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July 27, 2014











this week in doom



     we begin this week, as always, with the new maps that were uploaded to the idgames database this week. naturally, since I update weekly from the idgames servers, those maps are now available on doom wad station. :-)

      All of these maps are doom2 and show up under "ports". I have not seen a new doom map in awhile, so uh - you know - where are the doom map creators? lol

      I also have not found any new doom 3 maps this week, although I have spent an extensive amount of time updating from several sources so that doom wad station has the most comprehensive collection of doom 3 maps available on the internet - I also came across two full mods that i was not previously aware of, which i will be adding to the total conversions for doom 3 portion of the site. more on that later..... p.s. - if you have news - email it to me.


     so.... here we go with the (9), yes, nine, maps added to the doom 2 collection in the idgames archive this week.




     The first map is called "five minutes of hell" which is supposed to be pretty much what the title claims - a zdoom based map with lots of demons that you can fly through in no time at all. This is the link to the 0-9 ports section on

doom wad station so that you can download this and other maps in that section: link


From the text file:

Author : Linkrulezall

Email Address:

Other Files By Author: None publicly released yet.

Misc. Author Info: I've been mak
ing for about 2 years, particularly
with the Zdoom engine.
This is the first one I've
decided to release to the public.

Description: Basically, this is a temple in hell that can be
blazed through in 5 minutes.
No real plot, just
demons getting blown away.


Based on the screenie - looks  pretty good. :-)

look for



     The next map is called Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 8 and comes with this description:


5 maps made during the eighth Abyssal
Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours,
with 15 minutes for music and texture selection
and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3
concepts to choose from:- Fortress of Mystery(rely heavily on infighting)
- Warrens(remake an earlier speedmap so it turns
more evil instead of exiting)
- Wolfenstein(use Wolfenstein wall textures)

Mugsy and TheMionicDonut used the Alfonzo treatment.


I thought it was supremely awesome that a couple of mappers went with the Wolfenstein walls concept. :-)


You can download this from THIS DIRECTORY

look for




     Innocence 3 was also released this week - apparently the first two didn't resolve all the questions posed - hmmm. lol

Actually, it looks pretty interesting. Here's a snippet from the description:


A 5 level (+1 secret level) mapset for DooM II.
It is a reimagining of the Hell on Earth

storyline. The maps were made to emulate the feel 
of E4 maps from Ultimate DooM and Doom II.


Needless to say (or perhaps it does need to be said) this is a zdoom compatible set of maps. I mean, I do realize that other ports are out there but zdoom seems to have won the hearts and minds of the community.


you can find the map in this directory: here

It's called incence3



We have a long way to go, folks, so let's continue on. THere were nine new maps uploaded to this week and we're only on number 4.


This one is called "smothered hope" (

and can be found in this directory.

The author didn't provide any info on the map beyond the normal text file stuff:

New levels : 1
Sounds : No
Music : Yes
Graphics : Yess
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No
Demos : No
Other : No
Other files required : None  

* Play Information *

Game : Doom 2
Map # : Map01
Single Player : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Other game styles : None
Difficulty Settings : Yes

* Construction *

Base : New from scratch
Build Time : One month
Editor(s) used : Doombuilder


i think you can agree that, based on the screen shot i took, that the architecture alone might make this worth downloading. if the gameplay is as good as this looks, don't waste your time!




Tom's Halls v1.6 is a single player, doom 2 map for pretty much any limit removing port (according to the author). I read - untested on most ports so whatever you like and hope it works. i took the screenshot in zdoom


can be found in this folder


the author offers up the following:

This is my first attempt at a 'Doom the way Id Did'-like 
map. It is based mainly on the style of Tom Hall's Doom
maps, namely E1M4, E2M1, E2M2, E2M3, E2M4, E2M7, E3M3,
E3M7, and MAP 10. Perhaps more of a medley/remix than
a raw style replication, I feel it's a decent map,
nonetheless. I wasn't arsed to build for vanilla
limits, so you'll very likely need a limit removing port
to run this. Enjoy!


UAC Computer Nukage Base Lab Facility is built to be used with Zandronum (OpenGL) with Skulltag resources, is made for map 1 of doom Ii and offers up this little teaser for us to consider:


Description : Sexy new WAD for DOOM II


well, that's all i needed to know. lol



can be found in this folder


in case you don't have it (i didn't) and would like to get it. you can get it from the zandronum website. this port (If you aren't aware of it) is a multiplayer port built off of skulltag, which sort of confuses me about this map since it is built for single player and doesn't even have multiplayer starts. anyway......


i installed zandronum and attempted to open this map up but i got an error about a missing texture called tranred - so good luck. same error in zdoom as well....




not enough for you? no worries - there is more!

The next release - The UAC Vegetable Factory (filename

from the file:

As is the same with pretty much every other UAC
base, even the vegetable factory got infected
with demons. You got to save this base before all

our food is gone.

can be found in this folder

For:  map 1, Doom II

designed to run with zdoom style ports


alright then - go save those veggies!   






well, we're getting down to the end of the new maps uploaded to the idgames archives this week. too bad about that zandronum map - I was sort of looking forward to testing out that engine.


Anyway, the next submission is called Senators of Volition and apparently is a remake of some other map that hurricyclone made in the past called mayhem2048.

this is the description from the text file:


due to popular demand, i decided to do a design
n' gameplay overhaul of my Mayhem2048 submission,
which was MAP10, Sligenous. the map is now called
Senators of Volition and has a red/tan color
scheme throughout and gameplay is made to be more 
atmospheric. the map has been completely
retextured from the original, but it's layout is
the same. no keys, just press five switches to
lower the exit, and yes Ribbiks, i decided to use
one of your tunes in this, plz don't kill me.


the map is for map01 of doom II

can be found in this folder




the  last (but I'm certain, not the least) is a map called zerox lab and least from the description - sounds interesting:


This is a very difficult tech lab map that
replaces Map01 of Doom 2, and it will likely take
you a long time to finish. I tried to create a
sense that, while you can hear other people
battling throughout the base, you still feel as
if you're alone. This is much better if you play
it in coop, and it only utilizes Doom 2 textures.

Story: You're guarding your assigned post, almost
falling asleep from boredom. Suddenly, most of
the lights and power go out, and you start

hearing combat over the radio. You know
something's up, but none of the doors or lifts
around you will work. Suddenly, an engineer
contacts you over the radio.

"Can anyone hear this? Is anyone there?"
"I'm stranded in the alpha quarter. None of the   
doors will work. What's going on out there?"
"There's some sort of invasion. I can probably
get one of the doors open, but it will take some
"How much time?"
"Several hours, but again, only if I'm able to
open it."
"You might not be able to?"
"The door might open, but it might also not

And so, now you must wait for the engineer's aid
while hoping that the invaders won't corner you.

Suddenly, you hear something on the other side of
the door, and it's not human...


i think that sounds like a pretty good lay of the land kind of description.

go.... lol

can be found in this folder

port: zdoom (of course)



right after i loaded this i realized that this might be a special map. it was dark so i took a look around - the design looks nice (first impression) and i heard a distant marine in my headset talking about the battle. go......



i  know you're going to find this hard to believe but there is other news in the doom community - not much, unfortunately, but there is some. i came across this little gem:


Doom Forever updated. (By CeeJay)

"Giving an old gem a much deserved and extensive face-lift."

New update 07/29 and possibly final

* Cleaned-up texture: W105_1 (there was some garbage at the bottom)
* New better firing sound for the Super Shotgun
* Dual Pistols scrapped and replaced with Rifle, complete with scope (use 'zoom' button)
* Zombieman changed back to its original rifle counterpart
* Reloading for both the Pistol and Rifle
* Adjustments and new additions to the HUD
* The Cyberdemon now launches a homing missile at the end of its attack cycle. Makes for a little more interesting battle.
* A random assortment of marine corpses

requires 3DGE 1.36




on a personal (doom wad station) note, i added another mod for doom 3 that i was previously unaware of to the doom 3 section of idgames: here


i am also adding it to the doom 3 total conversions page here


the mod is called "perfected doom 3"


Perfected Doom 3 is more then just a tweak mod — it attempts to completely overhaul the entire game with new monsters, rebalanced weapons, rebalanced monster stats, better graphics, new gameplay features such as “Deadly Attacks,” blood and gore tweaks, ragdoll tweaks, map tweaks, and more. Every weapon and enemy looks, acts, and feels better.
This mod does increase the overall difficulty of the game, which makes it great for Doom 3 veterans looking for a challenge




it is my number one goal, as the owner of doom wad station, to provide the community and you, the player, with the most comprehensive collection of maps and mods for doom, doom2 and doom 3 and - of course - doom 4 (aka doom) when and if it comes out.


i scour the internet looking for new material, trying to  keep up with developments in the port community, modding community, etc....


if you believe there is a map, or maps, that are not being represented on this site, just let me know. i'll look through the gigabytes of the collection to see if that map or maps is actually on the site.


thanks, once again, for taking the time to read through all of this and i  hope that this service helps you in some small way!
















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