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This week in doom



     we begin this week with a discussion of the new maps that have been uploaded to the archives this week. we have three single player maps and 2 megawads added to the archives this week. the first map is called "blood axe fortress" and can be located in this folder. The author (S3rialKill3r) offers the following description in the text file:


"This wad is now on beta Phase! and That's for
Aquarius199! I Hope u Enjoy it ;)


which honestly doesn't tell me, or you, much, but it's out there.

the actual file name is: bldaxeft.txt and respectively


If you're interested, you can take a look at the review that zorah did - here.




     also this week, Ben "Dreadopp" Taylor, released a map in honor of his birthday - happy birthday dreadopp! called "techno takedown". from this author, we receive the following description:


It's a smaller map with a bit more of an old-
school feel to it (I think). Don't forget to
save often!

Additional Credits to : Jimmy for the music track "Astral Dreadnought"


If you're interesting in checking this one out, you can find it in THIS directory!

the file name is "drdspd01.txt and respectively




     The next two maps are located in the megawads directory - located here, and are entitled "desolation" and "doom IIII" respectively.

     desolation by "dzyan kelsick (arclite) is a 12 level megawad for doom 2 (in fact, all the new maps this week on the archives were for doom 2) and offers up the following description:


"My 12-level Megawad for Doom 2/Final Doom, and
sequel to my previous work, Damnation.
Horror-themed but still with plenty of action.
Uses .ogg music files for the levels and text
screens, as well as ambient sounds throughout the
Continues the story of Damnation, with the
surviving marine encountering the Thanatos Base
on the borders of the system.

Overall difficulty of the Wad is hard, with some
difficult encounters in addition to some
surprising tricks and traps. Levels are generally
large, and average about 10-15 minutes in length
each. Uses some monsters/weapons/items from

Requires Zandronum, as well as the additional
files in the .zip (cc4-tex.wad, q2tex.wad,
IDTEX.wad, skulltag_data.pk3,
skulltag_actors.pk3). Read the .rtf file as well
if you want to know more about the story and
details on the development of the Wad."


     Doom iiii by nub_hat and dingdang is a 32 level megawad that offers par times in the text file and has the following description:


hello welcome hope you will enjoy our first
collaboration megawad release. meant to be played
with prboom+ -complevel 9. some good original
material in here you can be excited. high level
maps for high level speedrunners. uv-speed only.

full list of maps with par times you can go for.
if you beat these par times send me demos.


desolation goes by "" and "deso.txt" and Doom IIII goes by "doomiiii.txt" and "" respectively.




     Finally, in the P-R section of the "ports" area is a 12 level mapset called simple "Rush". That, and all the other maps in that section can be downloaded here.

Rush, by "archi" comes with the following description:


Set of 12 boom-compatible slaughterish maps.
Blast through tech bases, winter maps, hellish
keeps and structures in the Void.
MAP06 was made with Demonologist. MAP13 is in
wad, but it's just an endmap.


appropriately the file name is "" and "rush.txt"



While not "this week", this item is from this month - zdoom let out a new release - 2.7.1


ZDoom 2.7.1 is now available from the download page. This version includes the following changes from 2.7.0:
Added new additive GameInfo keywords: AddCreditPage, AddPlayerClasses, and AddInfoPage.
Added a new DONTDRAIN flag to mark actors as ineligible for vampirism attacks.
Compatibility fixes for Ultimate Simplicity map07, Cheogsh map01, Super Sonic Doom map31
Polyobject mirror numbers can no longer be changed with SetLineSpecial. This was never a supported feature and caused problems for legitimate uses of SetLineSpecial on polyobject lines.
The powered-up Gold Wand was not puffing on actors.
Disabled Heretic's punishment cheats when in allcheats mode.
Objects that explode on death no longer deal the damage they were dealt instead of their own.
Vampirism attacks now respect damage reduction.
Demo recording now writes correct user info to demos.
ACS's PlaySound for looping sounds now works properly when using channel flags.




in other port news - 3dge released a new version (final). You can get more info on that



As per suggestion, this version executable is just named "3DGE.exe".

+ Feature: Two NEW Action Buttons (ACTION3 and ACTION4).

+ Timidity: Packed-In GUS patchset makes Timidity instantly ready.

+ Bugfix: Dehacked Strings now never run out of lines with intermission, etc.

+ Cosmetic: Options Drawer cleaned up, removed splitscreen controls menu (for now)

+ Cosmetic: disk-loading icon is now disabled by default (re-enable with m_diskicon)

+ Cosmetic: Game now lets player know in console and HUD when a game has been saved.

+ Cosmetic: New Default HUD replaces the old BOOM-style one from DosDoom 0.653

+ Heretic: To Run Heretic, run HERETIC.BAT. This will append herfix.wad, HDF, and
the Heretic IWAD.




It looks like the newstuff chronicles came out on doomworld. you can click on the link to check out the reviews of newly released maps! looks to be some good stuff there.




And, of course, not to ignore what is going on at my own site at doom wad station, you can go to the main page (click on the link at the top of the page) and check out all the new reviews or you can just click on the following links:


Subway - a classic from 1994 (reviewed this week)


1024abc - a 1024 style megawad



that is all - enjoy the new content being contributed to the community by all those enthusiasts out there!
















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