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Well, faithful followers of "This week in Doom", here we are in the year 2016. As I have been doing for the majority of the history of Doom's existence, I will continue to bring you new doom wads, new reviews, updated news and much more. This particular page is my modest attempt to keep you abreast of all the current goings on in the Doom community - new Doom wads, new Doom 3 maps, updates on projects, Doom engines and more. Enjoy and Keep on Dooming!




Thanks to "Fonze" for taking up the mantle of responsibility for TWID and doing the research and writing up TWID for us. Also, Thanks to you, the reader(s), and Community, which have kept Doom alive and relevant for all these years. And, thanks to ID Software, without whom, all this could not be possible. Keep on Dooming!



       This Week in Doom: 01.24.16

Another week in the books for the Doom community. This week was a very slow week, so this article will be a quick read.

On the archives we have a tiny 2 submissions coming into the archive, but one of them I was actually gonna include in the forums section anyway because I was looking forward to it. So I'm glad to see it hit /idgames and eager to try it out!

First up on the archives we have a small duel map called "Gleam" by Jonas Lundin, which can be found here:

This map can be run in any multiplayer port, to my knowledge, with the Doom 2 iWad.

It's not the purdiest map, but it looks like it'd make a decent little duel spot if both of you want to be on unfamiliar ground. Give it a shot.


The other wad uploaded to /idgames this week is called "Comatose" by Lainos; find it here:

This wad was made for PrBoom+ (-complevel 2) and runs under the Doom 2 iWad. It also contains .OGG music.

Oh yeah. This one was great. It's almost a wonder that it's only in a limit-removing format; this thing is that good. It's a pretty big map with about 350 enemies to start on UV, but boy is it a fun thing to play through. Really moody setting with lots of what appear to be unsmoked cigarette butts on the ground (^^ nah they've prolly been smoked already; it'd fit the mood of it all), beer-can health bonuses, and "specters" (loosely defined) everywhere, all in what appears to be an abandoned building complex in the woods. This was such a cool map; everyone should play this one! So get over to /idgames and download it right away! Then stick around and check out some of the other cool stuff up there that's been added over the years!

Slow week for /idgames; let's see if we can turn anything up on the forums...


Starting with the DoomWorld forums, there are a few cool-looking wads.

One nice-looking one is called "Baculus" by Crunchynut44, found here:


One that I found to be really cool was a vanilla E2 replacement by author years called "Nihility" which can be found here:

This thing runs in Vanilla with the Ultimate Doom iWad in Episode 2. It includes a mandatory DEH file that changes around some monsters and weapons, which works really well for this wad; it also looks very nice! Check it out right away!


Another cool new megawad on the forums is called "Operation Portalus" by Kloki38 and can be found here:

This thing includes a version for the PC, GBA, and 32X, which I find to be really cool! The PC version runs in GzDoom with the Doom 2 iWad. Check it out today!


"The Fold" is a really cool, unique mod by ReedtheStrange; view the thread here:

"The Fold" requires a recent version of GzDoom that allows for multiple tags on one sector, so make sure to get the latest dev build, then run it under the Doom 2 iWad. This thing is lots of fun; download it today!


Kontra Kommando is working on a really sweet-looking mod called "ALIENS: The Ultimate Doom" found here:

Or check the DoomWorld thread here:

Check out the most recent video here:

Kontra is doing a great job with this so far and it looks really impressive! Go check the ModDB page and download it right away!


Over on the zDoom forums there's an Alien Vs Predator mod by Endless123 found here:

Check the video here:

This thing is really sweet so give it a shot when you can!


[Sun]MadCat has a whole slew of monsters available to all on his thread on the Zandronum forums. It's called "SunMadCat's Monsters" and it's found here:

Looks to me like there's at least 74 of them, each cooler-looking than the last. I'd love to see these guys in action! Head on over to the Zandronum forums and check these guys out!


Sergeant Mark IV is working on a Brutal Doom for the N64. So far there's only screenshots to show but they look pretty sweet! Check them out here at the ModDB page:

Wads In Progress has a couple new wads up; check them out here:

One is "Operation Portalus," by Kloki38 which once again is looking pretty sweet!

The other is "Ultimum Tempus" by tourettes which is an 8-level co-op map set. That sounds sweet and I think it looks cool too! Check out both of these guys' works when you can!


Doom Legacy is getting ready to release a brand new "official" build; the first in a couple years! They just put the BETA for 1.45 up on Sunday, January 17, which means that the "official" build is just a bit of testing away. So head over to their site and download the BETA right away! You're feedback could really help them make this a solid, beautiful build and with as talented as these fellas are, I'm sure that's exactly what it's gonna be. Find the download here: beta1/


Doomsday has a cool new blog up about the program being able to select in-game what resource files/wads/pk3s/etc to use. That sounds really awesome and useful and my hats off to these guys for making something as intuitive as that come to light! Check out the blog and see what skyjake has got to say for yourself:


Oh my God Italo-Doom has demos rolling in. Somehow people are finding ways to beat these maps and it's flabergasting to watch! I loved playing Italo-Doom, but I'll be honest here for a second; I found the levels to be excruciatingly difficult and oppresive. It was great! But a bit beyond me and my time constraints. Still, somehow these guys are getting 'em done and the resulting demos are just damn impressive. Great job on these rediculous demos, guys!

Check them out here:

Italo-Doom runs in -complevel 9 of PrBoom+ with the Doom 2 iWad.


No news for Doom 3. Such a shame for such a fun game, but there's always next week!

Thank you all for your support! As the late, great Glenn Frey would say, Take It Easy!



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