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 Doom Wad Station is the premiere review site on the internet for Doom related maps. If you are serious about mapping and want to have your work recognized by thousands of players then you have come to the right place! I pride myself on only accepting wads of high quality for inclusion on the site. If your creation is accepted for review then your work will be amongst some great company such as Shitbag, KSMirage, Blue Paladin, Myself (Of course) and a host of other mappers who have come before you. Doom wad Station has been on the internet since it's inception in 1998 as a small site that I created to host my own maps. It has grown in those years, to become one of the must visit Doom sites available. The site keeps growing as I add more features and content and the collection of one of a kind wads that can't be found anywhere else on the net also keeps growing. Many of the wads you find here are available on public mirrors but many of them aren't. There is a reason for that. People who create maps want their work to be recognized and uploading your work to a public mirror may get it downloaded but you'll get no review and your work will never be properly appreciated. With that in mind, I have some very simple rules that I would like all authors who submit to Doom Wad Station to follow. They are listed below. Please follow them and everything will go smoothly. Don't follow them and you won't get the review you're looking for...

1. Don't send me garbage!
    I don't accept crappy levels on Doom Wad Station. If you are submitting your very first map for review then it is probably garbage. Compare it to some of the better wads on the site and see if it measures up! If you didn't put any work into the architecture or if you just threw a bunch of bad guys into a thrown together wad then save it for your friends, I don't want it. I want maps that you spent time working on and put some thought into the gameplay. Just because you have a bunch of traps and badasses, it doesn't mean you have a good map. You have to put some thought into where your monsters are placed and where your traps are sprung. Be creative dammit! I'm tired of rejecting garbage. If you're not sure about your level I will gladly look at it and offer you some assistance in your journey to becoming a level maker with some skillz. If you are submitting for review - EXPECT that it will be critically examined and possibly rejected for inclusion on my site. Have some of your friends play it and ask them for honest reviews of your creation and ask them to also check it for errors like the Hall of Mirrors effect, lines that don't trip something you wanted it to, etc... Different people use different ports and you want to make sure your map plays the way it is supposed to.


If you want to see how NOT to make a map - Go to the rejected folder on the /idgames archive. These are examples of rejected works. Learn from them.

2. Don't use frickin' SLIGE! Or Oblige!
      If you don't know what SLIGE is then you don't have to worry about this one. If you do - DON'T USE IT! Be original. I'll recognize a slige level right off the bat and simply dump it.

3. Don't modify DOOM or DOOM 2 levels
      This one should be obvious. If you modified a Doom or Doom 2 level (unless you are converting them to Doom 3), don't even bother because I won't look at it!

4. Include a text file and zip it up!
All submitted wads should be placed in a zip file or rar file and a text file should be included (this does not count if you are simply looking for some feedback). If you send me an unzipped wad or if your zip file does not include a text file then I will delete it from my email without even looking at it and I will email you back to tell you what a dumbass you are for not following this simple rule!

5. Be specific about what you are looking for!
If you simply want my opinion then tell me so. If you are looking for a review, then say so, and make sure your work is ready for review. This isn't some kiddy site I'm running here. I do this so that people have some decent maps to play and if you are still trying to figure out how to make a door or have no idea what a linedef, a sidedef or a vertice is then I really can't help you. That's what the forums are for. Or, alternatively, you can ask on my reddit.

6. If you think your work is ready for review and you've followed the previously stated rules
then Email me either the zip file itself or a working link to the download. If you don't have a place on the net to put it or it's too big to email then use Dropbox or some other free cloud service. I actually prefer that as it would be easier on both of us.

7. Other games!
      If you have maps for Quake, Quake 2 or Wolfenstein that you would like reviewed, please feel free to send them on. The more the merrier. The same rules apply. If you do have something, then Email me either the zip file itself or a working link to the download. If you don't have a place on the net to put it or it's too big to email then go to the contact area in the menu on any of the main pages and click on the link to DWS on EFNET. This is IRC and I am usually there. You can send it to me that way! If you have no other way, create a Geoshitties account and upload it there. I will retrieve the linked file. If you send me a link and it doesn't work - I won't try again, so make sure you send the right link.

8. In closing...
      Wad making (and playing)is supposed to be fun. I haven't made a new map in years because it's an expense of time I just don't have. So I don't do it.. If you don't love making levels then you probably won't make good ones. If you can take some screenshots of your favorite spots and include them in your zip file so I can use them in the review then you will save me some trouble (and that will be much appreciated). Screenies can be in .gif, .jpg, or .png format. They can be no larger than 640X400 but I prefer 220X137.
      I really do want your maps! Please send them on. These reviews not only assist you as a wadmaker but also benefit the community overall because this site is frequented by hundreds of people a day who are looking for YOUR work. Just follow the simple guidelines above and life will be good. :-)
      Thankyou for your cooperation and your maps. Keep on Dooming!










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