new has occurred, so I usually  find something - this week, of course, is not different. I did include one newsworthy item that didn't occur this week - only because I had no idea that this  project had started back up.... On to the news....


Zora hit me up with a video of his new Playerclass for Doomzone v 1.3 (Slipgate player class), which hasn't been released yet, but will be soon. The video is pretty awesome, so something you'll definitely want to check out here:






over at One Man Blogspot they reviewed a map called "Back to Hell"


From the review:
Back to Hell has some interesting level design. Its interior spaces tend toward realistic "myhouse"-style rooms and layouts but Seager nails some neat stuff with (mostly) original Doom textures that I've never seen before

Direct link to review
The  Review



Also, at OneManBlogspot,  They reviewed a map called LaboUAC. This one was put up on Saturday and I almost missed it.  Looks like it might be worth checking out!





In other news (but not from this week), I accidentally ran across the fact that in May, they updated the Legacy port (website). This is good news because, well, I really liked the Legacy port back in the day and I'm glad to see it is active again. Just thought I'd  share in case you weren't aware. :-)

From the site:


Doom Legacy 1.45 beta1 released
by smite-meister on 2014-05-17
The first beta version of Doom Legacy 1.45 (rev1107) is out, you can find it in our download area.
1.45 will be our first "official" release in several years and it is absolutely packed with bugfixes and new features!




And, over on the Zdaemon Website, They announced the following:

Hello ZDaemon Deathmatch People,
This weekend we play Cybercrime 3.0 Deathmatch Edition.
For ZDS we have a small change:
We will use Zombie Palette wad and skins from Dawn of the Undead.
Here's the forum post about it:

So, even though it's Sunday, and you probably missed your chance, you should at least be aware that they're doing this stuff every week - if you're into the whole multiplayer thing.



One more item of note,  for those who are interested - OBLIGE, the successor to SLIGE, updated last month actually (don't know how I missed it) with a new release. This is what the author had to say:


It is hard to summarize this release, there have lots of improvements and lots of bugs fixed since the 6.05 version. Perhaps the most outstanding new feature is support for 3D floors. The user interface has changed quite a bit too: there is a new 'Weapons' setting, the 'Powerups' setting actually works now, and there is a built-in 'Config Manager' tool for inspecting / saving / loading of config settings. The most controversial change would be the removal of the 'Seed' setting, which I feel is no longer useful or necessary.


So, like, if you want to try out this random map generator (and, it looks like - a whole lot more), just shoot on over to that site and grab it and if it's for you.


Finally - on DWS this week, some of you may have noticed the new javascript navigation system. I hope this helps. It's a smal step, but it's a step. :-)


Also - in the reviews, I added a review of the map "Youdig"


as well as another REALLY fine map called:

Firetop Mountain. So go get those!



That's it for This  Week in Doom Chronicles. I hope you enjoyed! Peace!


Bob Larkin - owner/operator - Doom Wad Station
















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