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this week in doom is my attempt at keeping you abreast of all the goings  on in the DOOM community and, as you will notice, a busy community it is. It's difficult to believe that after 20 years this game's community is still as active as it is but, of course, ID Software has helped by releasing Doom 3 10 years ago (or thereabouts) and is now in the process of the new DOOM game (sometime in 2015?). Can't wait  to see the beta shareware, or whatever it's  going to be.....



     Alas, there were only two wads uploaded to the archives this week and the first one I looked at was a joke wad that I won't give the time of day to. There was one other, however, that the author calls not too difficult and "short" but I gave it a quick go and it actually looks pretty good. Check it out below


P.S. All of the maps are direct linked in my personal back up of the archives along with GOD KNOWS how many others for Doom, Doom2, Doom3, ROE, Wolfenstein 3D, Castle Wolfenstein, Duke 3d, Strife, Hexen, Heretic and more here



The lone DOOM map on the archives this week can be found in the Doom/ports/m-o section. Here is a direct link to the download...




Moving on to other things going on in the community, I'll begin with my roundup of the various websites and what they are doing....


I found this one over on the Doomworld forums - it's called Fractal Doom. The idea behind the mod is stated here:


Fractal Doom is a singleplayer/Coop gameplay mod that modifies Doom's monsters (and their projectiles) and the player's weapons to be fractal or geometric. 
Everything--monsters, weapons, projectiles--is overall faster than vanilla.



If you're interested in seeing more, scoping out the gameplay videos, downloads, etc...

head on over to that thread I linked above and go for it.



After that I took a stroll over to the Zdoom project forums and came across this little ditty:

Wolfenstein 3DGE


So, here is what the author has to say about this Frankenstein  project of his:


What do you get if you combine the original PC version of Wolfenstein 3D with the Atari Jaguar port, the 3DO port, the Macintosh port and DOOM?

I don't know. But, I imagine it would be something like this.

I present Wolfenstein 3DGE, the new and improved version. No gimmicks, no fancy updates just ol' classic fast-paced Wolfenstein action re-created for 3DGE featuring all six episodes (Original and Nocturnal Missions) plus Spear of Destiny with smooth 128x128 sprites and textures, crisp sound effects and CD-quality music. Designed for and requiring a DOOM IWAD and 3DGE 1.36 with 640x480 screen resolution in mind.


There were no screenshots available but you can go to the link above and get the download, and, if you need it - a link to the 3DGE engine.



 Over at One Man Doom I came across this review from last week entitled Bloody Steel.



From the review:


Bloody Steel covers a lot of gameplay themes. One of the tropes you'll encounter is the cover shooter, where Doomguy carefully crawls through open areas populated with hitscanners and other unsavory things and must contend with death by attrition where his supplies are limited. MAP01 explores this at its slowest level, since you start with a pistol and are facing mostly rifle / shotgun zombies and imps, but you'll see it in plenty of other places. Memka is not afraid to use some commandos to leave you feeling exposed or even introduce timers like rad suits into an already precarious situation where every moment you stand still is wasted protection, like in MAP08. You quickly learn where your priorities as a player lie.



 Over at Wads In  Progress I see two new entrants to the site. The first one is called simply "Shell"



This is a Doom 2 map done in the style of a Classic Doom Base. I highly suggest using Brutal Doom because that was in mind when being made, but it still works well with Vanilla Doom2. Critique is welcome, be as harsh as you like.

Things still being worked on...

-Finish lighting of the map
-Change textures/make the map look nicer     
-balance changes
-add more to final room and exit



Also over at WIP is a good looking project called "Respawned: Back From Hell"



Respawned: Back from Hell is a vanilla Doom 2 project with focus on single player and cooperative play. This will be a semi-megawad with about 10 maps. I attempt to create a set of levels where every map is different from the other, and yet where type of play maintains consistency. It's a classic travel through levels which are non-linear but simple to navigate at the same time.




I wasn't really expecting it but it looks like the team over at the Zandronum team put out a new release of their engine. Personally, I haven't had much luck with it but hopefully this release will make it work better.


As they said:

We are happy to announce the release of Zandronum 1.3!

Aside from the usual truckload of fixes, this version brings some major new features, most notably, persistent storage based on an SQLite database backend and an optional (and still experimental) account system. Also included are a client-side option for overriding player colors and a server-side dmflag for sharing keys between players.

Note that the account protocol implementation was updated according to the 7/6/2014 version of the protocol and requires an updated version of charonauth. This testing server should work.

Here is the full changelog since 1.2.2



Over on the Mods section of Strategy Informer I came across this Doom 3 project that tweaks the visuals and gameplay of Doom 3.




This mod includes heavily tweaked visuals making the in-game graphics significantly better, higher resolution textures, custom art, custom sounds/audio and minor gameplay tweaks
Enjoy your new Doom 3 experience!



That wraps up what (as it turns out) was a fairly light week in the community but I don't  want to leave before giving you the latest playthroughs to pop up on Youtube.


From Brutal Vault Video:

Knee Deep in Hell, E2M8


From Kotzugi

[Doom 2] Jenesis Map 15: Alchemy


And, you KNOW when there are only two playthroughs found, it has been a LIGHT  week in the  Doom Community.  Happy Dooming, my friends. Till next week. Adios!



One last note:

If you are interested in voting for the BEST Doom/Doom2 wads based on nominations from  Doomworld Forum regulars and others at r/doom on, you can go to a couple of different places.


1.  On Doomworld


2.  On the Doom Wad Station Forums (yes, considerably less frequented)




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