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Abandoned Nukage Plant







Ninja of Doom

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 5

See if you can do better than me with the ammunition availability. I probably could have done better but probably still would have run out of ammo. The small defects in the map are easily overlooked with the exception of that HOM which drove me nuts while I was in the room. Texture alignment generally wasn't a problem and if the balance of creatures to ammo availability were better then I think this level would have received a higher score... As of now I haven't checked out the other two wads in the zip file, but when I do I will give them individual reviews. P.S. - Ninja - remember that many people (including myself) still use DOS versions of Doom2 and long file names with blank spaces can't load like that - keep them to 8 characters plus the extension please.








    I have to be honest here. This one really should be reworked for difficulty. The level began with barely anything to fight and by the time I got past the room accessed by the blue key I was wondering why Ninja hadn't put more ammo in this thing. There I was, no shotgun shells (save the ones that I couldn't reach because there was a Baron of Hell in my way), short on bullets and two barons to fight my way through. This was mostly due to the fact that I had to fight a plethora of enemies including but not limited to a previous baron, several cacodemons, demons and lost souls and such with a chaingun and a shotgun and most of them leaving no ammo for me to retrieve once I had wasted there stanky asses. So, there I was with this dilemma and a chainsaw. Hmmm - ok, I did idkfa and killed the two barons only to find out that it wasn't my fault that I ran out of ammo because the next room presented me with yet another baron and a shitload of cacodemons. Maybe this level could be navigated with available ammunition (there was no shortage of health) if more of the creatures were of the type that at least gave some back but I wasted round after round killing these things only to find out that I would have needed to fight them all with my fists to save my rounds for later in the level. So, what does it all mean? Give your players something to work with. Too many Barons, etc... not enough ammo

Playability -  rating: 6   

     The aforementioned problems with the difficulty really took the fun out of this for me. I found myself getting pissed after awhile instead of enjoying what I was doing. It was one of those ones where you just hang up your shotgun and pistol and hope for a better day... One other thing was this area near the beginning of the map which I couldn't figure out how to access and I'm usually pretty good at finding secrets. I don't even know if the area was accessible. The level flowed together overall tho without any nasty tricks or traps which might have been a welcome diversion and could have provided a way for the player to gain some additional ammunition for future battles. Hmmmm


Level Design -  rating: 5

     Considering this is one of the authors first attempts at wad design, he didn't do too bad. The level could have used more decoration in places and none of the architecture was very complicated but it looked pretty nice most of the way through except for this one room (the room accessed by the blue key) which had a HOM which wasn't noticeable when the lights were on but since the level is very dark and the lights weren't on it was glaring - a HOM that caused a bright light to follow you around the room. As I said, overall, not too bad - a little too dark at times but not overly. He had a nice use of lighting in many portions of the map and used some things like the arrow lights on the floors to help guide you which broke up those areas of the map. I think this wad designer is on his way, has alot to learn and should definitely continue to pursue level design. For this level...






































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