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I'm (re-writing) this introduction on April 25, 2016. The 17th anniversary of that infamous day occurred just a few days ago. The author of these wads is famous because of the infamous deed that he committed. I'm not going to pass judgment. He was obviously very troubled and decided to take his anger out in a way that I would not choose to. And, since that day in 1999, there are have been untold school shootings, some of them FAR worse than the one that made Eric Harris famous and infamous. I don't believe that "Doom" played a role in the behavior of Eric Harris, nor do I put any stock in the theory that Violent video games play a part in violence in society.  The wads below are wads that I know were created by Eric Harris. I did not put any here that "might" have been created by him. They seem to be exclusively deathmatch despite the fact that the maps purport to support single player play.


I didn't see any creatures in the two I checked out - Bricks and Fightme. Here are some screenies from Bricks... Enjoy.

There are two maps which were apparently created by Eric Harris that came to my attention but I have not been able to find copies of. If you have these on your hard drive then please send them my way, or if you come across them in your travels - send me a link. They are and Any help to make this collection complete is appreciated. Should I even have these wads on my site? HELL YES. These wads are actually very well done and despite what happened at Columbine, I don't think they should be locked away. . . Do you know of any others that are available? Let me know -   - Email Me!

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