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Mortis Infinitum

single player doom 2 wad







Sam Ellis

SP doom2 (map 30)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 8

If you were one of those people who got really frustrated and pissed off trying to complete the final level of Doom2 (/me raises hand) then you will probably experience the same feelings of inadequacy trying to defeat this. Fortunately, there aren't quite as many monsters coming at you as in the original and if you are smart you will not have too much difficulty killing the final boss once you make it to that point. You will enjoy the landscape if you find time to check it out and it does play very much like the original so you shouldn't find yourself to shocked at the inability to beat it the first few times around.... One last item. The wad I was given had a very long filename which if you use DOS doom2 is a pain cuz you need to rename it. I took care of that for you. I hope Sam doesn't mind... I give it (drum roll please) a... 








     Its not as difficult as the original map30 but then on the other hand - its still a massive bitch to beat. It can be done however. I did it, I know. Once you've died a bunch of times and figured out where the necessary items and switches are you should be able to finish it without a tremendous amount of difficulty but you should plan on dying (alot). .

Playability -  rating: 8     

     This is a very straightforward map with basically two rooms. The design is VERY MUCH based on the original map with the player being required to hit certain switches and lower a certain lift then climb his ass up on it and blow away John Romero with his rocket launcher. The first room is dramatically different than the original but the second one, while larger, uses a similar appearance to the original in design mostly if not quite in appearance. The use of the switches was very well planned out and requires the player to use his noggin (or cheat). I enjoyed it. Basically, it seems that Sam attempted to replicate the original while making it very much his own. I'm not sure he accomplished that, despite the use of a sky texture as opposed to making it an indoor leverl. I very much felt like I was in the original level at times but if thats what he was shooting for then kudos...


Level Design -  rating: 9

     I really only had one complain about the level design itself, which was when I first entered the second chamber and looked behind me the texture looked out of wack because it just can't align properly with the heights he used. I think he should consider either a different texture or change it in some fashion so that the misalignment is repaired. Aside from that one thing I thought it looked great. Very good use of architecture and considering the limitations of basically having two rooms he really made it look good. Too bad about that one texture but I'll only take off one point for that. :-)








































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