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this week in doom is my attempt at keeping you abreast of all the goings  on in the DOOM community and, as you will notice, a busy community it is. It's difficult to believe that after 20 plus years this game's community is still as active as it is but, of course, ID Software has helped by releasing Doom 3 10 years ago (or thereabouts) and is now in the process of the new DOOM game (sometime in Q2, 2016?). Can't wait  to see the beta shareware, or whatever it's  going to be.....




Thanks to "Fonze" for taking up the mantle of responsibility for TWID and doing the research and writing up TWID for us. Also, Thanks to you, the reader(s), and Community, which have kept Doom alive and relevant for all these years. And, thanks to ID Software, without whom, all this could not be possible. Keep on Dooming!



       This Week in Doom: 11.22.15

Oh it's gonna be such a good week in Doom... I haven't played any of these but the first, but this week's submissions to the archives are maps I've been keeping a big eye on. To see them all come to the archives on the same week is a little exciting. (Just a bit)

This week we have 7 new wads coming into the archives and over half of them I have been greatly looking forward to! Let's jump in head first!

The first submission is called "NH3" by a great mapper, TimeOfDeath, and is a map I've played before (and recorded a crappy failed demo)... Let's see if I do better this time around:


 Link to my lmp

Nope! Fail at 6:42, heh. Still didn't make it half way through >.< For a better demo to watch, watch TimeOfDeath's flawless demo in just over 10 minutes; it's so good I'm speechless!


This map is a fairly big map at 314 monsters, but it goes pretty quick. The map's main gimmick, hinted at in the title, is that it has no health (it is also the third in the series).


The greatest thing about this map to me is that it is much like a puzzle; you just gotta figure out what moves to make and when to make them and things become much easier. The good thing about Doom, though, is that some things will always be random, so even knowing what to do you must still be on your toes.


This map somewhat eases up after the first main section has been cleared, but then comes back with a few big battles that'll keep you running like the headless chicken you are. After going through the first half twice, you enter the second outside area where sh*t really hits the fan. A few erratic moments later you find youself back at the start (again) facing a puzzle that I could only solve through trial-and-error, which is kind of a crappy way to end such a difficult, unforgiving map, but nonetheless, it was fun all the way through.



This map is made for limit-removing ports such as Boom (-complevel 2) and runs with the Doom 2 iWad. Download it right away! Find it here:


Up next is a mod from Samuzero15th called "Final Fantasy Spells!" found here:

Unfortunately I just couldn't figure this one out, aside from "z" is mapped to switch spells. There is no way to change or even look at the controls for this mod, so I guess until then it is broken. Shame.

This mod is made for Zandronum 2.1.2 or Zdoom 2.7.1 with the wad of your choice.


The third submission this week is another good one, the "Abyssal Speedmapping Session 23 (XXIII)" found here:


For this Halloween session Jimmy is the project lead, with maps from a bunch of great mappers! The Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions are maps made "in the space of about 3 hours, with 20 minutes for music and texture selection and a bunch of time after for bugfixing. This session was held in two "rounds" for the convenience of folks who couldn't turn up to one or the other. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - Monster count exactly 75 (discounting lost souls) - Locked doors that can be opened with any key - Use of Commander Keens and tag 666. Plus a bonus theme for those who showed up to round 2: - Voodoo dolls out in the open. A spooky resource WAD was provided."


This fun set of maps is what happens when you give 13 mappers 3 and a half hours... and then 3 and a half more hours for the second round, to create. Oh baby did they produce! These maps were just a ton of fun to play and I for one keep a big eye on the ASS series. This wad is good proof of why, too.


The aesthetics of the vast majority of these maps were fantastic and the relative shortness of them makes them perfect for coffee breaks. Everything I played felt well-balanced, too.


This wad was made for Boom format with the Doom 2 iWad. Download it today!


The fourth submission this week comes to us from DoomWorld's Atlas, Linguica, is titled "Dooms day of SJW" and can be found here:

This map was made for the Ultimate Doom iWad under E1M8 and runs in Vanilla! No new sprites, so time for some Simpson Doom for me!


Some people may find this map a little farmiliar... that's because it's a retextured version of an older map, "UAC Dead" by Leo Martin Lim. The only real difference is that this wad is totally PC...




Moreso it's what I imagine a SJW base looking like in the distant future after Hell takes over. Or today, whatever. Hey, the important thing here is that it was a nice little blast from the past with a funny twist to it.

Give this wad a download!


In the fifth slot this week we have a map coming into the archives titled "Double Apocalypse" by Damson, found here:



This wad contains 7 maps for the Doom 2 iWad and it runs in Vanilla!

While these weren't the most beautiful maps, I really liked the concept of revisiting old areas later on in the wad and found a lot of really cool effects here, especially for Vanilla. I really liked the general use of teleports to give areas a connected feel while being physically separated. One in particular I liked was the sewer system in one map; it had a very old-school feel to it. The longest part of these maps were getting to the next fight, which many players may not like, but I found it to be a nice change of pace. Full-on exploration, I suppose.

This semi-short wad was a lot of fun to play, so give it a shot today!


Up next there's a gigantic mapset called "2048 UNLEASHED (Pcorf community project 2)" which is headed by Paul "PCorf" Corfiatis, found here:


This set of maps is for Boom format under the Doom 2 iWad.


This massive set of maps contains a whopping 49 maps by 31 different mappers! Good gravy that's a lot of people! The best part is that many of them are mappers I keep a big eye out for.


Now the numbers 2048 in the title are not referring to a far off, distant year 33 years from now after Hell has taken over and we start injecting our babies with gatorade, but to the size of each of the maps. They are all limited to 2048x2048 map units (pixels) in size. This is a really good thing because it forces most maps to be fairly quick, while still giving mappers enough space to draw things out with things like dynamic architecture and plain-old revisiting old areas.


These maps were awesome and guaranteed to please! Give them a download right away!


The final submission to the archives is a big ole map called "The Warlock's Hearth" by Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey and can be found here:


This map was made for limit removing ports with .ogg support and runs with the Doom 2 iWad.

This map comes in at just under 800 monsters, but it only takes about 30-45 minutes to run through. The monster placement of this map reminds me heavily of the iWads. Monster progression built up nicely and Khorus is not afraid to use small mobs of imps and other trash mobs to break up the encounters with the big guys. I was happy to see that every monster made an appearance (minus Commander Keen and the impaled head of John Romero, who I thought was gonna wind up being the final boss of this thing). Speaking of the end of this thing, it was very well done and absolutely creepy as Hell on the approach...

I really liked the way that health and ammo were generally forgiving, which lent more to the feeling that this felt like an iWad map. Speaking of iWad quality, the visuals were out of this world...


The secrets in this map varied in their difficulty, though I felt like all of them were fair. Gun progression was also nicely done and meshed quite well with the monster progression. There were tons of really cool effects in this map as well. My only real gripe was that at times it felt like a massive switch hunt, though I will say that as long as the player uses their brain (which I often do not, heh) it is not difficult to figure out where to go next for long as Khorus does a great job repopulating areas and providing hints that something has changed and what general direction it is in.


All-in-all, this map was a ton of fun to play, look at, and litter with the bodies of my enemies. But what really stood out about this map was the sheer atmosphere of it. Khorus stepped up to bat on this one and really struck a home run! I could go on for days about how great this map was, but the best use of your time would be to just download it already!

This week in Doom has been so great I'm at a loss for words as to how excited this has made me. It has also been extremely time-consuming, which can be a great thing if you're looking for awesome maps to play. I would highly recommend damn-near every wad this week. They were all so fantastic; in the spirit of Thanksgiving I'd just like to say excellent job to all the mappers that put out their work for us to enjoy! Thank you all and God bless!


I've been keeping my eye on a couple treasures I spotted over on the DoomWorld forums:

First up is a 15-map set called "Xarathustra" by "psyren777" JSGraham. Check the dev thread here:

This set of maps was made for limit-removing format (such as Boom) under the Doom 2 iWad in map slots 01-14+31.

While not being the most beautiful maps, these maps were a lot of fun to play and did have more than a few cool-looking spots. I really liked how some levels were massively intertwined too.

They also quickly became slaughtermaps, haha. One map had 999 monsters in it and every one of them, minus the secret level, had 300+ monsters; most were over 400 though.

Still, the massive monster counts aside these maps did go fairly quickly, considering everything. Perhaps that was only because one room would go by and there just went 50-100 monsters, but even still, don't expect any map (aside from the secret one) to be small or doable during a coffee break. That aside, this was a very fun set of maps to play, so give 'em a shot today!

Also lurking around the DoomWorld forums is a Heretic mapset called "Elf Gets Pissed" by RottKing, found here:

This Heretic full episode-replacement contains 8 levels for the first episode of Heretic (E1M1-E1M9) to be run in zDoom.

Man I love Heretic. Playing it always brings back memories of starting up the old IBM, saying hello to Ms. Dos, and trying to figure out which extension I was supposed to use. I suppose for that alone I'll always feel a certain nostalgia towards Heretic, even though I played Doom at the same time. Perhaps it's because Heretic isn't as popular, so playing it feels like a blast from the past whereas modern maps for Doom are so plentiful (and beautiful). I think there's also a higher bar set for Doom maps than for Heretic, as I tend to see more detailing in Doom maps, though that could also be attributed to both being capable of the same things visually (with enough work) along with Doom being more widely used and Heretic's unique, more immersive, yet less controlable gameplay (which I would think would attract more gameplay people than detailing/visual people). Or maybe it's that detailing is done differently in Heretic because the stock textures just look that good. Then again, all that's speculation; who the Hell knows? Point is, it's nice to see someone like Rottking make a Heretic mapset because all of the maps look pretty darn good, with many really cool-looking spots, and play like a well-done, modern-day Doom map, only Heretic.

Assuming that makes sense, these maps had a lot of really cool mechanics and dynamic architecture, which I always like. Each encounter was different and felt well-designed, though there were a few slaughter-ish moments reminescent of modern maps (just imagine the tall, skinny undead warriors as tall, skinny revenants, heh) and a few non-treatening, can-be-ran-through encounters, though that usually came around to bite me in the butt, which is a good thing. The opening encounter of the mapset was a nice, gory surprise, but as with many of the encounters similar to that I wouldn't have minded seeing a few more ghost mosters. Another great aspect of Heretic, the powerups, were handled expertly in this wad and I loved their usage. Great job across the board here.

All things considered, these maps were absolute fun to play and I would recommend them to any Heretic fan! Give them a play right away!


Over on the Zandronum site there's a mod called "OP Weapons, when balanced weapons just won't do" by Empyre, found here:

That's about all you need to see right there. Give this awe-inspiring mod a shot today!


Over at One Man Doom there are a couple cool reviews up:

The first is of a really cool puzzle map called "Sheer Poison" by yakfak. Read the full review by KMX E XII here:

"Sheer Poison" was a very tough map to play through, but to me it was worth it. I loved the ways puzzles were presented and the combat felt right to suit it. Check out the review and then download the map today! Just don't read too far into it if you don't want any spoilers, heh.

The second review is of a map that I had the chance to play a few weeks or so ago called "dead.wire" by Xaser. Check out KMX XII's fantastic review of this beast of a map here:

"dead.wire" was just about one of the most interesting maps I've ever played. It runs in GzDoom under the Doom 2 iWad and it certainly uses some of those features! The atmosphere alone is just flat-out creepy, but add to that specterized versions of a few of the monsters and you'll be checking your back every chance you get. It really makes the map tense! But don't let that put you off, nothing was cheap; all fun. There were also new weapons to shoot, which were pretty fun to get a hold of. Not always much ammo to shoot them with, but enough to make it through the level. Get on over to One Man Doom and read the review, then give this amazing map a try today!


There's a new post in the blog of the Doomsday team, talking about some more upcoming changes to their webspace. Seems like they got a good plan to put into action; check the blog here:


"Nova" is such a fun map set to play through. I was thumbing around the forums and turned up a thread dedicated to demos for this great set of maps. Grab them here:

Fantastic job on the demos, gentlemen; let's see some more for these bad boys!


Doom 3 is playing the waiting game. But waiting is the hardest part, so that next demon of a map should be a breeze compared to this, right? Yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about anymore, either.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and remember, it's not about the food, but the spirit of being thankful that we all celebrate. Still, no reason to stop that spirit now; keep it alive in your hearts every day and be thankful for what we have and to those who do good things. My thanks to the Doom community! Take it easy :)



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